A friendship over peanutbutter

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  1. Basically, the world's gone to shit. It's around 17 years later, and there's a storm about. Our characters take shelter underneath either a rock outcropping or in the cabin of a crashed plane. My character has, amazingly, a rare jar of peanut butter, something rarely seen anymore. She offers to share it, and the story goes on from there.

    I'll be playing female in this. It can be mxf or fxf, but if it's the latter, I'd want to be the submissive.

    Posting lengths should be a good few paragraphs, with decent grammar, etc.

    Any questions? Interested? Reply below!
  2. lol I'm so in. This is random to me, but I love the idea.
  3. My mind was sort of jumbled when I wrote the idea. Basically, there was this huge disaster that wiped out most life in the world. It's been seventeen years since then.

    Our characters are wanderers. Since there's barely any humans left, there's barely any government or structure anymore either. Most of the cities have been destroyed, and the only things that remain of the past are the remnants of crashed airplanes and big monuments like the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, etc.

    The night the rp starts is very rainy, with thunder and lightning all over, and my character goes and finds a cave or maybe a crashed airplane, and takes shelter in it for the night. Your character is in much the same situation, he/she's trying to get out of the rain for the night. In the world of the rp, strangers usually mean danger, more so than in the real world. They could have weapons or be trying to kill you and take your things, you never know. However, my character decides to take a chance and try to make friends by offering yours some peanutbutter. Of course, since the world's gone to shit, there aren't any factories to make peanut butter anymore, so to have any amount of it is equal to having a bar of gold.

    From there, the rp could go anywhere.

    Any questions about the plot?
  4. hmmm yes actually, are you cool with mild mutations of the rare remaining humans?
  5. Yeah, that would be fine ^^ What sort of mutations though, like physical mutations or stuff like magic powers?
  6. mild powers, and like I guess chemical burns. PM the link once you're finished the thread, k? Do you want a bio or any pictures?
  7. Just a basic bio, like name age and basic appearance/picture ^^ I was thinking that the characters would be around 17-ish, that would add more explanation to the developing of powers. But yeah, I'll pm you the link asap.
  8. Oh, and what gender will your character be? Just so I know beforehand.
  9. I will be female as that is all I have drawn of my characters right now. Sorry. Unless you desire me to play a male, then I can. I'll just have to put more detail into my bio.
  10. No, it's fine ^^. As I said in the first post, I will be playing female, so I hope there isn't any problem with that.