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What should be our major complications?

  1. Apocalypse

  2. Monster Army Attack

  3. World being destroyed

  4. Kidnap

  5. Character deaths

  6. Other (suggest in OOC)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Welcome!
    This will be a Harvest Moon/Rune Factory-esque JUMP IN RP!
    The basic plot is that we are all new farmers/warriors in a village, one that is dedicated to farming, agriculture, animal raising and of course, monster hunting!
    A communal farm has been set up, where all characters shall live, work, eat and interact! The surrounding areas are as follows:
    Area one is a large, easy to travel field which contains no monster but is generally just a large field for farming and animal care.
    The homestead is the area which is connected to area one and is where the stables, animal stalls and several other farming fields are, as well as the large main farmhouse.

    Others will be added but for now, have fun!​
  2. Shiro walked over to the home stand area with an apple. Once she got there she saw Saito, her older brother. He was with his black thoroughbred horse that had a long black mane. Shiro smiled at him then walked over to her white thoroughbred horse with a long white mane.

    Saito looked over at Shiro. "Winter is okay and so is Shadow." He told her.

    Shiro fed Winter the apple and smiled a her brother. "Thanks for checking up on her." She thanked him.

    Him smiled at her then went back to grooming Shadow.

    Shiro groomed her horse as well.

    Shiro (open)

    Saito (open)
  3. Emmett (open)

    36311738.png 36357957.png 37295040.png
    Name: Emmett Tracer
    Age: 18
    Birthday: Spring 13
    Favorite Item: Lumber
    Likes: Cats, Blue Magicgrass Flowers, Winter Suns, Moonstones, Adamantite
    Hates: Bracelets, Necklaces/Chokers, Earrings, Brooches

    Emmett yawned as she awoke, later than everyone else as usual. She was never really interested in planting crops or raising animals, so she never really had to bother with getting up early. Her days normally consisted of gathering lumber and stone and other building materials. She was the worker on the farm that would build expansions or upgrade tools for the others, never having really had an interest in farming or ranching. She did have two animals, though, a black cat with yellow eyes named Tempura and a chocolate brown horse with a auburn mane named Elli.

    Emmett pulled herself out of bed, petting the still sleeping kitten as she did, and she walked over to the kitchen, filling up Tempura's food and water. She then headed out of the main house, going over to the stables to get Elli. With a quick brushing and feeding, the horse was ready to go. Emmett rode Elli out into the fields, hopping off once she got there, and she quickly got to work on cutting the lumber and smashing the stones that had magically appeared as they did every day. Emmett was happy to have the supply, but she always expected that it was the witch that made these items appear.
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  4. Once Saito finished grooming his horse he looked out and saw a person but figured it just another person from the village. He shrugged and looked at his sister.

    Shiro had finished grooming Winter and smiled. She looked at her brother as well. "Let's get to work." She grabbed a saddle that had two bags on the sides. She hooked I on Winters torso then climbed on after grabbing field tools.

    Saito did the same and led the way to the farming lands, passing Emmett as he did. He glanced at her as he rode pass but other than that showed no signs of knowing she was there.
  5. Lanie (open)
    Name: Laylanie "Lanie" Kale
    Age: 19
    Birthday: Winter 22
    Favorite Item: Tomato, Cheese, Milk
    Likes: Vegetables, Fruits, Mushrooms, Red Herbs, Eggs, Fish, Seasonings, Dessert, Juice, Honey
    Hates: Onion, Jeweled Accessories

    As the sun rises through the window, Lanie blinks her eyes to the sunlight, creeping through the window. She begrudgingly kicks the covers off, and sits on the edge of the bed, running through the list of things she needs to accomplish for the day. Lanie finally pulls herself to her feet and walks across the little house to start getting ready. Her hair, a bit 'fluffy' from the night's sleep, is tossed in a quick updo. Once she has finished her morning routine, she makes her way to the chicken coop. She had wanted more animals, however since she had only been in town for a short while, chickens were a great starter animal.

    "Hello, My Lovelies~" She chimes as she walks into hen house. On each nesting, is a placard for the chickens: Twink, Snowy, Lunar, Sunny, and Gallina. Lanie took pride in their names, as they were named on what natural event happened during their hatching. Except for Gallina. Gallina was her first hen and saw it fitting to name her something unique. After sitting with them for a bit and throwing feed down, Lanie gets the cart ready to take them to the fields. She remembered reading that free ranged hens, lay bigger, better eggs. Once Lanie loads the hens into the cart, she makes her way down the short trail to the fields, humming a little tune. Excited to look for herbs and wild fruits while her chickens peck around.
  6. Gypsy (open)

    Name: Gypsy Venka
    Love: Jersey Milk
    Favourite items: Bells, Strawberries
    Likes: Ribbons, Eggs, Cats, Desserts, Flowers, gemstones
    Dislikes: Insects (all), ores
    Hate: Asparagus

    The farm was in full swing by the time Gypsy arrived from her late night walk, which taken her far over the side of the mountains and she had found many things over there, mainly the meat that lay bound in a brace across her shoulders. There was some bird flesh, as well as a small elk and a few edible monster bits that would definitely be useful. She loved the cooking of meat and as she entered the farmstead, she lay the meat brace on the large rustic wooden table with a groan and began to divide it into 3 groups, with some of each going in. One was for immediate consumption, within the next few days and one was for salting and preserving for the approaching winter season. The third group was for the whiny pup and begging kitten at her feet, as they glanced at the fresh meat with longing. These were her pets, there were a few more around the place but Lile, her pup and Moni, her kitten were just too adorable.

    She placed the meat into their tray, as well as enough for the other animals before she grabbed her seed bags and tools, heading out into the fields where she could see Emmett labouring under the hot summer sun. With a gentle grin at her fellow dark haired farmer, she began to till the fields before she planted enough turnips and potatoes to hopefully tide them through the coming seasons. As the other dark haired worker smashed stones and cut wood, she wiped her brow and then called out.

    "Hey, Emmett! I'm thinking of going for a quick run through The Pintori Forest if you wanna join me? I just want to see if there are any interesting items laying around or if my crops I planted out there are doing well."
  7. Emmett hummed quietly to herself as she tended to her duty in the fields, smashing the stones and cutting the lumber with practiced ease. She heard the sound of horses passing and she glanced up, looking to the male who only gave her a glance. In return, she nodded to him in acknowledgement before turning back to her work. She moved across the field in a certain method, following a pattern she'd developed to make work could go faster so she could get out of there faster. The sun had risen just enough to add a certain amount of heat, and that added to her work meant she occasionally had to reach into her pocket and wipe her forehead with a handkerchief.

    Emmett got distracted for a moment, spotting a certain kind of blue flower, and she'd raised her hammer. She soon looked back down at the stone she'd been about to smash, tensing up and stopping her hammer from coming down when she saw a chicken sitting on the stone. She grimace and put her hammer off to the side, grabbing the chicken and setting it down at a bit of a distance from the rock. "I know it's warm and smooth like an egg, but go feed instead of getting in the way of my smashing. Next time you do this, I'm not holding back, no matter how much your owner would hate me." She found it fairly normal to talk to the animals that got in her way, especially considering she didn't interact with the other residents of the farm that much.

    After taking care of the rock, she'd gotten the last little plot of dirt in her method, and she let out a sigh, smiling as she looked over the now clear field. That was when she heard a familiar voice calling to her and she looked over, blinking a bit and smiling some when she saw Gypsy. She put her hammer onto her back, her hammer and axe in an X formation on her back, and she walked towards the farming woman. "I haven't been there in a while... I'm sure I could go with you. After all, I can keep away the wild dogs and find materials, right?"
  8. Finding a few red and green herbs, she looks back over to to the little flock "hm... Gallina, Snowy, Sunny, Lunar...... Twink?" She stands up straight to look over the hill sides, slightly cursing under her breath. Twink should have just been named 'shooting star'. That hen would wonder the world if it could, but Lanie couldn't get mad, since besides Galina, Twink laid the best eggs.

    After throwing what she had collected so far into her basket, Lanie starts to look for her lost star. "Twink! Here girl!" Lanie knew that calling a chicken, like a dog was a bit absurd, but for the most part, they would actually follow, and didn't need to question success. Her brows furrowed a bit as she ventured a bit further. Before she knew it, the flock had lined up behind her. Lanie chuckles at the formation "well, at least I don't have to worry about ya'll"

    They head down the hill to where it looks as if someone just cleared the path of stones and trees, a bit in awe of how systematic it looked. In the clearing, Twink looks to where Lanie is and immediately waddles back to the flock. Lanie can't help, but let out a sigh of relief. "Well, looks like you had yourself a bit of fun.." She laughs as she kneels down to brush her hand over Twink's feathers. "Alright, ladies, Let's go back to the coop" Lanie stands up and turns, noticing the figure of two people in the distance. She politely waves to them, as she makes her way back up the hill, her hens still following behind her.

    The troop makes it back to the wagon, where they were originally camped at as Lanie starts to load them back in the cart. "alright, enough adventures for today." She says to twink as she is put her into the wagon with the rest of the hens. She grabs the yokes of the wagon and starts to walk back down the trail to her house.
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  9. Ive (open)
    Age: 20

    Birthday: Summer 2

    Love: Orichalcum

    Favourite items: Eggs, Silver Ore, weapons, gunpowder

    Likes: round stone, herbs, shards of anything

    Dislikes: Ribbons, flowers, fish

    Hate: Cats

    Cane (open)
    Age: 20

    Birthday: Summer 2

    Love: White Stone

    Favourite items: White grass, black grass, green grass

    Likes: cats, baths, bells, wine

    Dislikes: beer, fish, feathers

    Hate: ore

    Ive sighed, resting her chin on the back of her hand as she stood, just waiting behind the counter of the bath house. While the baths were gorgeous and she loved to soak, sitting and waiting for someone to come in was just boring. She would much rather be outside, exploring.

    Her brother Cane was upstairs, sick in bed... again. And his stupid cat insisted on sitting next to her.

    She sneezed and groaned. "What I wouldn't give to have someone come steal me away to some where exciting." she groaned, glancing forlornly at the book she had just finished. daring sword fights, monsters, sea voyages? It seemed only in the dry pages of her books or in her dreams would she ever get close to those types of things.
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