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So here are a few plots that I currently have a fancy for. Anyone interested?

(Particularly interested in 'Track You Down' FYI)

A woman is unhappy in her marriage. She only married him for his money but he is unattentive. However, she still very much enjoys his money so finds herself in somewhat of a rut. When a charming conman comes along and promises her the world, she can't resist. They hatch a plan - they will take her husband's money and disappear together; start a new life. However, she wants the money for herself so after he helps her to get it, she runs off with it.

Unhappy with her betrayal, the conman tracks her down to a motel room, knocks her out and handcuffs her to a chair. All he needs to do now is get her to tell him where she has hidden the money...

Based on the lyrics of 'matthew mayfield - track you down'.
Longing to be human, Ariel makes a deal with a sea witch on her 18th Birthday, sacrificing her voice. All she needs to do is find true love before the sun sets on the third day.

After sailing through a vicious storm, Hook finds the young woman unconscious the next day in the water and pulls her aboard. Unfamiliar with the human world, Ariel finds it difficult to adjust - confusing a fork for a comb etc. Hook has his own problems with other pirates and those that hunt mermaids.

A rival ship has noticed Hook pulling the young woman aboard and one of the pirates recognise the young woman, having seen her a couple of days before swimming - with a tail, no doubt. As mermaids sure would fetch a pretty penny, the pirates make Hook a tempting offer to 'buy' the female from him. Ariel overhears Hook asking the pirates to let him think about it - she is disheartened by Hook's lack of loyalty. Will Hook abandon his task of finding Neverland in order to protect the woman? Or will he keep her for himself?

As it happens, the choice is taken from him when the rival pirates board the ship in the middle of the night and take Ariel. Now Hook must decide whether to get in way over his head in order to save the mermaid - that is, if she wanted to be saved - or if he should continue his search for Neverland and forget about the whole incident.
On her way to Dublin where she is to meet her rich cardiologist boyfriend, an American woman's plane is diverted to another airport. When she hires a boat to take her the rest of the way, a storm pushes the ship ashore to what appears to be the middle of nowhere. Cold and wet, she takes refuge in the local inn where she meets the innkeeper. Even though the two immediately hate each other, the innkeeper's pub is threatened with closure when he can't pay the bills so when the woman offers to pay him to take her to Dublin, he can't refuse.

Based on the film Leap Year.
Jack Napier is a petty criminal. Though he is good at what he does, his chaotic, care-free style does not agree with the local crime organisation and mobsters. Looking after number one, Jack has no problem leaving damage in his wake, upsetting other crime operations and stepping on a few toes. This gains him quite a bounty on his head. Eventually they catch up to him and delight in keeping him captive and torturing him for years.

When he is freed, Jack Napier is a different man. Years in captivity and knowing only pain has had a negative effect on his mental state - along with an array of scars covering his body, including cuts to his face. Auditory and visual hallucinations, having non-sensical conversations with himself, sudden changes in mood for no apparent reason - Jack - or 'The Joker' as he prefers - is soon admitted to Arkham Asylum.

Dr. Harleen Quinn is a relatively new and enthused psychiatrist. She is instantly drawn to the man calling himself 'The Joker', finding him captivatingly fascinating. Most of her days are spent either with Jack or attempting to find out more about him through records and such. How did he come to be here? Why is he so horribly scarred? His past seems a complete mystery.

After a fortunate opportunity presents itselfs - perhaps by Quinn's hand during a weak and thoughtless moment - Jack escapes. However, he is soon re-captured and brought back. Harley is incensed to find that he has been badly beaten as a 'punishment' by the orderlies for his escape attempt.
A married businessman is brought in to make some changes to a company. He is charismatic, commanding and takes charge immediately. He isn't afraid to push for his own way and is successful at what he does. On a personal level, he is quite guarded - mysterious almost. He is married to woman whom he used to care deeply about but the spark is no longer there. She is stroppy and both are unhappy. However, he never speaks about his personal life at work.

His personal secretary has been at company for a few years. She is single but has a long history of choosing the wrong guy and is generally unlucky in love. She was close to her last boss and at first, is suspicious of this new guy and the confidence he carries.

There is somewhat of an instant attraction between them but neither act on it because he is married and though they suspect, neither can be sure of the other's feelings. However, work pushes them together on business trips and such.
After a police operation goes horribly wrong, a call comes over the radio - /two officers down, two officers down/. Two uniformed officers are rushed into ER - one with serious stab wounds, the other is walking but has injuries to his ribs and head. While the first officer is rushed immediately into theatre, one of the doctors manages to convince the other to leave his partner's side to get treatment himself. After a while, he is told that his partner did not make it and the officer immediately blames himself. Can the doctor save him in more ways than she had bargained for?

Some other pairings that I may have basic plot ideas for (plots are marked with a *):

Suicidal x friend
Bad Boy x Wild Child (exes)*
Sheltered Girl x Thief (Tangled etc.)
Detective x Criminal*
Teacher x Student
Stripper x Ex-boyfriend

Multi-character RPs:

Storm Chasers
Casino Heist*
Girls vs Boys*

Modern Disney RPs:

Alice in Wonderland*
Beauty and the Beast*
The Little Mermaid (*See above)
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I am incredibly interested in either your Track You Down or Leap Year plot! PM me?
Yay! So glad there is interest for these. PM-ing you now!
Particularly looking for the 'Track you Down' (Conman x Married Woman) plot atm ^
I would particularly love to do the Chemistry in the office {but I'm most comfortable with playing a female role in a mxf setting}

Why So Serious is also amazing{you are a god in my eyes at this moment cause Joker is my favorite person in the whole wide world}

Just get back to me whenever you can and I hope we could do something
Oh yay!! Another Joker fan :P You're username is awesome :D

I'mma PM you!
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