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  1. Hey there! So, I just want to throw a few pairings out there, see if anyone wishes to make something of them. They'll either be MxF or FxF, I'm not great at MxM but will give it a try if the plot fits with it.
    The tags are only possible things which can happen, they need not apply to everything.

    Alien x Human
    Dark Lord x Angelic commoner
    Serial Sadist x Victim**
    Zombie(girl/boy) x Nurse/Doctor***
    Pyromaniac x Ice Freak
    Circus Freak x Circus Freak
    Hostage Higher-up x Thuggish Enemy
    Blind Person x Deaf Person*
    Androgynous Female x Androgynous Male**
    Experiment x Scientist
    Empathetic Magician x Empathetic Energy Manipulator***
    Kitsune x Undine*
    Female-only Race x Male-only Race
    Broken Girl x Optimistic Man
    Nomad x City Dweller
    Volatile Mage x Volatile Warrior
    Brothel Owner x Sex Worker*
    SnakeMaster/Succubus Lilith x Victim/Demon Hunter***
    Poltergeist Male Spirit x Mountain College Student*
    Cosplayer x Cosplayed Character (Canon/OC, doesn't matter)
    Roleplayer x Roleplayer (think of this as Roleplay within roleplay)
    Navy Admiral x Navy Marine/Officer

    I'd say... I have room for another three to four pairings and such, so grab them while you can! I've put asterisks on ones I REALLY want to do, but we can work all of that out when we get there. Plotting is a must, and light speed posting isn't required. I want it to be therapeutic in a way, there's no rush, and while there may be some strong themes, the atmosphere will largely be 'alright', Y'KNOW?


    I look forward to hearing from you!
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  2. A

    Will be opening when I'm free again!
  3. When this is opened again, I"d happily play a male in the following:
    Brothel Owner x Sex Worker*
    SnakeMaster/Succubus Lilith x Victim/Demon Hunter
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