A Forbidden Romance, Unconventional Savior (Pretty much forever open)

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  1. Alright here's the plot: Thousands of years ago Angels and Demons were at war with each other. In one particular battle a Girl A is a Demon General. Girl B an Angel Warrior at first. They find themselves unable to kill one another and try to find out why. They then end up falling for each other and of course start changing. Girl B started falling and A redeeming. However Girl B gets executed by her fellow angel's for reaching a certain point in falling. Of course causing Girl A to leave her own realm and went bezerk on Humanity. Fast forward a couple of centuries to either late 9o's or early 2000's when Girl A bumps into Girl B who reincarnated into a girl who was born into a shabby negligent and abusive household. though Girl B hides it. They quickly become friends but soon enough must seperate once more. Though this time it was the Parents fleeing CPS. the fast forward to about early 10's Girl B moves back with her family now middle class and cleaned up. that is just a surface thing though and not too deep down it's the same old stuff plus sexual abuse. Girl B still keeps it a secret though. However Girl A unwittingly gives her the ability to feel some freedom by introducing her to punk/gothic style of clothing and appearance which she is in to. Girl B starts changing out in a girl's bathroom at a rundown gas station that she used for covering up signs of physical abuse maybe emotional at times but didn't really bother with the 'purity checks' done by her father. however one day her parents find out about her little secret and attempt to drag her home for major punishment. However Girl A in human form intervenes and gets her away. They stay at Girl A's place however Girl B through some means discover's her friends true nature. Girl A then show's her true form and swears no matter what to protect her. regardless the Prents are convicted and jailed but other things are going down. Heaven and Hell make moves to gain a messiah from the reincarnation of a fallen and Hell reclaim one of it's generals for the grand finale of their war. Time will tell if they succeed.


    1. Standard Iwaku stuff.
    2. The char has to be female
    3. Have Fun!
  2. *jaw drops* that plot is like so deep and mind blowing!!!!:wolfwhistle::mindblowing: *huggles* thank you for sending me this link! Additionally which role would you rather playing?
  3. which ever you want you can do. I'll take the other.
  4. [​IMG]

    Alouette Lucille Blanc


    Girl B- The Reborn Fallen Angel


    Anime/Drawing image- image.jpg

    Realistic image- image.jpg

    Alouette tends to be a bit shy when she is meeting someone for the first time but after she warms up people she's sweet and caring for those around her. She's a kind soul who often helps those around her. Although she is often shy she won't stand to see someone be harmed may it be verbally or physically due to her not wanting anyone to go through the same suffering she's going through. When she stands up for someone else she holds her ground and often never thinks of the consequences of the aftermath. She may leave getting but again but is happy, she'd rather be hurt than to have others be caused pain. She puts everyone before herself but at times she's often just an observer who fades into the background when there is no bullying or fighting, she tends to keep to herself and plasters a soft smile on her face to prevent her from crumbling down. When she's at home she takes on whatever comes her way and by the end of the night she's in so much pain she feels paralyzed as she cowers away and cries in the darkness of her life as she lives deeply in lies, death, deception, and pain. She prays daily hoping that one day god will give her some sort of truth or light that can help her survive.

    Many centuries ago she was still a pure angel above protecting her family's safety, purity, and painless lives. She was a fighter, no a warrior for peace and purity to overcome hatred and chaos, for light to overcome darkness... That was until she met her, a devil from the depths of darkness. They were sent by their leaders to kill one another but Alouette knew she couldn't take a life, but as she listened more to the screams of her heart she realized that it was something so much more than she imagined. She had fallen in love with a being of hell, she'd broken a forbidden rule. No matter how much she fought her emotions they refused to be buried deep within her as they yearned greatly to be heard. She'd met the woman she loved several times after she knew that her heart could no longer be denied, only to be banished from her peaceful eternity as a guardian angel of heaven. He wings were stripped of their pure white color as she fell and fell and fell until light no longer reached her eyes and a warm comforting darkness enveloped her. Soon enough she was born into the cruel human world. Alouette thinks that the visions she sees at night are merely a dream when I reality it is her past locked away deep within her heart as she suffers day in day out, the constant beatings from her father leave bruises upon her pale skin only for him to force himself on her and leave hickeys all over her body. This was the punishment her overseers sent her to, they didn't send her to the devils hell but to the humans hell instead. Her mother despised her throwing empty glass liquor bottles at her every time Alouettes face appeared before her, while her mother wanted her gone her father trapped her inside the house the majority of the time forcing her to entertain him and "pleasure" him. He was a sick man, she was a sick woman they made a perfect couple but since they had a child she suffered their inhumanity. She was just happy as long as no one else suffered the way she did, she was forever saving others from harm. But yet every night she cries wondering who will save her...

  5. Sorry for the long wait! (>_<)
  6. it's fine. Wicked char btw. now to make mine.
  7. Thank you, and I can't wait to see your char!
  8. (For the RP with @Whisper )
    Name: Avery Blake (Avrisna Bloodrin)
    Age: 17 (several centuries)
    Role: Girl A- The Demon
    Demonic/True form-[​IMG]
    (change hair to black, eyes red, add horns and wings.)
    Human form-[​IMG]
    (has streaks in her hair and ear piercings plus snake bite on the left corner of her lips.
    Personality: She is a mix of quite a few things. she definetly has demon in her, having a short and brutal temper and very little patience for those who end up in hell. She can be hedonistic at times though modern day she only has occasional needs to do so. She is also an anomily as she is actually decent to the demons under her command or any in general that treat her with respect. Also is of course quite the power house as she is a General of the Legions of Hell. However She has learned more postivie traits or atleast is now able to /iD them: Her warm heartedness to those close to her, A bit of a romantic and very protective of those close to her. Also still bears the guilt and grief of losing her former lover.
    History: Once she was one of the feared generals of hell who was known for bringing down many an Angel. A one vs one fight like she was assigned to do should have been no problem for her. However she was unable to kill but not for lack of skill. It took time but she realized that she loved the angel, once she realized what love was. Thanks to that love began being redeemed but her power was enough to keep her going to the executioner's domain. when she learned her lover wasn't so lucky tried to save her, then when that failed demanded vengeance. When that failed went to vent on humanity for a very long time before calming down. After awhile met Alouette and became friends with her. however she moves and is bummed for awhile until she returns. however smells something wrong. and she will not let the past repeat itself.
  9. I love her! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆And sorry for my late reply!(>_<)
  10. sweet so then shall i post an IC for our run through?
  11. Yes please, unless you would like me to.
  12. Up to you. but if not i'll get it going.
  13. Ok, Can you create the thread please.
  14. on it.
  15. Thank you.
  16. Anyone else interested? It's pretty much forever open.
  17. Yes im super interested awesome plot. are you still open?
  18. read the title my friend.
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