A fox's will is to surpass the limits

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  1. Hello everybody, the name is fox, The random fox.
    Quite a cliche name eh? So many foxes running around that you may be getting sick of it.
    Well i am also sick of myself, geesh! Will i ever make sense? But atleast my name makes sense this way!
    I will be simply showing you guys the stupid roleplay's i can think off and play along with! :D
    But be warned! I am the kind of guy that will say "i like you! :D" and then always be there to support you!
    Never will i let my roleplay brethren be boo'ed without fair reasoning! Without fair discussion!
    We all deserve a way to express ourselves no?

    But hi everybody, teh name is fox, call me silver or fox and if you want to see what kind of derp i am why not check my youtube channel too? /nekovulpus
  2. Welcome to the Madness xD please enjoy your stay and be part of many twisted stories ~
  3. Kor, i hope you will get me a twisted story then~ you may find it hard to suprise me~
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  4. There are Plenty here xD. You just have to look around :3
  5. i am not asking for "a roleplay" i am asking for a roleplay from you! to show me how twisted you can be >:3
  6. Ah ! I wish I could.. !

    But I have to many RP's which keep my Brain into Mind Damage right now ..>.>
    Besides I usually do realistic RP's and not anime based etc.
  7. Who is to say i do anime based roleplay's? :3
    And good luck D:, from my expierience upon reaching maximum velocity roleplay's can get too much yeah... expieriencing the same kinda... Let me just say, triple digets are real xD
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  8. “I’ll name my town “Unwelcome,” and the sign will say, “Welcome to Unwelcome.”
    Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title

    Welcome to Iwaku!


    ok, it's out of my system now... ^_^;
  9. We can never have too many foxes! >:3 Welcome to the site randofox!

  10. I was just having a rough guess xD.

    And yes. Thank you very much for that ~
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  12. Hey welcome to Iwaku. Hope you don't mind Insanity. tumblr_lzc2ozEDvw1r6o85wo1_500.gif

    -Roar of the Earth Dragon downs wall-
  14. Welcome to Iwaku!!
    My the dice roll ever in your favor