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A Friendly Haunting

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by BoxBob³, Jun 8, 2014.

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  1. So, I just finished playing Murdered: Soul Suspect, and have a few different roleplay ideas drifting around in my head because of it. The one most prevalent would be a medium with a ghost that kind of just hangs around them. The ghost would be unrelated, with no real reason they can think of as to why they're stuck there, but they would have died recently enough that it was in the last few years.

    The medium would likely not acknowledge ghosts to keep from having them interact with them in any way. They could be anything from a highschool/college student to someone working a job, though I've thought more about student sort of storylines. They may have once interacted with ghosts and such as a child, with adults dismissing it as 'imaginary friends' and stopping themselves from doing so since. A ghost passing through them would elicit the random cold shivers often attributed to ghosts. If possessed, the medium would very clearly know they were, and be able to force the ghost out at any given moment, though it would be acknowledging the ghost and kind of yelling for them to get out.

    Ghosts in this world need a open window or door of some sort to enter and exit buildings, but once inside, the building itself is entirely fair game. They can make themselves corporeal enough to be able to move and do things, but for the most part this would be based on the ghosts will, and moving heavy objects would be extremely difficult. A ghosts appearance would be how they remembered themselves, and often would have some sort of scar or marking to remember their death by, unless they didn't remember their death somehow. They can possess animals and people, animals would express some discomfort and knowing the presence of the ghost, but the ghost would be able to control them until the animal was clearly put in danger and forced the ghost out.

    People may be possessed while awake or asleep, though controlling them while awake is nearly impossible. When possessed and asleep however, the ghost would be able to catch glimpses of their dreams and control them in a sleepwalking sort of state. Possessing someone awake would just be looking through their eyes and maybe a unguarded thought could be read. A medium can actively guard themselves against being possessed however, and extremely strong-willed people are nearly impossible to posess.

    I'm looking for something more MxF right now, though it wouldn't really be a sexual RP for the most part(Though it might do some romance if it's guided in that direction), but regarding the possibility of a sexual nature, be fair though, what would be the first thing you did if you possessed someone? This is more of a exploration of the concept really, go ahead and leave a comment here or PM me if you're interested, I'll play either side of the RP, ghost or medium.
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Thread Status:
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