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  1. Adrasa rampaged across the battle field Slaughtering any angel that had the misfortune of crossing her path. The last battle ended badly for the part of Hell's legion she personally led. Now the slightly off colour, red cat eyed with bloodred and infernal flame green streaks in her hair with long goat like horns poking out from her forehead and in minimal armor wanted their blood. more than normal for a chaos driven race as opposed to the order loving angels. She didn't really care why the war started at the moment. She just wanted to kill. Soon enough she met an equal who was standing up to her volley of attacks "So what's your name Angel?" she asked rage replaced with respect. and curiosity.
  2. "Like you need to know." She replied, she just wanted this to be over. All this disorder- Angels were getting killed out here, there was so much distress it was hard to fathom. This war was making her bitter, which if you knew her you'd know that wasn't normal. Or maybe it was just this particular battle, or just combat in general. She wielded a glowing Buster sword which seemed to act somewhat as a shield. She wore a typical angels tunic with light shoulder armour, built more for speed then defense it seemed. She was prepared to dodge any shot made at her, she could easily make a quick exit as well.
  3. shrugs having her own giant blade, A Zanbato though pretty sharp at the edges and the point. her armor was light as well though pretty durable. she could give chase if necessary. "was just wanting to give some respect. not everyday i meet my match. "she says throwing a few blows at the angel to test her a slight bit more.
  4. She tried her best to dodge the swings, her speed giving leeway to make some shots of her own. "Respect doesn't end the war." One of the demons shots deflects off of her the little armour on her shoulder. "I guess this doesn't either." Why was this war started in the first place?
  5. sighs "Guess your not A fan of this shit either eh?" she says. In Hell she has no problem with blood letting. most of the time you came back again. if you didn't oh well. will can go only so far. But this was crazy even by Demon standards. Well besides their natural distatste for order and love of chaos. And outright hate for Angels who embody order. though some have deserted to live together.
  6. She cringed slightly at the cuss word, "No, I'm not. Why did this war even start in the first place?" Of course she would hate this war, she liked order and organization. Not to mention she prefered people to not die. Maybe some demons might like it but she detested it. The faster she could end this war the better.
  7. shrugs "Wish I knew. would help motivate me on why i send my minions out." she said sighing. she didn't like to lose what was her's on purpose with no real chance of gain. And the two had been in a deadlock since the start of this whole mess.
  8. She sighed and lowered her sword. "Perhaps we should just stop? I mean- This is an obvious stalemate." She seemed to relax slightly, though her wings were still ready to get her out of there if she was attacked again. "Perhaps we should go and ask the higher ups why they're fighting in the first place?"
  9. "Eh mine won't answer me with a straight answer. will yours?" she asks curious her sword in the ground and head on top of the hilt. with the wry smile on her face once more. she faced Archangels and if they were anything like their masters it was definitely a no.
  10. " . . . No." She didn't believe she actually could, she was just trying to stall really. Most of the people above her in rank followed the person who declared war blindly, she wasn't able to talk to the guy that started it because the few above her wouldn't let her. It was kinda confusing on why she couldn't, and the people she could ask didn't know.
  11. Soon an explosion sounded off in the distance. and the ground started cracking and breaking open. Seems someone unleashed a grand shattering spell to try and win the battle. The Demons started flying off as did Angels. looking over she says "shall we meet again my mysterious angel beauty?" she asks.
  12. She blushed slightly at the choice of words she had been called. "Y-yeah . . ." She nodded. Mayhaps they could discuss some sort of way to find out why there's a war even going on? The other seemed as motivated as her to find out. She took to the sky and flew up with the other angels. Samantha appeared at her side. "Did you defeat the general?" Said Samantha. She sighed, "Not this time." And probably not ever.
  13. She slipped her a runic stone so they can communicate long range, across dimensions. Meanwhile she was searching the Archives, deep inside. While Her masters might lie the records taken with some salt would show the truth. though most of her people weren't the best at recording keeping, some like her own were excellent at it.
  14. The best she could really do was check the libraries, in which she found no information. Heaven was good at keeping records, it was also good at hiding bad history. There were probably a lot of mess ups that had been covered up. She desperately wanted to know why this war even started, but she couldn't find answers. She could find a few things on demon culture, but that wouldn't really help in the long run.
  15. Picks up the Talisman she has and calls her Angel friend "So you turning up anything? I got nothing down here." she asks curious though pretty sure she didn't. though in the angel library The girl may find some tales of demons and Angels falling for each other and abandoning the war. In a negative spin of course but there none the less.
  16. She jumped slightly at the sudden noise from the stone. "Er, Nothing related to why the war started. Just some stories, Heaven's suprisingly good at covering up information. You'd think everyone would tell the truth up hear, but no. Though, the stories are interesting, but most of them are talked about negatively." She picked a book from the shelf, something about a previous war.
  17. "Eh i'm used to liars. maybe there's something in the ruins in Purgatory?" she suggested though it was where the war was going on in. as for the book it is badly damaged but it says something about The long dead Race of The Nephalem who kept the balance falling.
  18. "But that's where the war's going on. It would be suspicious to see people digging around the ruins in a battle ground. I guess it's the best lead we've go though . . ." She certainly wasn't gonna find anything here. She shut the book and placed it back in the shelf.
  19. "So meet'cha there. i'll bring some security." She says gathering some more loyal followers and moving out giving her a meeting spot to head for. the ruins of a village near a long abandoned archive she had a hunch on. @FancySockDragon
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