A Forbidden Love, Unconventional Saviour

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  1. Alright here's the plot: Thousands of years ago Angels and Demons were at war with each other. In one particular battle a Girl A is a Demon General. Girl B an Angel Warrior at first. They find themselves unable to kill one another and try to find out why. They then end up falling for each other and of course start changing. Girl B started falling and A redeeming. However Girl B gets executed by her fellow angel's for reaching a certain point in falling. Of course causing Girl A to leave her own realm and went bezerk on Humanity. Fast forward a couple of centuries to either late 9o's or early 2000's when Girl A bumps into Girl B who reincarnated into a girl who was born into a shabby negligent and abusive household. though Girl B hides it. They quickly become friends but soon enough must seperate once more. Though this time it was the Parents fleeing CPS. the fast forward to about early 10's Girl B moves back with her family now middle class and cleaned up. that is just a surface thing though and not too deep down it's the same old stuff plus sexual abuse. Girl B still keeps it a secret though. However Girl A unwittingly gives her the ability to feel some freedom by introducing her to punk/gothic style of clothing and appearance which she is in to. Girl B starts changing out in a girl's bathroom at a rundown gas station that she used for covering up signs of physical abuse maybe emotional at times but didn't really bother with the 'purity checks' done by her father. however one day her parents find out about her little secret and attempt to drag her home for major punishment. However Girl A in human form intervenes and gets her away. They stay at Girl A's place however Girl B through some means discover's her friends true nature. Girl A then show's her true form and swears no matter what to protect her. regardless the Prents are convicted and jailed but other things are going down. Heaven and Hell make moves to gain a messiah from the reincarnation of a fallen and Hell reclaim one of it's generals for the grand finale of their war. Time will tell if they succeed.


    1. Standard Iwaku stuff.
    2. The char has to be female
    3. Have Fun!
  2. I had an idea like this once.I think I'd be character B . . .

    Name: Bonne Alison
    Age: 17
    Role: B
    Personality: Niave, kind, doesn't take critizism well, crys kinda easily.
    History: She died in a fight during her first life. She has a best friend in heaven named Samantha.

    I think I'll do well in this role.
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  3. Eh kinda. helps me with puting other stuff in besides the broad stuff i mentioned.
  4. Alright, I'll edit it.

    Done, is that good enough? .-.
  5. not bad. though as stated in her first life she was executed for falling. though like the Samantha. could be used to try and lure her back.
  6. Alright, That's fine with me, I'm not gonna change the profile though. *Being lazy.* So does this take place from the start of the story mentioned, during the middle of the story you mentioned, or after all that's happened?
  7. The Start though with time skips.
  8. Name: Adrianna Braiden (Adrasa Bazka)
    Age:17 (quite a few centuries old)
    Personality: Rough around the edges but has a good heart. Can let her emotions rule her at times. Lover of punk stuff. Quite a loyal friend and lover. also pretty passionate. And extremely stubborn.
    History: Was a top general of Hell, close to commanding the whole legion, though the lords never liked her due to her Maverick for hell style. unleashed a lot of crap on humanity in grief when she lost her love.
  9. Alright . . . You start X3)
  10. I'll get An IC up.
  11. Well seems we are in a drought on response IC. anyone else open?
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