A Forest of Red and Gold

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  1. (A Forest of Red and Gold is set in the province of Molyn, where the land of Vaaqun to the east is attempting to overtake the forest that crosses the border, the Sheathpoint, through a secret struggle. Neither side openly admit to aiding the conflict, but small bands of hardened fighters are traversing the forest and waging war. One large town on the edge of the Sheathpoint is Conduit, and it is where many bands of fighters from Molyn join together. Any expanses on lore are welcomed, and any races are too.)

    With a gesture to the innkeeper, Waryn asked for a flagon of mead, along with a length of parchment. After a brief absence, within which Waryn noticed the unusual lack of activity in the inn, the innkeeper returned, and Waryn slapped two silver pieces onto the counter, ignoring the urge to palm one before the innkeeper took them.

    "Ahem." The innkeeper coughed firmly, and following a small silence, Waryn dug around his coinpurse and placed a single iron coin atop the silver. The innkeeper slid the coin off the counter, and handed over the parchment and flagon. Once he was out of sight, Waryn chuckled and flipped the iron between his fingers. He'd have to return it later, maybe. Smoothing the parchment on the counter, Waryn pulled an inkwell and a long, worn quill out of his medium sized pack. He began to scrawl on the parchment, and after a time, the newly made poster was pinned to the board to the left of the room.

    "CALLING ALL INTREPID ADVENTURERS," it read, "Would you like some coin? Join the 42nd Group, hopping the pine on this night. Talk to Waryn by the counter." Below the wording was a crude image of an archer and swordsman jumping over a couple of trees. Waryn thought it looked respectable, lost as it was in the sea of other notices, for much the same thing. He relaxed in his stool, and began to savour the hearty taste of the mead. He just hoped someone would come.

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  2. Katerina stood up and stretched her tall lean figure. She ran a dirt and blood ridden hand through her thick uncombed hair; when tamed it flowed in nicely set, loose curls; an attractive light brown colour with the smallest hints of golden blonde within, a slightly odd colour of hair amongst her people. She hailed from the East, born into a clan of gypsies, hunters amongst other things. She pulled on her clothing piece by piece, every article gently gliding across her soft skin, catching in only a few spots where she had been marked; scars to remind her of her troublesome past. Once fully clothed she clipped on her cloak and began making her way out of the thick forest, towards the beaten path that lead to an inn. A nice pint always felt relaxing after a tough night.

    Glancing up at the moon her hazel green eyes shimmered to an unnatural amber colour for a moment before fading to their natural colour once more. Removing a glove she wiped away a smear of blood from her lip. Placing the glove back on she made sure all her weapons were in place. A silver rapier hung from her hip, the blade sharp and deadly. Three small silver knives adorned her left thigh, placed in a way that they could be thrown in an instance. Nearly approaching the inn, the building was in her sight, she sighed...unsure of why she was nervous. “Here we go...” She spoke, a thick eastern accent adorning her words.

    Not wanting to cause a scene of any sorts Anna slid through the main doors. The Inn was surprisingly empty. A few patrons, all sitting far apart from each other. Her eyes were covered having raised her hood before entering, the only thing visible to others were her nose and lips. Dirt and blood covered her whole body including her face; she had attempted to clean most of it but without water and a cloth it was difficult.

    She chose to take a seat at a single table against a wall. Pulling out the chair she looked around, waiting for a serf or barmaid. She rapped her fingernails against the top of the table. Her gloves placed next to her hand.
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  3. Ten...? Ten! I could have sworn I left there with at LEAST 15...damn it all. Just damn it! Well...i guess this is going to have to suffice...i still have the furs... She scooped the jagged, shining crystals off the table and back into the neatly woven pouch and pulled the silk drawstrings tight, shoving the parcel into a hidden pocket beneath her cloak. With a heavy sigh, she took the last large gulp of mead from her stein, the honeyed treat trailing down her defined jaw and sticking sweetly to her neck. Setting it down on the table with a disappointment in her movement, she released the air from her lungs and herself from between the blundering fools who drank beside her, snatching up and leather satchel from the bench. Her cloak trailed behind her as she walked, a fine one at that made of thick hearty leather and lined with tightly woven and layered sheep's wool. It matched her boots which reached high to her calves and were buckled fashionably with brass that glistened like the vials, throwing knives and trinkets on her belt. Around her neck she wore a sachet of fragrant herbs and a golden necklace hanging with a wooden rune that shimmered in the firelight much like her dark brown eyes. As she walked to the entrance of the tavern, she slipped on her dark leather gloves, fastened her leather vest and pulled her hood over her long cascade of black ringlet curls. Walking quickly to the door, she nearly bumped into another women, who strangely enough was about her height and wearing a cloak like her own. She gazed at her queerly for a moment, watching her make her way to the back corner before turning her gaze back forward Hmmm...i guess i could check the board... she pondered. Striding over to the other side of the room, the board look as it usually had, plastered with faces of murderers, strange beasts and lame cries for help. Odd jobs, hunting tasks, item quests. Too many missing persons to even care about. Flicking back and forth she found nothing she really cared to do, but then the glimpse of a rather crude drawing caught her eye and she tilted her head, moving closer to the board eyeing the parchment. "What...is this?" she murmured.