A foreigner in the mist

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  1. [I’m just going to throw this in here and hope something comes of it. Obviously, anyone is allowed to jump right in. Character descriptions are cool in your first post or just describe them in your para. Whichever. I’m very open. I hope that this is a story we can all write together. Anything goes, really. Magic and powers are allowed if you wish, but not necessary. I’d love to just see where this takes us. Creativity ahoy!

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    A soft breeze gently blew across the meadow, sending gentle rippling waves through the tall grasses, making the land look liquid. In the nearby patch of trees, birds chirped cheerfully. The sun beamed it’s warm rays down toward the earth, a rare, nearly cloudless summer day. A creek could be heard nearby, it’s water trickling musically over cobbles and stones. A peaceful, picture perfect scene.

    Suddenly there was a loud snapping sound, as if the wind had caught the cloth of a sail unexpectedly. The birds stopped their chirping in alarm. A small figure with unnaturally bright red hair appeared in midair, hovering for a moment before falling ungracefully to the ground.

    The figure groaned and lay there for a moment. “Goddamn… zeta… what’d you do?” he asked, sitting up and squinting toward the sky.

    The reply came in his head, a voice only he could hear. “I put you somewhere else. Do you like it, Matty…?”

    It wasn’t that she couldn’t make her voice heard to anyone else, it was just that he was the only one she cared to speak with. It didn’t help his reputation that he was already off the wall. But what could he do? No one believed that he knew an alien. Much less that she talked to him on a regular basis. Or that she had some kind of obsession with him. Or that she took great pleasure in ruining his life.

    “Where am I?”

    The zeta giggled, “1534. Medieval England.”

    Matt scrambled to his feet. “You sent me back in time?”

    She hummed. “Welllll, I thought about sending you to planet Girgimesh but you’re a stupid weak human and you would have died. Something about not being able to breathe gaseous Chlorine. Why can’t you breathe Chlorine? It’s still a gas.”

    “Why can’t you breathe underwater?” Matt snapped. “Take me back. You know how I feel about time travel.”

    “That again? It’s harmless, really! You’ll be fine, Matty! I always time travel, it’s never ruined my life…!”

    Matt stamped a foot, “Of course it hasn’t. That’s because you’re the one doing all the life ruining!” Matt had an aversion to time travel. He had never touched it, yet his life had been more affected by it than anyone who had actually been doing the time traveling.

    “Oooh I know it’s so fun!”

    Matt rolled his eyes. “Stop messing about. Take me back! I don’t want to be here. I’ve got important things to do back home… deadlines to meet and such. “

    The alien hummed again playfully. “Mmm, no I don’t think so. This is much more entertaining…! You were getting so boring being all happy and such. It’s just no fun.”

    “I’m not a toy!” Matt cried, walking in a tight frustrated circle, flapping his arms about wildly.

    “Oh but you are!” The zeta giggled. “My little toy…! It’s especially funny if I touch you. Shall I come down and touch you?”

    Matt shrank down into the tall grass, “No please don’t…”

    The alien sighed, “Fine. I’ll let you be for now. Oh! Look at the time! I must toddle off and water my plants...! There’s a village just over that hill there.”

    Matt flapped his arms again and stamped his foot. “No! You are not leaving me here! Get- back- here- no!”

    “Bye now, Matty! I’ll be checking in on you in a few days to see how things are going…! Don’t worry…!”

    “Agghh-haha-ha-haha-ha nooooo!” Matt shouted jumping up and down and throwing a fit. He knew she was gone though. He thrust his middle fingers toward the sky- his final act of revenge, as useless as it was. And probably a completely meaningless gesture in this era too.

    With a sigh of defeat, he started his way toward the village, grumbling empty threats and long strings of expletives as he picked his way up the hill. Someday he would have a normal life, right?
  2. The inn was empty, all the tables washed and dryed. The walls and floors scrubbed, the ceiling cobweb free. The sun brightly bursting through the small windows letting in warm beams of light, a small cat chases a mouse into a very tiny hole called home. Hayner had finished his chores early, He worked with his father talking keep an Inn the Ravens Nest, a cozy place right in Green Medow Village. It was a quiet dull place everyday the same. The only fun Hayner had was running atop the roofs at night. He was a thin but straping lad with long blonde hair pulled in the back and kept with a thin black ribbon a girl in the next town gave him, it was to help keep his hair from hiding his handsome face she told him. Hayner was the fastest most acrobatic individual in all the lands, it even seemed falling wasn't an issue, he always landed on his feet.
    Not but moments after he had swiftly made up top the tallest structure, The Green Medow's belltower, a beautiful tower made of dark stone and fine oak, there he sat.
  3. The village was a nice place to live...if you actually lived there. David woke up in a small cot on what seemed to be. The last thing he remembered was heading out to go shopping and then everything went blank. Now he's in some weird town.

    David streached slightly from the bed that was hard as a rock. He looked around the wood room and there was nothing of intrest except for a small bookshelf. Standing up he checked around the place to see if there was anything he could find and use. But there wasn't any. He opened the door and it creak slightly, he looked around as the villagers walked around in little clothing or rags. Some people who were obviousy wealthy had wel cotton shirts and pants. He wandered around for a while headed to the outside of the town where he saw a guy, he looked like someone not from here either and decided to get his attention " hey man!"
  4. Hayner watched the sleepy town, amused at old man Smith yelling at the young ones to keep away from his shoppe, The stable boy hard at work, Mrs Garret was cooking a pie, it was apple today, the smell filled Hayners nose. Not only was he great at running, climbing, jumping, and landing his senses were abnormal, He could hear the the flies bothering the cows from this distance and smell the pie as if it was infront of him, he also could see a funny dressed man walking towards town along with to looks like a friend greeting this individual.
  5. Matt froze when he heard a voice. He'd been spotted. He'd meant to hide. It would do no good if he let himself be known. He didn't want to screw up anyone's lives or the future by tampering at all. He scampered, tripping slightly as he took off, heading instead for the trees.

    You didn't notice me. You didn't notice me. You didn't notice me.

    He definitely noticed me.

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  6. David walked over and looked back at the village only for a moment. He wanted to figure out how he got where he was and judging from the guys clothes he wasn't from here either. Once he was close to the guy he sighed " hey i know this might sound weird but i dont think im from around here and i need your help..since you don't look like your from around here either".
  7. Matt stared at the guy who had followed him. Well. So much for hiding. But maybe it would be okay.

    "What year are you from?" he asked cautiously.
  8. What a strange man Hayner thought to himself he seemed to be tripping alot, maybe he was injured!? or just a clutz, could also be a silly drunk. These thoughts went on as he watched the funny looking man, he could see him as if he was right next to him, the red hair was most interesting, maybe he was a jest. The wind steadily blew towards the medows. Hayner brought out paper and ink and wrote a message to the funny man Dear individual with the strange clothing and red hair, by any chace are you injured? ill get assistance for you if need be. please whistle once for yes im hurt and caw like a crow if your ok. signed Hayner the boy ontop the tower. He then made it to a paper bird and let the wind take it to the man, Unfortunatly it caught on his red hair
  9. Matt ducked as something hit him in the head.

    "I come in peace!" he shrieked.

    oh god what the hell i'm being bombarded help.

    He plucked up the paper and unfolded it, looking around frantically.

    "Did you see where this came from?" he asked the man next to him, who might possibly be trustworthy, he wasn't certain.

    Cautiously he read the note.


    No... not... hurt... just clumsy...

    He flushed slightly.

    "What the hell I am not going to caw like a crow!"
  10. He's just clumsy this was interesting, could he not see me up here? Hayner again grabbed some paper, "Are you lost, do you need shelter? hoot like an owl if your hungry" He then sailed the paper out hoping to see more reactions from the clumsy silly dressed man who cannot caw like a crow.
  11. He loooked at the guy for a moment trying to collect his thoughts " im
    from newyork um 2012".
  12. Another paper something was sailing at him again, this time he watched as it sailed in and caught it.

    His eyebrows quirked expressively as he read the second note.

    Yes, he was lost, yes he needed shelter. No he was afraid to ask for help though. He did not want to involve himself in these people's lives. It could ruin the future and ruin their lives. This was surely only a temporary situation. He'd rather leave as little impact as possible, if he could. Chaos theory, butterfly effect etc.

    He grumbled again. "No I will not 'hoot like an owl' What's with this guy and animal noises? Is this just a period thing?" He squinted toward the tower.

    He turned again to the man next to him. "2012, eh? Me too. But how'd you get here? Oh! Do you have an alien too? Irritating buggers, aren't they? I'm from London. It appears we're both in a bit the same situation. And now we've been spotted. I'm Matt, nice to meet you."

  13. He sighed relived that there was someone else from his time
    period. " my names David and nice to meet you as well, and no i dont
    have an alien..i dont even remember how i got here".
  14. There conversation was absolutely ridiculously amusing, all these new words, "Newyork 2012, Aliens" This time he wanted to greet him, he gave the ok by at least saying hoot. Hayner got up and stretched and leaped from the top, flipping and landing apon his feet unharmed, the village was use to his childs play though still amazed. He sprinted off towards the two, it wouldn't take long he could out run a horse. "HELLO SIRS" he yelled and waved as he quickly caught up.
  15. "Have you been here long?" Matt fidgeted with the papers in his hands. "I'm nuhvous here," he said, his slight speech impediment surfacing. "Time travel can be really bad... we ought to try and figure out how you've got here, yeah?"

    Matt backed toward the trees as Hayner approached, calling out, "It might be a good idea that you don't come any closer...I mean- for your safety- and um... stuff..."

    Aw shit, you probably can't understand me...

    Matt started talking more loudly, as if that would help the situation, as if he were speaking to a foreigner.

    "Pwotect. Yourself. Stay away! uhm- doth thou...uhm...understand?"

    He slapped a hand across his forehead in embarrassment.

    Dear God. I'm an idiot.
  16. Hayner stopped and smiled "if i can understand old man Smith after drink mead after mead i think thy words are as clear as todays sky." Hayner turned to look at David. Your looking alot better sir, found ya half dead in the river last night on my roof run, your lucky you didn't sink." Hayner then reached into his bag and pulled out a small metal cube. "You had a trouble breathing because this was in your throat, i believe its yours sir?"
  17. I could definitely use some mead right about now...

    Matt stared at the cube. That seemed familiar. Where had he seen something like that?

    He glanced back up at Hayner, down at the cube and back up at Hayner. He stared with his mouth slightly open, his wonky front tooth peeking out. He wasn't sure what to say, but at least he was well understood.
  18. David nodded at Matt and he looked at the paper in his hands " yea
    the sooner we leave the better".
  19. Matt leaned toward David and nodded his head toward the cube that Hayner held.

    "What's that cube, hey?"
  20. David looked at Hayner and then he sighed
    running his hands through his hair " this is crazy"