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  1. Hey-o!
    So, I've been on a bit of a random spree (actually I don't know what else to call it, so spree is the closest thing that makes sense xD) and was wondering if anybody was interested in one (or more than one) of these ideas for a roleplay...

    And our first option of the post...OHSHC!!
    So, this a fandom roleplay for those of you who enjoy(ed) Ouran High School Host Club, mostly because I haven't seen one (which means I'm either blind or there isn't one, still not sure).

    It has been 10 years since the original Host Club was founded by none other than Tamaki Suoh. Honestly nothing has really changed, apart from the fact that all of the (canon) characters have graduated, along with any and all of their dear "customers". Now, there has been talk amongst the current students of Ouran Academy of a new host club, with the goal of becoming even more of a success than the original! In order to do so though, the club needs multiple things. Sponsors, money, girls, and possibly even more hosts than the original, what will become of this new host club?

    Next we have...ZOMBIES!!
    Wow, look, it's a generic zombie roleplay~
    Actually I hope this isn't the case, but I don't really know.

    The world has already gone through the zombie apocalypse, a small group of 20 or so people managing to create a small safe-haven for their children to grow up and try to figure out a way to live in this new world. Needless to say a lot of them died, and now there are only 10 or so teenage kids left to run this place. Will they stay and try to form a government, or perhaps leave and try to make a new base from scratch, seeing as they have a base idea on what to do?

    And now....SPACE!!
    Alright, so the whole sci-fi genre is really cool in my opinion, but sometimes it can be really, really confusing for me as well, so I'd definitely like help if anybody's really interested in figuring out the technological side of things. Like spaceship components, what they do, and ummm....other Sci-fi-y stuff?

    So, anyhow, this is kinda sorta based off of the TV show Dark Matter. Basically there is a small group of people who have just woken up from their hibernation pods (I can't think of what the real things are called, I think it's cryo-something, but I honestly don't know atm, sorry), but the thing is, their memories are wiped! They still have their personalities, and the skill sets that felt like 'instinct', but their name, past, relationships, everything else is gone. Once they managed to connect to the ship database, they only managed to figure out what happened to the rest of the human race, which was apparently on the brink of extinction from one of two things.

    The lower-class people who didn't have the money to go to space got pollution poisoning, and were dying at a steady rate on their home planet, and the upper-class people that lived in the giant space stations above Earth somehow caught an unknown illness, or were slaughtered by raiders.
    The ship's mission was to try and figure out another more suitable home planet for the poor, while at the same time visit the major inter-planet companies and try to figure out a cure for the rich.
    Raiders, identity crises, corrupt business aliens, what can go wrong in this mix-matched crew?

    And finally...DRAGONS!!
    So, because I can, here's a fun joke that I found somewhere on the internet~
    What sound do you hear when dragons eat spicy salsa?
    > A fire alarm

    Think of a world where there are dragons. Not just the ol' regular run-of-the-mill-actually-more-like-burn-your-mill-to-the-ground type of dragon, oh no. Think of dragons as a more...diverse species. Underwater dragons, Tree dragons, space dragons, small dragons used as pets, even large dragons that help us protect ourselves, dragons are something that we've co-existed with since the dawn of humanity. Our culture is even very dragon-friendly, with everything ranging from beauty contests to flying competitions to battling duels. There's even a special way that countries can settle arguments by having their best dragon-rider combo duel one another. Though the only way any of this can work is when the dragons have a special bond with their human "rider", since after all the dragons are the ones who choose who they're going to spend the rest of their lives with.
    But now, over the past couple of centuries, thing's have been going wrong. Slowly, more and more dragons aren't choosing people to be with, and instead are roaming the wild more and more, whilst countries are raging war against one another, intent on finding out the true reason behind the dragons' disinterest in the human race.
    Meanwhile, there have been reports of children going missing. They've always been in random areas of the world, but most of the stories are along the same premise. A child that's somewhere between 3-7 goes off to play in the woods/desert/beach, doesn't come back, etc. The funny thing is, nobody's really paid attention to these cases, what with the wars going on and whatnot, so the children never get found, and are presumed to be dead.
    But what if these children weren't dead, but instead taken? What if the dragons saw a certain something within that led them to believe that they were the hope of the future, and therefore were taken and raised with the dragon that chose them?

    Deep in the rainforests of South America, there lies a cave. Dragons are abundant, as they are in any other part of the world, but what sets this place apart from the rest are the small paths hidden in the trees, just big enough for a person to walk on. These paths connect some small tree huts to a large cave in the nearby cliffs, and this is where our story begins. Humans have been in war for so long that even their children are born with some dark intention, something that all dragons despise and never want to partner with. So now, the great dragon Ryo has decided to send the last of the children found this past decade (meaning they are now teenagers) along with their dragons, to try and establish peace among the world.
    Though normally anybody in their right mind would shoot teenagers walking with dragons, some precautions must be taken. Using the last bit of his magic (oh yeah, that's a thing here) Ryo blessed the dragons with the ability of a humanoid form, though characteristics of their dragon form would still be visible in hair color and eye color, not to mention their humanoid form is much weaker than their dragon form.
    So, starting in South America, can the last of the 'Riders' along with their dragons save the world? Or perhaps the world is already beyond the point of saving now?

    Now that you've (hopefully) read something interesting, if you have any input and/or interest feel free to PM me or post here!​
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  2. The Dragons and OHSHC plot certainly caught my interest! Although, all of them seem pretty attention grabbing. c:​
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  3. Hmmmm, thanks for telling me @sleepingxdragon

    Now, most of these I considered to be small group roleplays, and since I already have three (?) interests in the dragon one, myself included, I'm not sure if I should go ahead and make it up, then wait and see if anymore people decide they like it. Or I could just wait a little bit more on this thread, see if other interests pop up, and then make it-

    nope, that makes no sense. Might as well make it up now, since I'll be busy with making up stuff at school tomorrow (curse you sickness, making me miss an entire day)

    I'll edit the link in this post once it's done~
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  4. Hm, I think it would be a good idea to go ahead and make it now. As far as other people joining, you could leave it as open signups and see if there's others who are interested in the idea as well?​
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  5. Hey-hey!!^^

    Dragons yayuh! ...but like I'm not a sci-fi kinda chick but daaaayam... that space ship one sounds intense...!! @@!! Daaaayaaammmm...!!

    Oh but hey! Just wanted to know if we gunna double up and play both dragon and person or will they be played by separate RPers? I lean towards doing double ups cuz ya know... waiting and stuff... but still cool with it either way^^
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  6. It would seem interesting to have the dragon and the riders being different users. That would give them a bit of a bonding experience, haha.​
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  7. The answer is always dragons.

    It is always dragons.
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  8. Hey-hey, iwaku~~!!

    We're juuuuuust about to get on with the RP^^!! So like the IC isn't up just yet but our GM Raven is still accepting appies ;D

    Click the link ^up there, take a look around and hope to see your charries too Kay? Oh btw err'body in the RP is rather nice to so bonus right?!
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  9. If you want a Ouran host club RP I can invite you to the current one that's made.
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  10. @LoveandHate91
    Ooh, I didn't realize there was one already made. That'd be cool.
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