A Fight for Survival (Essie x Dyn01)

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  1. Jericho Fairchild (open)

    For hundreds of years, the kingdom of Tenebrae and their monarchy had stood tall. Amongst all of the conflicts, the trying years of war and famine, the periods of exploration and discovery, the kingdom had stood tall, and looked like it would for the future and beyond. However, the future was never something that was to be set in stone. That was something that became painfully obvious that night.

    They had predicted that they would be coming soon. The country of Nox had been knocking at the borders of Tenebrae for a couple of months. But the swiftness that they went through the villages and towards the capital was surprising. Simple to forget that just a year prior, the two had been comrades in arms, possibly as close as it was when it came to relations. But, now… They were knocking at the front of their gates, but this time it was with a battering ram. A burst of flames erupted through the gates as they began to crack open, engulfing and burning the soldiers that were stationed just behind the gate to intercept. A noticeable distortion appeared in front of the soldiers, however- invisible magical shields. Protecting them from the brunt of the flame magic, they stood before the soldiers alive and partially scorched. Confidence was there for a fleeting moment, before the enemy was sighted.

    Before them stood a platoon of lance-wielding soldiers, and from there they knew that the mages were behind them. Their numbers could have been anything from two to three times their own, and that was not counting the ones that had begun scaling the walls and were propelling down behind them. The group tensed, some of their legs began shaking, and others could already see their deaths coming. Beyond a miracle taking place..

    “This place is bound to fall.”

    The king’s face, already wrinkling from all the years of worrying, and scarred from the years of battle that he partook in as a boy, looked solemn. The knights standing in the room, loyal to him as they could be, knew just how hard it was for him to admit those words. It was an admission of his own failure, and one on a monumental scale. Tenebrae was going to change, and it would be a bloody path to that change. “I was a fool to not see Nox for what they were,” he reflected as the explosions and grunts and yells continued outside. They would get to the throne room soon, and with that in mind, they had to make their move even sooner. The first mission was to gather the royal family, and all of them except for the Princess was now there.

    “My King, we shall head to the capital of Lumina.” The knight that had just spoken up had a well-polished suit of armor, his chest out in front of him in pride. He carried himself like a leader, and he was just that: the leader of the Tenebrae knights. As such, he was the one who had to come up with a rational plan and execute it. “Full-blown war I think will be unavoidable after all of this. Lumina is obligated to act, like the other countries, towards Nox’s actions.” The King gave an affirmative nod to the knight’s suggestion- it was a fail-safe maneuver after all.

    “So, you have chosen those to come with us?”

    The knight gave a nod. “Yes, I have chosen ten knights outside of myself to guard us, two are fetching the princess right now. All of these people, I believe, are talented enough for you to be protected through the trek to get to Lumina.” Of the other ten people that were standing before the King, there stood one man who drew his attention. The men had begun to prepare the route to escape, which was hidden underneath the throne itself. As some worked to push the throne out of the way, two people, including the man who had drawn his attention, moved to the door to look for any movement.

    “Ah, are you not the recently christened member of the Paladins?” the King asked of the man standing at the door. He was startled, but stepped looked back at him with conviction. “I remember you… the name was Jericho Fairchild, was it not?” He gave a quick nod, not sure what else he could say about being called out by the King. He was sure that if he knew his name that he also knew of his lineage. It must have been what he was going to question him about. “You’re so young…” But the question he’s expecting does not come, as the King simply gives him a small smile. “Impressive, however. A knight’s true worth is in his service, not his age. I know we’re asking a lot of you, but it’s because we expect a lot out of you that we are putting this on you. So calm down.”

    Jericho was surprised at the King’s words. He took a quick breath in and out- was he actually breathing so quickly before? He was so worried that he did not even notice it. “Yes, my King,” he replied before looking back towards the door, hoping to catch sight of his comrades and the princess soon. 'Good fortune won't come to those who don't face their problems... Just the fact that I'm here proves that I have a chance to reverse my own fortune.'
  2. Eliza Sinclair
    Age 17

    Soldiers who have been sent to the villages far and wide continued to do their best to spread the news in a clam and unsettling manner. While only a few large towns and cities have been inflicted with damage, citizens across the kingdom were in a state of panic as the devastating news reached their ears. Safety proceeders were to take place immediately. But only those who knew much about international trades and relations and those who had paid close attention specifically to the country of Nox, understood the real danger their kingdom was in. These safety proceeders will not protect them if the Noxens were to knock on their doors.

    Meanwhile, chaos within the walls of the palace was about to begin. More and more Noxen soldiers piled into the gates. This was where the real war was about to start. Burning down cities and punishing civilians of another country? That wasn't enough. Only if they leave royal palace in ashes will they become the true victors. Yes, their noble soldiers and mages will give it all they have and fight until their hearts give out. But with all the disadvantages that they faced, there was little to no chance of victory.

    Watching the tension between the two armies increase from the west tower window was a girl not yet past 18 years of age. That morning, the king has agreed for her to join his side in the throne room at noon. She glanced at the grandfather clock that stood silently in the corner by the door. There was a mere quarter of hour left.

    "Let me go! I trust that I will be of the greatest help."

    "You may not. The battlefield is dangerous. They are dangerous. Beyond what is imaginable. Stay here and you will be safe."

    "Father, please. Don't you see? My powers are stronger than ever and this is the one time, possibly in my life, that they will be useful."

    "This has nothing to with your capabilities. You are the only heir. The one they seek. Once they get their hands on you the war is over. They will have won."
    -end of flashback-

    Eliza reached up to touch the window glass gently just as hey bedroom door flung opened. Two knights stood awkwardly at her doorway, debating whether or not they were allowed to enter. Finally one knight walked over to her and bowed. "Princess. The king has requested your presence. " As the knight stood straight, he reached out his hand to lead her. Eliza flinched and took two quick steps backwards, away from the man.

    "I am capable of walking myself," she said. Her soft voice shook, almost as if with fear. She said no more as the two soldiers, one walking in front and the other walking in back, lead her to the throne room.
  3. The battle outside had begun to escalate, and Jericho could tell that the battle was getting closer to where they were. The screams of anguish sounded like as if they were coming from down the hall, the explosions from bombs and magic shook the ground beneath him. “The path is clear now, my King!” he could hear his leader speak up over the sounds of battle, and the shuffling of feet that followed. “Jericho! Lyner!” Neither of the men guarding the door turned around to address him, but he continued as if they were listening. “Stay here and make sure that the Princess’s route is secured! Once you two do that, follow with haste.”

    A large explosion went off. It came from the west wing of the castle, as close as maybe the staircase leading up to the throne room from that side. Jericho’s left ear winced at the booming sound, and could feel his own ear react unfavorably to the sound. He reached up with his left finger and picked at his ear in discomfort. He could still hear the burning of the castle, the footsteps from behind him and below him, the clashes of the swords… But they were all so distant. It was as if he was simply watching all of this from above, completely removed from it all.

    At that moment, he saw a light radiating against the walls of the right wing. With his good ear, he could notice the sound of footsteps. Three sets, two clearly from armor… Could it be?

    “Nox!” his comrade yelled out to his left as footsteps from the staircase of the west wing could be heard. Before he could speak out, Lyner had already moved in front of him towards the staircase with his sword drawn. The soldiers were already beginning to leak out by ones and twos from the staircase, some of them mages with their oversized staves drawn and at the ready. “Jericho! Make sure that the Princess has a clear exit! If she dies-.”

    “I understand!” Jericho interjected as the group of two knights and one princess began to get closer to the doorway. Lyner was trying to put up a valiant effort, but too many people to repel, too many magical spells… Simply by stepping out there, Lyner had already sealed his own fate. Jericho, however, stepped out as well, essentially making himself a wall between the throne room and the soldiers.

    Wordlessly, he pointed a finger at the mages preparing to cast spells. A dark aura surrounded his finger before he pulled the trigger in his mind. The mages found themselves unable to speak, chant the spells that would have doomed the people in the corridor to a fiery death, before Lyner’s sword came down on them with ferocity and desperation. “Silence…” one of the soldiers nearby was able to notice. Looking over to Jericho, the soldier’s knees began to shake. Just from one look of his abilities and armor, he was already intimidated. “A magic buster who has achieved the title of Paladin in Tenebrae?! We were never briefed on someone like that!”

    Jericho, however, was not focused on his opponent’s words. Knowing that the Princess and the knights that were guarding her would be there shortly, he took a few more steps forward and kept his sword at the ready. “Make sure that they get there okay and then retreat…” he whispered under his breath.
  4. As the three descended down from Eliza's room in the wast tower, the two soldiers stay on guard, with their swords drawn and ready to protect the princess at all costs. "Stop." The knight in front held out his free arm to stop the other two from continuing. Staying silent, they listened to the sound of battle cries coming from the castle front. It was only a moment later was the obvious sound of a bomb dropping heard. The same knight muttered a word of profanity under his breath and backed them up until they reached the intersection of stairs that they had passed earlier. "This way." Instead of going down the way they just did a few minutes back, they instead when up the stairs that went along the wall and connected with the east tower.

    Just in time too because the sound of the bomb was growing louder and louder. Nothing like the small ones that could be heard earlier from the battlefield. Those only flew the short distance between the two opposing sides. No, this bomb was evidently headed straight towards the west wing staircase. Almost at the exact moment the three stepped into the east wing, the west wing stairs exploded. Before Eliza could continue to descend down the east wing, she was stopped, once again. This time by the knight behind her. They ducked behind a pole that stood at the intersection of the two staircases. From where they were located, the explosion site was in clear view. It was at the other staircase intersection. In the west wing.

    After few moments of silence, parachuters landed though the hole. "Noxens." One of the knights breathed under his breath, his voice barely audible to even Eliza, who was mere inches away. Most of them were knights but others were simply caped in cloth. They must have been mages. When they descended a few steps and where out of sight, Eliza and her two guards swiftly stood up and hurried down the stairs. But what were they to do if the Noxens made it to the throne room first? There would be no way to hide from them.

    Sure enough, battle sounds could be heard as the three reached the bottom of the stairs. The knight in front peeked out from behind the wall and signaled for the other two to follow him into the open space. No wonder. As Eliza stepped out behind the knight, she could see a couple of their own at the bottom of the west wing stairs, keeping the Noxens from the view of the throne room.

    Eliza picked up dress and rushed to her father. "Father." She hesitated to hug him. She still had no control over her powers.

    One knight ran over to them from the direction of the west wing. "Princess! Please hurry." Eliza turned to look at the knight and back at her father, who simply nodded once. "This way." She turned back to the knight and followed him to where the throne usually sat. But the seat had been pushed to the side and an opening in the wooden floor was in its place. Many knights were already gathered around, waiting for her. She saw that one already leaped in to go before her. Before Eliza could think, she heard the sound of footsteps from the west wing. She jumped.
  5. By the time that the princess had entered the throne room, the Noxen soldiers had already caught onto the plan the knights were having. Some of them had begun calling out to the outside, mentioning that they were trying to escape somehow. With a few pointed fingers and quick magical incantations, the soldiers could not speak any longer- the same silence ability that Jericho had used earlier. A waning dizziness that Jericho was feeling soon turned into splitting pain from the right side of his brain. It was a familiar feeling, one that he had trained himself to work through. After the princess had gotten safely to the escape route, the signal was given.

    ‘Then… One more burst!’ Jericho took a deep breath, as Lyner, understanding what was going on, slowly stepped out of the way. His own leg was burned, most likely by fire magic, and he had a stab wound leaking out blood around the pelvic area. It was a shallow cut, it seemed, as the armor seemed to stall the blade. But it made it hard for him to walk. ‘The big one, then!’ Jericho had to use magic strong enough to wipe out the remainder of the opponents in the room. As he focused his magic, being to chant incantations, a circle drew out around his feet and a red ball of encircling flame appeared before him.

    “This one’s a high level one, people! Take him down!”

    Arrows began flying around him, hitting against an invisible wall that had been erected right in front of Jericho. He knew that Lyner was looking out for him with his own magic. However, Lyner’s magic was also fading, and he could hear the wall itself cracking before a shatter could be heard. The arrows continued to come at Jericho, cutting the side of his cheek and his lodging into his chest plate. The force almost forced him off of his feet, but he stood tall regardless. “Flare!” He pulled the trigger in his mind, and it made the giant flame ball advance towards its targets, cutting through the arrows that were travelling to Jericho at that very moment.

    All Jericho could feel for a moment was pain. The chestplate had saved his heart from being pierced, but his mind was beginning to drift in and out. Lyner was the first to muster some of his strength and begin leading Jericho out. He could not hear anymore voices, and the advancing foot soldiers were distant. But the arrows still flew around him- maybe the thing that was distant was not the soldiers, it was him. Keeping his eyes open for the moment, he suddenly felt himself leave his feet and snapped back open his eyes. Above him, a flash of light could be seen. Lyner was attached to his side. Below him, the remaining knights that were there, looking up at them with delighted looks on their faces. Somehow, Lyner had managed to get him there. In his exhaustion, he could not see where he was going to land, and only managed to land right next to the princess on the cold, hard ground. “Jericho!” a voice called out. It was one of his fellow knights. “Get a hold of yourself, man! Lyner too!”

    Meanwhile, the leader of the knights had begun to scout ahead. It was a sound that surprised him and made him bite his lip. A large roar, proud and powerful ran through the cage and even snapped Jericho out of his reverie. “Everyone! Weapons at the ready! I believe that we have one more challenge waiting for us!”
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