A few Rise of The Guardians and How to Train Your Dragon rp ideas

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  1. Hey, I've been in the mood for a How to Train Your Dragon and Rise of The Guardians rp's and well, one of the rp's is a crossover. Anyway, here goes.

    Rise of The Guardians and How to Train Your dragon crossover JackXHiccup pairing (open)

    What I was thinking would happen here was that Jack was happily spreading winter when Pitch appears, deciding he was going to try and get rid of Jack; hes a little more powerful than ever and during their battle he sends Jack to another world. The next thing Jack knows is he's in the middle of the forest but it's not the forest for which he calls home in Burgess and this is where Hiccup and Toothless soon meet up with him. We can decide what all goes on from there.

    I was thinking on this one and this would go in the mature section obviously so I'll just post this in the mature section as well. And it has mature themes so don't read unless you think you'll be interested.

    Rise of The Guardians BunnyXJack rp (mature warning) (open)

    Pitch decides to take revenge on Jack and beats him up, probably does a few other bad things to him like rape and all that (It doesn't have to happen if you don't want it to) Anyway, with Jack beaten and bruised and his fear of Pitch growing, Bunny decides to take him in so he could watch over the Winter spirit since North is busy with getting christmas up and ready, Sandy is busy with sending good dreams to the children, and Tooth is busy trying to collect teeth. Anyway, Bunny tries his best to help the winter spirit get over things which slowly leads to them falling for each other.

    This one I just recently came up with so I'm not completely sure about it yet.

    Rise of The Guardians BunnyXJack: The New Guardian (open)

    Bunnymund and Jack both secretly have feelings for each other and are good at hiding it but when The Man in The Moon tells of a new guardian to join the group they soon find it hard to hide how they feel thanks to the Guardian of Love.

    For this one I was thinking that maybe the world's love was being drained out of them and being replaced with hate by this new villain named Hatred (I know...sucky name...)

    Now this other one, it's supposed to be a HiccupXOC

    How to Train Your Dragon rp (open)

    For this I was thinking either if you want to be Hiccup or the OC...uh, well the OC, he's flying on his dragon when something attacks them and they crash land in berk...or it could be the other way around.

    This is yaoi...it's all yaoi...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.