A first time for everything, no?

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Okay so work with me here I'm new to this, but not new to rping.

I'm looking for a Dragon ball Z


A Superhero roleplay

Those are my primaries, if you want to one on one but are not interested in those. go here


That site, I think, should still work. If it doesn't please comment on here and I will try to fix it.

Also I roleplay male female. hetero and lesbianism pairings.

i don't really care about the age of your character either. We can do whatever. I roleplay mature content and i CAN roleplay nicely, but i prefer mature content.
I've been wanting to do a superhero RP for some time, but I haven't RPed for so long, I've been kind of hesitant to try. So this seems like a good opportunity.
Awesome. Thank you much for taking on the challenge, what kind of rp'er are you? As in, do you have any limits.
Hmm, well, I'm okay with most things and I can deal with graphic violence and/or sexual content, unless it's some of the more creepy, fetishistic stuff (so rampant death and tragedy is okay, but necrophilia... is not. Sexual content is fine, but I'm squeamish about rape). I don't really know my limits very well, because I really haven't RPed in a long time, but I have a strong stomach in general.
Well i assure you, there will be no necrophilia or rape in the rp i intent to do... personally i have a thing about rape.. and unless the necro is done with a living dead, it's not happening. No molesting a corps for me.x D XD XD though i think it's fun to read.

Okay would you like to PM me so we can talk out a plot?