A Forbidden Love

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Venom (Jazzy)
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Angel or Demon?
Second Hierarchy
Venom's human life was miserable. Everyone around him made fun of him and hurt him, including his family. Venom got into a lot of trouble with the law. He would steal, murder, anything else that helped get his tragic life off his mind. He was killed in a high-speed chase with the police, and he became a demon. He has been one for 16 years, and he hasn't changed much.
Venom has a very cold personality. He's very sarcastic and heartless about most things. Venom is very selfish and only cares about himself. He acts foolish around his friends and just gets himself into even more trouble.[/SPOILI]

Dove (Iliana)
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Name: Dove

Angel or Demon?: Angel

Bio/History: Dove was a high school girl on earth at the age of 16. She was smart, not so much popular, but very easy to get along with. She would shy away from the crowd time to time, only because she wasn't comfortable being among large groups of people. She had stayed in her small town all of her life and practically knew everyone in her neighborhood. Her family, consisting of a mother and father, were very close with her and they cared dearly about her.

Life was good for Dove. 2 days before her 17th birthday, Dove was leaving for her afternoon classes at her school. She was having trouble in Public Speaking and needed a bit of tutoring. Leaving the class, Dove spotted a small bird in the middle of the road. Dove immediately ran to pick it up, knowing that it was greatly injured and probably had a broken wing. She ran...but didn't see the speeding car.

Now accepted into the afterlife, Dove strolls around the blue skies of the Angel Territory.

Personality: Dove is a bit of a mystery. She has a sweet voice and very good intentions, but she doesn't speak up. Most people think it is embarrassment, but Dove just has something inside her that fears getting close to other people. She is quick to help if there is ever a problem and is always willing to lend a hand.

Erica (Pretty)
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Name: Erica
Height: 5'8"
Race: Angel
Rank: 'Third Rank' Thrones
Age: 17 Years Old
Gender: Female
Bio/History:(You don't have to read this.. it's useless and I didn't mean to make it this long. -____-)
When Erica was seventeen years old and home alone, a mysterious fire erupted at the foot of her house. She hadn't noticed it until it crept through the upstairs halls, setting off the loud fire alarms. She tried to escape from the house, but the fire traveled so fast, it almost seemed like there should be oil spread across the floor. As her bedroom door burst into flames, swallowing everything in it's path and made it's way towards her, she looked out the window and heard the piercing sounds of sirens rushing down her street. She was relieved and anxious for them to come and help her, but they hadn't come soon enough. The fire attacked her giving her severe, third degree burns all along her body and face, but just before it could take her away, 2 firemen kicked down the extinguished door and patted her down. She made it to the hospital and for almost a full half an hour in the emergency, but the burns were so bad she couldn't stay awake any longer. Now Erica has been dead for almost 20 years, she constantly thinks back to her short and chubby father, her tall, slender mother, and her extremely crazy brother who shouldn't even be alive from the risky things he's done. Her grades in school were average, and she had never even thought about doing something that would get her in trouble, she had already learned from her brother's mistakes.

Personality: Erica is extremely clumsy, but extremely kind and sweet besides that. Her attention span is short, since she is mostly in deep thought, and almost never thinks of herself. She'll laugh at anything, and at anytime, for no given reason. It can sometimes be contagious to others.

Elise Middleton (Lady Anya)
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Name: Elise Middleton
Height: 5'4
Angel or Demon?: Angel
Rank: Guardian Angel 'Last Rank'
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Bio/History: Elise grew up in London with her parents, Lisa and Ken. Her parents owned a string of restaurants and she was never seen far from their side, often helping out by waitressing or helping her mother with the flower arranging. She went to high school and was a perfect student, getting good grades, behaving well and always trying her best. It came to no one's surprise that she came top in her year when exam season came around.

A few weeks after her 18 birthday, she began to complain of feeling ill, eventually contracting a fever. She was left home for a few hours while her mother worked, when the woman returned she found her daughter collapsed on the floor. Elise was rushed to hospital and was quickly taken to ICU, the doctors struggled to come up with a diagnosis of her condition, but she was fatally ill. Her body was too weak to go on and her machine was turned off a week later by her devastated parents.

Personality: Elise finds it easy to open up to people, and doesn't mind being the shoulder people can cry on. She likes to listen more than talk, she believes you were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. But she isn't afraid to stand up for herself and others. She was doesn't get 'hyper' or 'over-excited' instead she likes to keep herself controlled and sensible. She was always mature for her age, even when she was still a human.[/SPOILI]

Erica spread her wings, stretching herself in every direction. Today was the day that her, and a few other angels, were sent down to wander the streets where the humans walked. A tingling sensation traveled through her neck, right down to her toes, she had never felt so nervous before, and she hoped she wouldn't mess it up. As she walks through a large archway, she jumps over the edge and let her wings guide her through the smooth air. She closed her eyes, enjoying the last flight she would have for three days.

Minutes later, Erica decided to head toward the only realm where you'll see the angels interacting with the demons, the Between. The Between was strictly used for determining the innocence of a human after they had passed in their own realm. Only certain ranks were allowed to view these examinations, and even then you would never see another angel speaking to a demon. Erica had hear rumours that the demons were sent on a similar task as the angels, but it was never confirmed. She knew that even if they did, they wouldn't be sent out at the same time, or they could end up attacking each other when they reached solid ground.

From a distance, Erica could see an even larger archway than any of the ones in her realm. As she planted both her dainty, bare feet onto the steps, she began walking up the 20 foot long staircase. When she reached the top, she looked through the arch and saw dozens of other angels seated in front of a tall platform. She walked to the front row and sat down in her reserved spot, along with a few other empty chairs.

(Okay, so a few things.. you do not have to write as much as I did, I just had to describe what the area looked like. I probably should have planned out what the realms would look like, but instead I made it up as I went along. The demon realm will look quite similar to the angel realm, except darker. I know I didn't give much explanation on how it looked like, but I'll place a few pictures in the OOC so you can understand what I'm explaining. C: Click the OOC link above to see them.)



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Venom was standing in the Demon Realm on a broken pillar. He had his grey, bat-like wings fully spread out. He stared out at the rest of the realm, an unpleasant breeze ruffling his hair. He had a satisfied smirk on his face. He and a few other demons were gonna be allowed to wreak havoc in the human world. Oh, he was going to enjoy this. Venom chuckled to himself as he thought about the horrible things he could do. Taking someone's life was mandatory, and he grinned as he thought of different ways to kill that person. Venom's grin faded and his expression was disgusted. What if there were angels down there with him? He groaned at the possibilty. He absolutely despised those goody-goodies. He thought to himself. "That would just ruin ALL the fun."


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Elise sighed as she arrived at the large staircase. She slowly placed her feet down on the first step before she started to walk upwards, she had more than enough time so she could walk leisurely at her own rate. She was half way up the staircase and she could already here people talking to one another. She fixed her long blonde hair, not wanting to look out of place next to all the other angels. She soon reached the top of the staircase and let her dark eyes glance up at the arch before she walked inside, trying her best not to get too much attention as she headed towards her usual seat.

She was still considered new by most people, so she hadn't made too many friends yet, though no doubt she would get the chance to bond with some of the other angels in the upcoming future. Or at least she hoped she would get the chance, she really did want to get to know them more. Perhaps it was the guilt of being here while her parents sat down there. She pushed the thought out of her head as she moved to sit down on her seat, crossing her legs and making herself comfortable.

She had heard about angels going down to earth for three days, she just hoped that she would have that chance, the chance to see home again. She did miss it after all, missed feeling the water and sand under her feet as she ran towards the ocean, and the feeling of being home. She sighed softly and looked up at the tall platform. She would just have to wait and see who got the chance to go down, she just hoped they would consider her, after all, it might help her.

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