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  1. You Work Like Clockwork-

    Your character (YC) is the school bad boy and my character (MC) is one of the smartest teenagers in the entire school. YC is a rebellious spirit and MC thinks like.. well clockwork. One fateful day they were paired together for a project that required them to see each other quite often, which is a problem because the two have hated one another since they first laid eyes on each other. After several weeks of going to each others houses to work on the project, feelings start to brew. Perhaps the project brought them together despite of their hatred before.

    The Marriage Project-

    Two absolutely different people with two absolutely different lives, perhaps one is rather smart and one is a man-whore, or even one that is considered 'poor' and one that is 'rich'. Either way, they hate each other. These two people (MC and YC) get paired up for The Marriage Project, a year long project that required them to act like a married couple. Along the way they face many challenges, one of their challenges being the fact that they hate each other. Throughout the year their teacher requires them to kiss, yes kiss, as well as live together for one weekend. What will happen to these two students as the year goes one? Will the project bring them together? Or will they hate each other even more than they do to begin with?

    Not the best with plots, but I hope it will work. I'm personally fond of The Marriage Project x3

    I'm willing to hear your plots as well as hear any revisions you have for mine, these are just things that have been milling about around my mind for the past week. And as you can tell, I just love when they hate eachother to begin with.

    Now for the pairings~
    Brother x Brother
    Best Man x Groom
    Satanist x Christian/Alter boy
    Mentally Insane x Sane
    Doctor x Patient
    Demon x Demon
    Demon x Human
    Incubus x Human
    Angel x Angel
    Angel x Human
    Angel x Demon
    Neko x Neko
    Neko x Human
    Vampire x Vampire
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Lycan
    Lycan x Lycan
    Lycan x Human
    Prince x Stable Boy
    Prince x Blacksmith
    Prince x Demon

    and thats all for right now!

    If interested, comment below or simply PM me.
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  2. Bumpity~ I might add pairings.
  3. I was thinking maybe the vampire x lycan or prince x blacksmith
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