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Hello everyone! I just got off a super-long hiatus (not one of choice, at least initially), and I'm looking to get back into roleplaying! That said, I'm going to kick this thing off by telling you a bit about me. I know, I know, you just want to get to the good stuff, right? But I promise you, I'll keep this section to things that are at least semi-relevant. So anyway, I'm Ryoka (in case you couldn't figure that out on your own!), I'm 22 years old, and I'm from the great state of Texas. I've been roleplaying for at least 10 years now (I haven't exactly been keeping track), and writing for even longer than that. And perhaps one of the most important things you should know about me is that I have chronic migraines. They're bad enough that I don't have a job right now, until they can get them straightened out, and they can sometimes keep me away from the computer for hours, or even days at a time, hence why my availability can be a bit, well, patchy at times. But I really do try my best, I promise! Ahem, so now that I've covered that, let's get down into the nitty-gritty of what I'm looking for in a partner.

I originally put this thread in the Redstar section. However, since I'm not specifically looking for sex-centric stories, I figured I ought to copy it here and open up my options. I will write with partners under 18, but per site rules, there would be no sexual content. Also, I do have a Discord account, and I will give out information on request. However, that would for OOC discussion. I prefer to keep all IC writing on site, either in the forums or pms.

Note 1: Right now, due to my current availability, I am only looking for partners for these specific plots or fandoms (and even on fandoms I'll be picky.) If I find partners for all these ideas and still have time for other roleplays, I might open it up a bit more.

Note 2: I say this only because I've had issues with it before. I understand it can take a while to read through this next section about what I'm looking for in a partner, and it's probably tempting to just skip to the interesting part. In fact, you're quite welcome to look at my plots and fandoms first to see if I'm interesting enough to be worth reading this section. But please read it before you message me. I didn't write it to be difficult- I include this to make sure we get along well, rather than wasting both of our time planning a story only for it to fall through.
  • I know, I know, I have several "rules." I promise, I'm not actually difficult to get along with! If you want to write with me but for some reason cannot/will not comply with anything on the list below, tell me. I'm pretty easy-going, and I'm willing to let quite a bit slide before I start getting annoyed. If you let me know your concerns from the beginning, I will more than likely be willing to work with you to find a compromise, and if I'm forewarned than I'm not going to get annoyed when it comes up. M'kay? Good.

  • As I mentioned above, my availability can be a bit spotty, depending on my health. As such, I tell my partners to expect about a reply a week. Mind you, I'll certainly reply more frequently if I can. However, don't be alarmed if it takes me longer- even two or three weeks! I try to avoid those gaps, but it isn't always possible. I may not be able to get on to give you a heads-up (mind you- this doesn't happen often at all!) I don't usually announce when I get on the site, or leave for the day (yes, I've had partners ask me to do that before.) However, if I do tell you I'm going off-line, please don't ask me for just one more post! If I say I'm done, I mean it. Pressuring me will make me less likely to reply, not more likely. Please do not bump or nudge me until at least a week has passed since your last post (again, if you do it will likely cause me to wait longer to reply.) It is possible that I missed the post, but this is unlikely. I ask that my partners be patient and flexible on my reply schedule. In return, I promise to be alright with however frequent, or infrequent, your replies may be!

  • I usually write at least 3-5 paragraphs, and frequently more, and I'd love a partner who can match that, although I am flexible. But my absolute minimum is one paragraph per post. In addition, grammar and proofreading are important to me. I understand making mistakes- I'll make some too. But if I have to constantly question what exactly you meant to say, I'm probably going to lose interest. Of course, I'm aware that for many of you out there, English may not be your first language. If this is the case, please tell me! It's a lot easier for me to avoid getting irritated if I know this isn't your main language but you're trying your best!

  • I write multiple characters most of the time. Multiple mains, I mean, with side characters thrown in. I'd absolutely love it if my partner could do the same. Having more than one character makes the story feel richer for me. In addition, some of my plot ideas may require my partner to write multiple characters. These will be clearly marked and labeled. In addition, I strongly prefer writing as female characters (you know, being female myself.) However, I can and will write male characters if the story demands it. especially as a side character or if I have multiple main characters. I'm almost always going to want at least one female character. And I prefer a partner who is willing to play males opposed to my females (although for all my ladies out there, I'm not adverse to doubling.)

  • I always have to find a picture for my characters, for my own personal use at the very least. I don't require my partners to find pictures for their characters, but it would be greatly appreciated. I tend to prefer using either fantasy art or anime pictures. I'm not a big fan of using real photographs, especially of famous people. If you aren't sure what I mean when I say "fantasy art," refer to my profile picture- that's the style I'm referring to, and honestly, out of all three styles I just listed, it's my favorite, unless I'm doing something that's based off of an actual anime.

  • Smut. I'm sure most of you are wondering whether or not I write smut. Long answer short- yes. However, a few qualifications. I do not do smut-centric stories! There has to be at least some plot, and preferably more plot than smut. Also, writing smut (or even including romance) is not at all required to write with me. In addition, I strongly prefer mxf pairings. I can write fxf, if the story requires it. I do not write mxm. As a general rule most of my plots are set up with the intention of mxf pairings (if, indeed, any pairing is specified.) I'll talk a bit more about my preferences on smut a bit later.

  • My plots are not set in stone! They are open to minor changes, taking some elements out, or adding things in! I'm flexible like that on some of the detail, as long as the general idea stays the same. For example, adding in another pairing, or adding fantasy elements to a world that doesn't already have it? Feel free to suggest it! I love when my partners give their input. After all, we're here to write collaboratively, not to write solo stories. In fact, when you message me, use your first post to ask any questions you may have, or propose ideas, etc. Something to show me that not only did you read the whole prompt, but you're actually engaged in it. That you care. I want them to be thought-provoking, so tell me your thoughts! Including this will help our partnership get off on the right foot.

  • When it comes to writing fandoms, I usually prefer writing as OCs. I just like the creative freedom. However, I'm flexible on that, and will write as canon characters if the plot calls for it. However, I may be picky on which ones from that series I'm willing to try, so you'll have to ask on a case-by-case basis. Also, I will not write as only canon characters in the canon timeline. There has to be some significant change made. I don't want to just rewrite the book/show/etc. I don't have many hard ships in any of my fandoms, but there are a few that I do support. I will not ship-shame you. Don't ship-shame me either!

  • If you have a specific idea/pairing that absolutely has to be included in the story for you to enjoy it, tell me from the beginning! I can't read your mind, and if we get three pages into planning a story before I realize you're absolutely set on something that I'm not interested in/comfortable with, I'm going to be a little bit upset. Please don't waste my time like that. Or your time, for that matter- I'm sure you have better things to do too.
Alright, I said I was going to talk about this later and, well, this is later. So, here we go. I do have an f-list, which I will give out on request for potential partners that are 18+. However, if you don't want to dig through all that mess, I'll tell you that I'm actually pretty open-minded when it comes to most things. However, the main things I will not do are as follows:
  • Anything against site rules! Seriously, if that's your thing, fine, but take it somewhere off-site. If you come to me proposing something that's against the site's rules, I will report it.
  • Smut involving characters under the age of 16. I get it, the site rules say 13+, but I'm just not comfortable with writing sex for anyone under 16. In most situations, I generally prefer characters to be at least 18.
  • Anything with body fluids not normally related to sex- bathroom play, for example.
  • Serious injury/death for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Serious injury, in this case, being defined as anything that cannot/will not heal completely. Using it as a plot point is fine (heck, I do that all the time), it just isn't a turn-on for me, so please keep it out of the bedroom.
  • Parent/child relationships. I'm fine with other incest relationships, but that one just bothers me for some reason. Playing at it (ie calling each other "daddy," etc.) isn't really my thing either.
Just like the title says, this is the list of fandoms I write for. They are in order of interest, meaning they go from the one I'm most interested at the top to least interested in at the bottom.
  • Brotherband Chronicles, by John Flanagan. I am completely caught up, and eagerly awaiting book 8.
  • Ranger's Apprentice, also by John Flanagan. I am completely caught up, including the Royal Ranger sequel series and The Early Years prequel series.
  • Akatsuki no Yona (anime/manga.) I am completely caught up on both the anime and the manga.
  • Game of Thrones/ ASoIaF by George R. R. Martin. Completely caught up on both the show and the book series, including both histories.
Now onto the fun bit. The plots and fandoms! Now, these plots are in the order of how interested in them I am at the moment. The higher it is on the list, the more I'm dying to do it. As a note, all the plots are actually based on a fandom, and each of my fandoms has a plot. However, just because the plot is based on a fandom does not mean you have to know the fandom to try it. Most of the ideas are based entirely on OCs, and I will provide any and all information you need to know. If a plot requires knowledge of canon material, it will have the name of the fandom in parenthesis in the title of the spoiler containing the plot idea (ie- (Game of Thrones/ASoIaF).) If you know one of my fandoms and are looking for the corresponding plot, the plots are in the same order as the fandom list. All of these plots have a general description first, and then at the bottom in italics a more in-depth explanation of the setting, and what I'm looking for in my partner's character(s). Good? Good. Let's get started then, shall we?
Every year, the vikings of Skandia hold the Brotherband competition. All the young men of Hallasholm, and the women who wish to follow the path of the shieldmaid, who have come of age gather for training. They are divided into groups, echoing the crews of the wolfships the Skandians traditionally sail. They spend the next few months training in all the skills they will need to be successful seamen- shiphandling, navigation, and of course weapon skills, to name a few. But it's also a competition, with the groups taking part in challenges and gaining points, trying to come out on top at the end of the program.

But this year's competition is a bit different. Because the program is also meant to teach leadership, skirls, or captains, are selected by the group of participants before the teams are chosen, and the captains choose their own teams. However, while there are supposed to be three teams, only two captains are nominated. Thus, it is decided to allow those two to choose their teams, and the remainder becomes the third group.

Predictably, the last group consists of Hallasholm's stragglers and social outcasts, who must now figure out how to band together and make this work. Because while there's great honor in being on the winning brotherband, being on the losing one is a reputation that will follow you for years to come.

So basically, we have a bunch of young vikings (16-18, but with all of them the same age) with some sort of issue that makes them stand out from the group, definitely the underdogs here, trying to overcome some serious odds and come out on top. And they'll be especially motivated since they're competing against the people who have been ostracizing them the whole time. So yeah, buckets of fun, huh? For this story we need at least 7-8 characters in the main group. However, not all of them have to take as active of a role. I will require that my partner be willing to write as at least 2 characters, although really 3 or 4 would be ideal. But as long as you write at least 2 I can fill in the rest. I do have a general list of the roles that will need to be filled in the group, so you're welcome to message me for more information.
]YC was excited to learn how to become a member of Araluen's mysterious ranger corps. Perhaps he'd always wanted to be a ranger. Or maybe he turned his ambitions to it later in life. Either way, he wanted to be initiated into the elite and mysterious group. There were 50 rangers at any given time, one assigned to each of the kingdom's fiefs. They're expert archers, and armed with a set of knives that they can either fight with or throw. And they are masters of camouflage, blending into their surroundings so well that some commoners believe they're actually sorcerers, using magic to disappear. They wield huge and often undefined authority. In reality they answer only to the ranger command group and, ultimately, the king himself, and a big part of their job is keeping an eye on the fiefs they are assigned to, and the leaders in those fiefs, and reporting their strength, weaknesses, and faults to the ultimate authority in the land.

YC knew he would have to work hard to prove himself, as he was already starting his apprenticeship years later than most, but he was sure he could manage it. However, the excitement quickly began to wear off. The ranger in his fief was old, old enough that he probably should have retired already, and he spent more time drinking than would be recommended for a king's officer. He didn't seem very interested in training YC, mostly showing him the bare basics and sending him off to practice on his own. Not exactly the exciting life YC was looking forward to.

However, with YC's first year's assessment coming up, things suddenly change. YC's mentor not coming home one night didn't alarm him- he often stayed out late drinking. But it became obvious that something was wrong when the baron's men came to fetch YC the next morning. YC's mentor had been killed the night before in what seemed to be a tragic accident. The next few days passed in a blur. A stern-faced older ranger had come down to the quiet little backwater fief, poking around and investigating, asking question, and then leaving to make his report. Then a letter came in from the headquarters- the death had been ruled an accident, and the corps was sending a new ranger to replace him. The new ranger would take over YC's training.

But when the new ranger arrives, it quickly becomes clear that they are the exact opposite of the previous ranger. Young, only recently made a full ranger, and the only female ranger in the corps, she's appalled at how lax things have grown around here, and she's determined to change it- starting with kicking YC's training into high gear. But she'll get push-back at every turn from the baron, nobles, and knights who have gotten used to the way things were. How well will YC and his new mentor get along? With them being so close in age, is it possible that a romance could blossom between them? And what will happen when the new ranger finds clues that suggest the previous ranger's death wasn't so accidental after all?

I think this one is pretty straight-forward. However, if you have any questions, you're more than welcome to ask me! The idea is that YC will be 16-18 (Rangers usually begin training at 15), and my character will be in her early 20s. Also, most rangers tend to be on the smaller side, because they prioritize speed, agility, and ability to remain hidden over size or height- after all, they don't have any of the heavy weaponry that a knight, for example, would carry.There will be some day-to-day training, as well as a lot of adventure as they try to solve the murder, and as their unknown enemy tries to take them out! The setting is essentially medieval era, with appropriate technology.
Life was going great for the princess of Kouka Kingdom. Right up until the day that her cousin, one of her oldest friends, murdered her father. He would have murdered her as well, but her bodyguard, another old friend, managed to help her escape from the palace. However, they are wandering in the wilderness, unable to go anywhere her cousin might be looking for her. They eventually find their way to a priest, living in an otherwise uninhabited valley. He's a bit clumsy and doesn't seem very impressive. He even has to have a young helper there to take care of him. But he tells them the legend of the four dragon warriors.

Many years ago, the red dragon god Hiryuu decided to descend to earth and take on human form. He became their king, and for a while he rules in peace. However, the humans soon forgot he was their god, and betrayed him, overthrowing him and trying to kill him. As he was about to be killed, the four other dragon gods appeared to Hiryuu, asking him to return to his dragon form and come with them, and they could punish the humans together. However, he refused, saying he was human now, and would remain human. So the dragons did the only thing they could to help him. They each gave a drop of their blood to a chosen warrior, who took on an attribute of a dragon.

The white dragon warrior received the arm of a dragon, with scales and claws, and the strength of ten men. The green dragon warrior received the leg of a dragon, to leap high into the sky, as if flying. The blue dragon warrior received the eyes of a dragon, able to see far distances and paralyze opponents with his gaze. And the yellow dragon warrior received the skin of a dragon, to resist injuries. Together the four swore to protect Hiryuu, and they did so, restoring him to his throne and protecting him until the day of his natural death.

Then the priest told the princess that the four dragon warriors still lived, and if she wanted to survive, she needed to find them. The princess and her guard had some doubts about that, but ultimately they decided to try and do as he suggested, and the priest sent his assistant with them, to aid them on their journey.

So, long story short, we have the princess (or it could be a prince too, it doesn't really matter) and the guard, the priest's assistant, and the four dragon warriors, all of whom are main characters in the story. As a side note, the dragon warriors aren't actually the original ones, but rather, when one dies a new one is born, so that there is always a dragon warrior. The exception is the yellow dragon warrior, who actually is the original, because part of his/her ability is that he/she can't really die, although that part is negotiable, if it bothers you.So really, this can go one of two ways. We can split up the characters, or you can write as the prince/princess and I'll fill in the rest of the cast.
This plot idea contains information from ASoIaF book 5, A Dance with Dragons, and which does not appear in the television series. You have been warned! You don't have to have read the books to understand it, though.

Everyone believes that Rhaegar Targaryen's children were killed during Robert's Rebellion. And why wouldn't they- there were witnesses to the death, and several of the great lords of Westeros looked on the bodies and confirmed their identities. But things aren't always as they seem. As the rebel armies closed in on King's Landing, Varys found an baby, just the son of some tanner, who bore a passing resemblance to the infant Prince Aegon. Babies all look so very similar, do they not? He brought the baby to the Red Keep and gave him to Elia, hiding the true prince away. It was that poor baby that was murdered during the sack of the city, but by the time Gregor Clegane was done with him no one could tell the difference. Varys had the true Aegon smuggled across the narrow sea to Essos with a few loyal supporters, where he could be raised in secret until he was old enough to claim his birthright and retake the iron throne.

But what about Princess Rhaenys? Switching babies is easy, but it would be impossible to find an exact match for an older child, and if that swap was made and then discovered by the enemy, that would put Aegon at risk. Better to ensure one of the children survived than to risk both, so the princess was left to her fate. But fate, it seemed, was not done with her yet. Although her body was presented before Robert Baratheon and his supporters, and her death announuced, when Varys later visited her he realized the poor child was still somehow clinging to life. He acted quickly, getting her medical attention, finding a corpse about the same size as her, and having it wrapped in a burial shroud before anyone noticed the difference. The last of the evidence disappeared when the corpse was burned, as was the Targaryen tradition, and the still-recovering princess spirited away out of the country with a few loyal supporters. The nobles and guards who took on the task of protecting and raising Rhaenys did not know that her brother had been saved. Those who had been responsible for the plan didn't want to jeopardize his safety, should she be caught. And when Varys began supporting Robert Baratheon, her protectors decided they didn't trust him and cut off all contact with him.

Now, years later, both siblings are grown, and Westeros is in a state of chaos, a perfect time for someone to take the iron throne- if they're brave enough. And while Rhaenys does not know her brother is alive, those who raised Aegon were informed some time ago of her survival. They make the decision that for Aegon to reclaim his birthright, he should have his sister's support- and, perhaps, even a queen by his side- so they seek out the princess. But how well will these two long-lost siblings work together? And will they be able to restore the Targaryen dynasty?

So, most of this is pretty obvious. The idea is that my main character would be Rhaenys, and yours would be Aegon. This is an AU where Daenerys and Viserys either don't exist or are side characters. It is our characters who will end up gaining dragons, raising an army, and taking over the Seven Kingdoms. The general idea is that the advisers want them to marry each other (as the Targaryens tended to do.) Whether or not that actually happens (and how they feel about the matter) is open for discussion.
Ahem. So anyway, if I haven't managed to scare you off yet, I'd love to hear from you! Send me a pm (you're more likely to get a response that way than from posting here) and maybe we can come up with something together!
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