A fight to the death

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  1. In a distant medow stood syberian Were-tiger in Scarlet and gold armor with a sword strapped to his back with a shappire gemstone embbed into the hit his abmer eyes scaning the meadow for his open the sun slowly setting. His tail swings back and forth as he waits impatinly for opponet.
  2. Sits curled up in a tree watching out. She was a fire cat, her coat of pure fire under her constant control. She watched and heard everything that happened in the forest. Things where quiet today and she was steadily drifting off to sleep.
  3. Taven lets out a powerful roar, a roar challening any and all that could hear him. he then start slowlying walkin to a forest to the east.
  4. Ears flick up and lets out a low grow. Someone was headed to her forest, HER relm. No, this is her forest and she was determined to defend it. Jumping down nimbly to the groud and runs towards the roar. Keeping the fire on her coat to a low unseen she continues on her way.
  5. As taven drew closer to the forst his nose started to pick up a picurller smell the smell of something burning Taven looked above the tree line for smoke but saw nothing. Hmm that is odd i smell fire but yet there is no other signs of it exsiting. Taven quickens his pack and aims himself iwth a head on apporch to what smelt like fire.
  6. Lifts her head and sniffs out her opposer. Hmm unusual. Looks up at the trees and finds a branch to hide in till he arrives under her.
  7. Taven enters the forest weaving in and out of trees closer and closer to the secnt of fire he stops as the senct is all around him yet he sees nothing. Has my lust for battle and desctiion decive me, maybe im smelling something from a battle i had.
  8. Flicks out her claws silently and hangs form the tree behind him. Lowering herself slowly and creeping up behind you slashes your legs then retreats hidden.
  9. Taven lets out a slight roar at being slashed with unseen speed his unsheaths his sword to attempts to attack what ever hit him turning to see nothing his stand in a defensive stance listen hard to decte his unseen attacker. "come out and face me." With that he standsthere growling
  10. Lets out a low growl from the woods and step out in cat form but as she walks forward she turns human with the orange ears and tail. (( Same as in the other rp)) "you called?" Grips two knives in her hands.
  11. Taven Lets out smile his fangs showing "yes i did" With that taven lunges at the cat like girl with a horiztnal slash to her chest.
  12. Crosses her knives and catches the sword between her blade inches from her chest slides back a little. "Is that so?" Knees up into his chest knocking the wind out of him then uncrosses her blades forcing him backwards.
  13. Taven Gains his balnce then jumps back and quickly regains his breath. "yes" with that taven slashes the air three time causing a black wave of engergy to fly at the girl.
  14. Flies backwards hitting a tree "Oof! Gah!" Pushes herself off the tree extends her knives and slashes at his throat as she flips over him lands behind him and kicks his back throwing him to his hands and knees.
  15. Taven easy doges the knife slash put leaves him self open the the kick as he get up he smiles. "Not bad not bad at all." Taven then begin a series of hand signs once down he says the words "shadow ball" and a ball of pure energy forms in his hand he the drops it and it fades it to his shadow he looks at his oppent smiling.
  16. Looks around for him. "Hmmm." Kicks her foot up in the air then slams it down on the ground causeing a slight quake. Raises her hands from her side twists her wrists and a strong breeze picks up.
  17. Taven drops down from a tree his sword coming stright dowd in a down ward thrust.
  18. Throws her hands up straight at him and a blast of air throws him backwards. "Nice try."
  19. he qucik regains his balane and jumps from tree he then jumps down and unleases a volly of attacks with his sword
  20. Blocks with her knives loosing her balance and falls on her back.