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  1. A dreary inn in what only appears to be a dreary town is where you find yourselves at mid-afternoon, brought by the promise of work or simply your desire to help. Ondahem is almost as unremarkable on the surface as it is dangerous upon closer inspection, luring unsuspecting travelers in to a place full of robbers and killers that rule the streets through tolls, theft, and blackmail, or simply physical violence.

    That aforementioned work? An anonymous individual has called you together to clean the streets up a little. Maybe you won't die, like everyone else that's tried.


    Hellboy was early. He shifted quietly in his seat, his huge, stone hand tapping impatiently. The Tiefling was well aware of the looks he was getting. Though he wanted to pretend he didn't care, it really did bother him. Not that he'd ever say that. Still, he was hear to help. Not shoot some wide-eyed farmer who was just scared of something he didn't understand.

    No. For the moment, he just swallowed his pride and waited for the rest of this group that was supposed to be on the job.​
  2. Through the door entered Naoki, his skin covered from head to toe by his clothing and his face by a scarf as he carried a spear in one hand. Only his sharp yellow eyes, which gave the entire room a once over to make sure no one recognized him or drew a dagger at the sight of him, and his hands which appeared to be tattooed with black ink could be seen by Hellboy, and soon, the Tiefling was spotted by the spellcaster. Must be the one, he stands out compared to these... people.

    Paying no mind to the barkeep or other patrons for the moment, he worked his way over to the much larger man's table and stood before him, seemingly appraising him. There was no malice or hate in his eyes, only curiosity at the being's appearance or perhaps his possible combat ability. "You're one of the others?" Without asking Hellboy's permission, Naoki pulled out a seat and sat down across from him, "Kashima. I'm guessing you know of the... less desired tongues?"

    It seemed that the dropping of his own name and the question of Hellboy's linguistics skill would be all he would have to run on for now.​

  3. Yellow eyes narrowed at Naoki. "Yeah. What's it to you?" The cloth was... odd. "Hot in there?"

  4. "It's actually quite cold excluding my own natural charm," For some reason, the fact that Naoki was smirking under his scarf as he spoke in Abyssal could be sensed through the gleam in his eyes. "As for my choice of language..." His eyes darted around the room, something akin to fear in them, as he carefully pulled his scarf down to reveal his reason for hiding his face, "I'd rather these people not understand us. Never know which of them might want to spy upon us..."

    Mirrored black markings ran across his cheeks and over his eyes to his hairline, a slight glow running along their edges as if power surged through them. It was a rather strange sight, one that Naoki knew could draw hatred from those who knew what it meant about him. Hopefully, the man sitting across from him wasn't one who knew, "I'm guessing our comrades and employer haven't yet arrived?"​

  5. Hellboy stiffened and grimaced at the language, large canines glinting. When he responded in the language, he had a sort of... reluctance about him. "No. They aren't here. I take it you're one of the bums I'm going to be working with."​
  6. "Yes, a fellow bum, though I'd prefer a name to call you by other than that... Perhaps you would give me such a thing if I agree to switch back to the common tongue?" It was obvious that the tiefling was not comfortable using Abyssal like he was, too obvious if Naoki was honest with himself. Best not to tell him, wouldn't want to get my head crushed by that hand of his... In either case, it was best he worked to earn his comrade's trust now.​

  7. "Common would be preferred. I don't think people take any more kindly to this language than those that normally speak it, pally." The Tiefling scanned the room, his huge hand moving to his greatsword warily at the stares they were attracting. Those looking quickly averted their eyes at this. ​
  8. Cue a shrug, "To be honest... I have a feeling that if they could see the markings that I'm showing you, the issue of language would seem rather minor." That's right, his curse. The reason why he no longer trusted other humans very well, why he was a blight in those who knew of his curse, "Besides, their wizards and sorcerers are just as likely to speak those languages in the name of research. As a spellcaster myself, I have no worries that I could justify my knowledge of it and your reason is plainly obvious."

    "Anyways, as we wait, perhaps we should have a drink together? We might need to wait awhile, and a drink with a man can help one begin to get to know him."​

  9. "Yeah, yeah. Not everyone's a scholar, pally. Little people get spooked easy." Even with his filed down horns, Hellboy was pretty freaky looking. He glanced over at someone ogling them. "Boo!" He said simply, making the man jump. "But, no, I won't turn down drinks."

  10. Naoki snorted as the man was scared off, "Yes, well, that is their problem in my opinion. What serves my purpose is of no concern to them if it doesn't bother them unless they make it a bother," With a way of his hand, he called the bartender over to order a pair of drinks for them. Hopefully they're not too expensive... Last tavern was truly a den of thieves.

  11. The inn was generally cheap in every way. That included the alcohol. The charge was fairly high for what you were getting, though, the bartender wanting a few coins for the drinks. ​
  12. Now I'm seeing why they say that some men drink their fortunes away... Dropping a silver piece in the bartender's waiting hand, Naoki soon had them both a cup of ale to enjoy. "Anyways, any thought as to what we have to do in our coming employment?" The oracle took a sip of his drink slowly, keeping his eyes on Hellboy.

    (Looked up the price of ale and it's anywhere from 4 coppers to 2 silvers, so I went with 50 coppers for each of their drinks.)​

  13. ((Good with me.))

    "Well, I don't think we're being hired to babysit." He rocked back in his chair, taking a sip of the alcohol. It was not the most pleasant tasting liquor. "Maybe this guy wants us to get some thug that's been harassing him or somethin'."​
  14. Naoki frowned at the idea that they won't be stuck as hired muscle. Either that or the ale really was just that bad, "If we're here just to dumb muscle, I'd rather find employment elsewhere. My skills are not for... the physical side of combat."​

  15. "Magic guy, huh? Do a trick for me." His tone said he was joking. "Anyways, all muscle needs brains to back it up, pally."​
  16. Naoki smirked as he got the joke but pointed to the door as he pulled out a brass key from his spell component pouch, "Watch the door if you want to see a basic trick that's fun to pull." Wrapping a tight fist around the key under the table, he focused a bit of magical energy as he spoke the words open and close over and over again in succession, and the result was soon evident as the door began to slam open and close, certainly drawing all eyes to it.

    Sure, he could have just cast Spark to prove his powers, but when you have spooked yokels, might as well have fun messing with them, right?​

  17. Well. A certain few around the room jumped, one even crying out in fear. Unfortunately, most of the room immediately looked at the two incredibly out of place figures sitting and drinking with angry stares. At least it didn't go anywhere past that, as hushed conversations resumed. The Tiefling grinned at Naoki. "Not bad, magic boy. Not bad. Now, I trust you bring more to the table than your best Poltergeist impression."​

  18. "Well, I would summon my... familiar, as you might call him, but that would take a minute long ritual that would draw... Even more stares than needed," Naoki shrugged as the people around them continued to glare, almost giving them the middle finger to add insult to door-induced ear injury, "However, I do have healing and summoning abilities, the sort that would make your average hypocritical priest cry in jealousy."​

  19. "Good. Packing a sword is great and all, but it's not gonna mean much without some magic to back it up." His eyes scanned the room, his smaller hand reaching down and fiddling with his pistol. "Places like this aren't safe. Never know when someone could get fed up with us, and... act out."​
  20. "Better not to waste our spells or ammunition on these... miscreants," Finishing his cup of ale, Naoki set it aside as he pulled his spear close, "If someone approaches us for a fight, I'd challenge them to a duel outside. If they accept, then I'll stand and go to open the door for them. Most people would take the offer thinking that I'm simply being humble and polite, but it's more because a spear tip to the back of the knee ends any thought of bothering someone again."

    Back to Abyssal he went and out of it just as quickly, Naoki smiled as he waited to see if he would actually need to put his plan to work, "So here's to being partners, Mister Tiefling. Perhaps you'll tell me your name now?"​
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