A Foolish Arrangement

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  1. Hokay, so I don’t do threads or roleplays purely for romance. In fact, I dislike roleplaying purely for the sake of romance if there’s no development or build-up involved. So if you’re like: “We should do a romance plot.” I’m just gonna be like: “NOPE WAY.”

    I like talking to people before hand if we’re going to do any sort of fantasy. This is to clarify things so we don’t have, for example, a Judeo-Christian-Islamic angel and a demon from your own made up universe. That makes things awkward and pretty much breaks everything apart. It’s also so we can clarify on different creatures’ weaknesses and such.

    I like tense situations, suspense, dark plots/events, and character development.

    Also, please write two to four sentences and use proper grammar. :D

    I will respect your boundaries. If you aren’t comfortable about something please let me know. In return, I will let you know if something makes me uncomfortable.

    Some of my characters are snarky and some are jerkfaces. If they insult your character, they aren’t insulting you.

    Also, if I start the thread I will, I repeat, will name the thread after a song.

    Harry Potter Trio Era or Marauders Era (I can only play OCs. ;-;)
    Historical Fantasy
    Naruto (I can only play OCs, because I suck. D: )
    Mythology (If it’s Phoenician, Mesopotamian, Yoruban, Haitian, or Aztec I will love you forever and ever.)
    Medieval Fantasy
    Angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, gifted humans, etc.
    Steampunk Fantasy
    Yu-Gi-Oh (Again, only OCs. Also, none of my characters are duelists and I'm talking about Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters.)

    I tend to play females a whole lot, but that's because I have more female characters than male. xD

    Additionally, please try to match my post length.

    Oh, and I generally don't pair my OCs with canons, and when I do it's never in the "AND THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER AND LOVE EACHOTHER FOREVER AND EVER!" sense and it's never decided from the very beginning that they end up together. xD

    Thank you and if you're interested, please PM me. :3
  2. I'm still open. :D
  3. *Appears in via silver flash* ?
  4. Oh hai, Gicofokami, what can I do for you? :O
  5. Oh, I just be browsing the genres of choice.