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  1. So I've been looking for a half way decent RP partner that's pretty active. I've got a few RPs that get me 2 posts a day usually maybe 3; which is fine I just want one person; maybe 2-3 that answers more often. So here are three ideas I've got right now (I'm more than willing to talk about other ideas.)

    1. You're both warriors, meant to fight and train all your lives...except one of you is not like the other. Out of the two of you there's a secret...your training partner isn't part of your clan, though they very much look as if they belong, but a wig, some contacts, and bam, you could easily hide among another clan. You live in modern times, but you're a clan that has endured for generations upon generations, passing your strange ability down in your blood line, which only your rival clan has also succeeded in achieving this but you've got no reason to suspect your partner of anything, they fight, talk, look and even act like the rest of your clan...so much so, that you, as namesake and heir to your clan begin to fall in love with them; now this isn't uncommon, your mother and father trained together; of course your mother always won...but it's normal to fall for the person you live with, eat with, and train with. Why suspect them of anything, I mean it's to be expected that it's really difficult to learn the clan's super special ability, the fact they're completely on level with you in everything else doesn't matter...they can't use the clan secret skill so you try teaching them, spending even more time together, well...that would lead to some complications if they aren't actually part of your clan, right? (Remember this is just the base idea, actual content on how it all goes down is up to us.)

    2. There's this student, you know the one that is super quiet, wears glasses, keeps to themself all the time, and doesn't look much like you with dark skin? Yeah that one... The one you think is a freak anyway. Well you and your friends go out for drinks and a little fun, your destination an exotic dancer club, inside you find all sorts of girls and guys inside; I mean come on, this place is really banging and popular, did you expect there just to be women? You've settled in for the evening and the dancers go by and by, until...wait that can't be right...there's that student, on the stage in front of you with a sexy smirk on their face and a whole lot of 'come hither' body language, glasses off, nose not in a book, and damn, they're pretty hot, then you recall that they are really shy at college and you; not being the nicest person on the planet form an evil idea. You wait it out, none of your friends recognize the person on stage; who happens to be the last dance of the night, by this point they're all too sloshed to walk straight but not you, you've never been a heavy drinker. They leave the stage, the place closes down and you wait alone behind the building until they walk out, you call out to them and they freeze; you were right, and now you start the motions of your plot, you ask them for a favor, they flatly refuse immediately and you...tell them, "I guess everyone at the school will know what you do to earn for college by tomorrow then." Ensnared in the trap they give in. (This can be anything, a started wrong relationship or straight smut, I'm fine with both but would prefer the former personally.)

    3. (Anime-esq plot but eh...) Bam! What the hell was that?! The ground freaking shook! Those are the first things you think before you rush outside and notice a crater not too far away, curiosity gets the better of you and you wander towards the crater and peer inside it, metal is scattered everywhere, a few odd lights are blinking here and there and you panic, "Hey! Are you okay down there?" You don't question how they got there, you're just worried about if they're alive or not and in your worry you slip into the hole on accident landing on the person you were already concerned for! You scurry off of them turn to face them, only to find yourself face to face with them, naked as a newborn and looking at you cluelessly. It's shocking, they move towards you with intent in their unearthly eyes and...they kiss you. You pass out for how long you don't know you do know however there's something warm lying in your bed with you, making you panic and launch up from your bed to find the mysterious visitor asleep next to you, now what do you do? (Been wanting to do something like this for a little while.)

    So now that you've managed to read through all the mess, I suppose rules are next.

    Basic Iwaku rules apply
    I don't have a desired post length just be...entertaining enough to keep my interest, I'll try to do the same.
    Well I personally prefer plot, but I'm not against smutting it up a bit.
    Also I'm in a switch type mood with these, so I won't mind being the bad guy, these plots are open so you can pick your role, the idea is what I want to do, not a specific role. They're intersting to me.
    All I want is activity, and something good to read.
    I hope I'm not asking too much, if you're intersted post or PM me.
  2. Hi I'm interested in the second plot with the college student and dancer!

    Pm me!
  3. Im interested in your last plot.

    Pm me!
  4. Greetings! I found an interest in the First plot, so please shoot me a message if you also are interested.
    Thanks ! ^u^
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