A Frantic Search For A Roleplayer, Spurred On By Tedium

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    I'm not the best with these sorts of things. I either ramble on, or grow uncomfortable and leave a plot improperly described (at least, improper to the standards I expect).

    I've been doing a lot of thinking (and procrastinating) and tedium has led me onto the awkward search for a new roleplay or two - not a whole lot, but one or two good, juicy roleplays. I might not have a plot, so be willing to help on that... but bear in mind, dark themes, violent outbursts, murder and sociopath behaviour are what I often enjoy. A lot. Because I'm weird like that.

    But firstly, the boring stuff.


    What I ask for in a partner and what I enjoy
    - I expect a few replies a week at least, hopefully get a few in a day, but obviously circumstances change. Just notify me, and all's swell between us. Likewise, if you're mind-numbingly caught in boredom and tedium with the roleplay, just drop me a message, and that's all cool.

    - To at least involve yourself in the plot, and not to be afraid to bring in anything that develops your character. Basically, don't leave it all up to me to progress and nudge the plot along. I'm not omnipotent - I can't do everything.
    - As far as characters are concerned, I can easily roleplay dominant types, or submissive. It all depends on the preference of my fellow roleplayer - although I myself adore roleplaying typically dominant male characters with a bit of a pottymouth.
    - Be of an age 18+. Romance is something I enjoy in a roleplay, though I do expect a great chunk of plot, more so than the romance. Things may or may not gravitate towards any mature themes, but on the off chance that that's where the roleplay goes, I prefer a roleplay partner of 18 or more just to be on the safe side.
    - I can roleplay either real life characters or can use an anime image, it does depend on how I feel, or on the preference of the other partner. If you have a preference, I'm definitely okay with whatever it is.
    - In terms of the length of a reply, I generally ask for a decent amount, enough to develop a plot over. So basically, not one or two sentences, but not a page of writing that takes half an hour to concoct. Two paragraphs or so is a good amount, I feel.
    - I tend to enjoy violent, dark and unconventional roleplays, so a bit of blood, guts and violent, psychopath-like behaviour isn't something that repels me. My ideal plots would incorporate this, so if that stuff makes you queasy or uncomfortable, you're free to leave this wee thread.
    - Those of you that continued to read... I've run out of things to say / don't want to continue with the onslaught of boring ramblings.


    (( Bold, coloured text would be the role I'd be more interested in roleplaying, and for all roleplays, I'd be open for MxF, or MxM ))

    - Vampire x Human
    - Scientist x Science Experiment
    - Priest x Demon
    - Superhero x Villain (wouldn't be a fandom, but original characters - I suck at fandoms -_-)
    - Police officer x Murderer
    - Murderer x Murderer
    - Government agent x Supernatural being
    - Kidnapper x Victim (A potential Stockholm Syndrome roleplay?)

    Obviously, I'm open to ideas, so any suggestions can be made, I won't bite your head off.​
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  2. Superhero and villain sounds quite neato. Up for discussion?
  3. Definitely! Drop me a PM c:
  4. Nun x Demon? This has such promise.
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  5. Yup, that sounds like fun~! Drop me a PM?
  6. Kidnapper x victim? Been wanting to do that pairing again for quite some time.
  7. How does a dark, violent, and bloody vigilante noir sound? Basically, it's hero and anti-hero working together while overcoming their differences.
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