A Forbidden Love (As well as romance)

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  1. A Forbidden Love

    In a world with an ongoing war lies two races, the Angels, and the Demons.

    Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered if Angels truly did exist? Or stomped on the ground expecting a demon to appear from hell? Well in this world, both races live in the sky. Their purity affects the density of the clouds, and the colour of the skies. If you were to casually wander into the Demon realm, you'd find very thin, wispy clouds, and a dark red sky. While if you enter the Angel's realm, you'll see a beautiful blue sky, and thick, snow-white clouds.

    Between the two realms is a between mark. This is where the dead are decided whether their innocent, or not-so-innocent (I think we all know which will become a demon, and which will become an angel.)

    The between is the only realm you will find an angel and a demon in the same area.

    Angels and Demons don't age. They are the age at which they died at. But instead of going by how old they were in the human realm, they go by how long they have been dead for.


    In this roleplay, the angels and demons will fall for the wrong ones, and realize their soul mates don't have to be one of their own kind. Every 150 years, a group of angels, and a group of demons are sent down to the human realm for three days in a human form. They are each sent to prove themselves. The angels are sent to each save a life, while the demons are each sent to take a life. When they are sent down, they already know who to find or who to go after. When one of the demon's ends up having to kill one of the angels (though he didn't know of what she was), he ends up falling in love her. (Whoever would like to play as this part can choose when.) Another angel learns it's not as easy for his/her to be good when they are put in a situation where she has no choice, but to take a life instead of save it. As the angels and demons begin to cross paths, little sparks begin to form as they get to know each other. When they learn what their new "lover" is, they begin to panic, and hiding their relationships become harder and harder to do. If The Absolute, or the Serahim were ever to find out, a violent war will break out, and things will begin to fall.

    More details of the plot is to come, but I don't want to overwhelm you with a ton to read.

    P.S. I may have made it 100 times worse, let me know of your ideas if there better than this new plot.


    Roleplayers: Min 4 - Max 5
    Posts: At least twice a day
    Characters: You may make as many characters as you like whether it's an angel, demon, or a human(Though if you choose to create a human, it will most likely only be in a few scenes)

    1 Female Angel (Rank: Thrones 'Third Rank') -Taken
    1 Female/Male Angel - Friend of Above ^(Rank: Thrones 'Third Rank') - Taken - Iliana
    1 Female/Male Angel - Newer Angel (Rank: Guardian Angel 'Last Rank') - Taken - Lady Anya

    1 Male Demon (Rank: Second Hierarchy) - taken - Tetsuri
    1 Female/Male Demon (Rank: Second Hierarchy) - taken - Jazzy
    1 Female/Male Demon (Rank: Virtues 'Third Hierarchy')

    If you would like me to add in a customized character, like the ones above, personal message me, and I will consider it. :)

    Human characters are also available, but are in minimum scenes.

    Character Sheet

    Angel or Demon?

    The Realms

    The Angel Realm

    Gateway leading to the Between Realm


    Archways connecting the gate to the Between, and the Angel Realm


    The Angel Realm


    The Between Realm

    The stairway connecting the Between Realm, to the Human Realm


    The Between Realm

    Will find picture soon.

    The Demon Realm

    Gateway leading to the Between Realm


    Archways connecting the gate to the Between, and the Demon Realm

    Similar, arches as the ones in the Angel real, except broken apart.

    The Demon Realm


    Okay, some parts in this roleplay may be a little confusing, but if you message me I will be happy to explain it.


  2. Think I might join, if that's alright. :3
  3. Of course. :)
  4. Appearace
    Angel or Demon?
    Second Hierarchy
    Venom's human life was miserable. Everyone around him made fun of him and hurt him, including his family. Venom got into a lot of trouble with the law. He would steal, murder, anything else that helped get his tragic life off his mind. He was killed in a high-speed chase with the police, and he became a demon. He has been one for 16 years, and he hasn't changed much.
    Venom has a very cold personality. He's very sarcastic and heartless about most things. Venom is very selfish and only cares about himself. He acts foolish around his friends and just gets himself into even more trouble.
  5. This sounds interesting. I will join.^^9
  6. Okay! Just wait for a bit, I need to re edit this because it's kind of more of a 1x1 plot, so I'm gonna make it more "grouply." :)

    And Jazzy, your character is great! But you might have to edit it after I edit this, and you may want to re-read it as well. Hope you don't mind. :3
  7. Appearance:
    Dove (open)

    Name: Dove

    Angel or Demon?: Angel

    Rank: New Guardian Angel

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Bio/History: Dove was a high school girl on earth at the age of 16. She was smart, not so much popular, but very easy to get along with. She would shy away from the crowd time to time, only because she wasn't comfortable being among large groups of people. She had stayed in her small town all of her life and practically knew everyone in her neighborhood. Her family, consisting of a mother and father, were very close with her and they cared dearly about her.

    Life was good for Dove. 2 days before her 17th birthday, Dove was leaving for her afternoon classes at her school. She was having trouble in Public Speaking and needed a bit of tutoring. Leaving the class, Dove spotted a small bird in the middle of the road. Dove immediately ran to pick it up, knowing that it was greatly injured and probably had a broken wing. She ran...but didn't see the speeding car.

    Now accepted into the afterlife, Dove strolls around the blue skies of the Angel Territory.

    Personality: Dove is a bit of a mystery. She has a sweet voice and very good intentions, but she doesn't speak up. Most people think it is embarrassment, but Dove just has something inside her that fears getting close to other people. She is quick to help if there is ever a problem and is always willing to lend a hand.
  8. I may have just screwed it up.. -___- but tell me what you guys think! I just finished editing it.

    Iliana, your characters accepted as well. :)

    Just read over the character sheet example I have above, I think I made a few changes.. O.e I think.
  9. You've made it all the more interesting. THESE SPARKS WILL FLY.
  10. Hahaha, ok great, thank you. ^__^

    guess I should make my character now c:
  11. This looks interesting!

    I'll start work on my character sheet and try to get it up within the next hour!
  12. Here is my character, sorry it took so long, I kept getting distracted, and it was impossible to find a picture. I looked at drawings, anime, non anime, but I finally found one. C:

    View attachment 7901

    Name: Erica
    Height: 5'8"
    Race: Angel
    Rank: 'Third Rank' Thrones
    Age: 17 Years Old
    Gender: Female
    Bio/History:(You don't have to read this.. it's useless and I didn't mean to make it this long. -____-)
    When Erica was seventeen years old and home alone, a mysterious fire erupted at the foot of her house. She hadn't noticed it until it crept through the upstairs halls, setting off the loud fire alarms. She tried to escape from the house, but the fire traveled so fast, it almost seemed like there should be oil spread across the floor. As her bedroom door burst into flames, swallowing everything in it's path and made it's way towards her, she looked out the window and heard the piercing sounds of sirens rushing down her street. She was relieved and anxious for them to come and help her, but they hadn't come soon enough. The fire attacked her giving her severe, third degree burns all along her body and face, but just before it could take her away, 2 firemen kicked down the extinguished door and patted her down. She made it to the hospital and for almost a full half an hour in the emergency, but the burns were so bad she couldn't stay awake any longer. Now Erica has been dead for almost 20 years, she constantly thinks back to her short and chubby father, her tall, slender mother, and her extremely crazy brother who shouldn't even be alive from the risky things he's done. Her grades in school were average, and she had never even thought about doing something that would get her in trouble, she had already learned from her brother's mistakes.

    Personality: Erica is extremely clumsy, but extremely kind and sweet besides that. Her attention span is short, since she is mostly in deep thought, and almost never thinks of herself. She'll laugh at anything, and at anytime, for no given reason. It can sometimes be contagious to others.

  13. And okay great. :)

  14. Name: Elise Middleton
    Height: 5'4
    Angel or Demon?: Angel
    Rank: Guardian Angel 'Last Rank'
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female [​IMG]
    Bio/History: Elise grew up in London with her parents, Lisa and Ken. Her parents owned a string of restaurants and she was never seen far from their side, often helping out by waitressing or helping her mother with the flower arranging. She went to high school and was a perfect student, getting good grades, behaving well and always trying her best. It came to no one's surprise that she came top in her year when exam season came around.

    A few weeks after her 18 birthday, she began to complain of feeling ill, eventually contracting a fever. She was left home for a few hours while her mother worked, when the woman returned she found her daughter collapsed on the floor. Elise was rushed to hospital and was quickly taken to ICU, the doctors struggled to come up with a diagnosis of her condition, but she was fatally ill. Her body was too weak to go on and her machine was turned off a week later by her devastated parents.

    Personality: Elise finds it easy to open up to people, and doesn't mind being the shoulder people can cry on. She likes to listen more than talk, she believes you were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. But she isn't afraid to stand up for herself and others. She was doesn't get 'hyper' or 'over-excited' instead she likes to keep herself controlled and sensible. She was always mature for her age, even when she was still a human.
  15. I edited the sheet for Venom. :3 Yay, excitement! xD
  16. Lady Anya, your characters accepted. :)

    and okay awesome, I'll just read that and then go create the IC ^_^
  17. Appearance

    Tyren (open)

    Name: Tyren

    Height: 5'9

    Angel/Demon: Demon


    Bio: Tyren was always a cheerful boy and happy. He would always offer his help as well as brightens other's days when they were sad. But, there was one defect he had, a murderous split personality. Life was okay for him and he was able to maintain and keep his killing intent contained. But, on his 19th birthday, something horrible occured that he never thought would happen, a man dressed in black clothing broke into his house and robbed his family. Before he was seen, he hid behind the sofa and watched helplessly, as his parents were briutaly murdered.

    After the robber left, he came from behind the sofa and cried over his parents. But, only a few moments after a smile spread across his lips as he drooped his head and walked over to his father's desk. He grabbed his fathers gun and made haste after the man. Once he found him, he aimed the gun and shot. He then turned his attention to a woman who screamed out. A piercing look filled his eyes as he shot the woman.

    Tyren snapped back to himself and looked at the gun in his hand and the people he killed. He shook as the tears fell from his eyes. He ran towards the riverbank and looked down at his reflection one final time as he closed his eyes and dived into the water, sinking to the bottom.. When he awoke he had found himself in the demon realm.

    Personality: Sweet, loving and caring, but becomes murderous, when pushed to the edge.

  18. Great! Accepted. ^_^
  19. Pretty, I posted in the IC :3
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