A Few Storm Videos for Your Consideration

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  1. Because I like storms!

    Awesome tornado blowing a house away!
    Many people think this is fake but it is not. tornadoes really are that destructive. house gone in SECONDS!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7AE_7K9muE"]YouTube - Twister Destroys Home (2008)[/ame]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hOWK-O3exw&feature=related"]YouTube - Tornado destroys a house[/ame]

    This has some very nice shots in it of one major tornado.
    From 3:45 to 5:00 there is some epic shots and people swearing!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDn_aL6RIfo&feature=related"]YouTube - A Kansas Nightmare[/ame]

    This is the icestorm that hit here where I live last January! I am so glad i got to see this up close! About as destructive as a hurricane because it covered many states! Sho got hit by this same storm all the way over in Kentucky!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyUeVrl_u_E"]YouTube - Ice Storm 2009 Northwest Arkansas[/ame]

    This shows a few of the branches breaking off. The sound of them breaking is awesome!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k0CHx34n0Q&feature=related"]YouTube - Trees breaking after Northwest Arkansas ice storm - January 2009[/ame]

    Blizzards are nice but icestorms are way more destructive and awesome!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgwGJ03zBAI&feature=related"]YouTube - ICE STORM January2009 NWA[/ame]

    Now I hear there was a very powerful typhoon in the Philippines..

    Videos/pics nao!
  2. No, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to sit here and let you pretend he was a man to be respected. You're right, he's not here to defend himself, but we are all well aware of his actions and words that have been exhibited by him for the past five years + that still continues to this day. Yet, I'm not here to talk about whatever he's doing right now, as yes, he is gone, but in terms of his actions in this group, those are not times we should look back on fondly or make light of.

    As you say, human beings are more than black and white, but there's not a whole lot of grey to speak of here.

    Please don't try to make me or anyone else out as a bad person for daring to call out a racist individual (who is proud of his racism, even, so he would hardly be offended) for who they are. That is the exact same reasoning that allowed him to go as far along as he did without anyone standing up to it.

    If he does improve in the future, that would be wonderful. I do hope he does learn to be more accepting of other people and to be a decent human being. However, when we talk of Aki, it's fine to state the negative stuff he did. To downplay these past actions would make any self-improvements he does possibly make less meaningful.
  3. work in progress

    Name: Jebediah of Canaan
    race Homo Magi

    Height: 6' 0"
    Build: Thin but athletic.
    Power Level: enhanced

    Strength 3
    Durability 4
    Intelligence 4
    Energy projection 7
    Speed 4
    Fighting ability 6

    Occupation:Guardian of the Sins of Man, Keeper of the Rock of Eternity

    9000 Years Ago

    9000 years ago, Shazam was a young shepherd named Jebediah, who lost his parents to a group of murdering nomads and was left alone. Pleading to the gods, Jebediah formed a covenant with the gods of his people and was chosen by six long-since forgotten gods to become their champion, Vlarem. The six gods were Marsosh (God of Stamina), Arel (Swift Messenger of the Gods), Ribalvei (Most Powerful of the Gods), Voldar (Master of Strength), Elbiam (Lord of Courage), and Lumiun (Patron of Wisdom) and each decided to bestow upon Jebediah a portion of their power to transform into an empowered adult form. These gods developed a magic code word ("Vlarem") formed from the first initial of their respective names.
    At one point, Vlarem was seduced by a demoness disguised as a beautiful woman, and the two of them conceived two half-demon offspring, Blaze and Satanus, much to the displeasure of the gods. Vlarem later created the Rock of Eternity from two large rock formations--one from Heaven and one from Hell--to hold the "Three Faces of Evil", a dragon-like demon, captive.
    6000 Years Ago

    Jebediah later know as Shazam spent the next 3000 years battling evil but he grew weary and needed to choose a successor. Because the gods that he had relied on for his power had been long forgotten, Shazam petitioned and chose gods, who would grant their powers to Shazam's successor. Shazam chooses a worthy man named Teth-Adam. Adam merely had to speak Shazam's name and he was granted the powers of six Egyptian gods. But Adam's power soon corrupted him and he became less benevolent. Shazam renamed him, Black Adam but unable to strip him of his powers, Shazam banished Adam to the farthest star for his crimes.
    Captain Marvel

    Shazam once again waited to find a new successor. Unwilling to make the same mistake twice, Shazam decided to bestow his powers on a boy, much like what had happened to him. Ages passed until Shazam discovered a boy worthy enough to be granted those mighty powers. Shazam chooses young Billy Batson to receive the powers of six of the mightiest gods and mortals. When Billy Batson says the name "Shazam," he is transformed into an adult version of himself -- the world's mightiest mortal... Captain Marvel!
    Although Shazam is killed--as prophesied--by a giant granite block falling upon him, Billy/Marvel can summon the ghost of Shazam for guidance by lighting a special wall sconce in Shazam's lair.
    Shazam takes up residence on the Rock of Eternity (a temporal spot in space/time) where he records the adventures of the Marvel Family.
    Shazam has regained corporeal form and for a brief time lived with Billy Batson so he could regain an understanding of humanity. Sometime later Shazam gained godhood and joined Zeus, Ganthet,Highfather and the Phantom Stranger, and to form the Quintessence -- a group of all powerful beings who kept tabs on the order of the universe.
    It seems that Shazam has gone back to the Rock of Eternity and still watches over his charges.


    • Divine Empowerment - All of the powers granted collection of six by gods and figures of legend either directly or through Shazam.
    • Keeper of the Rock of Eternity: As the Guardian of the Rock of Eternity he is one with the Rock as it is a part of him. He channels the energies of the primal God-wave and the Greek Lords of Magic through the Rock of Eternity. As such he is infused with the duty to keep the power and the magic of the earth realm in balance. As keeper of the Rock of Eternity he also holds the dark forces at bay.
      • Inherent Omnipresence: Apparently possessing the power to be everywhere, at all times (i.e. multiple dimensions and places in time.
      • Inherent Omniscience: Apparently possessing the power to know anything that he chooses to know and can be known .
      • Teleportation
      • Telepathy: The ability to read the minds of others and project thoughts.
      • Magic: Nigh-omnipotent mastery of magics and mysticism.
      • Immortality


    Bound to the Rock of Eternity though the Wizard's spirit can leave the Rock of Eternity for short periods of time. It should be noted that the Wizard gets weaker the longer he is away from it.
  4. i still can't believe i was tricked into watching anime. this is bullshit
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