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  1. Greetings to all, this is simply a small collection of my roleplaying ideas. A few I have selected from my premade roleplays which exist on other websites, for I love to experiment with my characters and I am interested in seeing how to story would go in an environment such as this. Adding to this I will edit this later on to apply more roleplays to avoid creating a boat load of threads... I get too many ideas. However for now, I only have this one. Sense its late I don't truly have the mind to think anything up.
    If you wish to join any of these roleplays send me a convo or simply post within this thread. We can discuss the details then.
    Deceitful God-Advanced (open)


    Female x Male
    God x ________​

    This roleplay is one I have used on another site before, though seeing as it was a rather enjoyable one I chose to post it here. Though I do occasionally have troubles with Ikatua's personality by making him act kindly to often, I still love to be his character. You have no limitations with your own character, the race and such are all up to you though I would prefer it to be a female, but I can go for Male x Male if it truly is desired by my partner.

    Ever since you were born the wondrous land of Velsignet has been your home. Yet, Avery unique home at that. In the current age Velsignet occupies the eastern half of medieval Europe and though both these lands used to be united into a singular kingdom, various differences between the two created a long standing separation. While the western half of Europe, also known as Cirlase, is a calm place which takes pride in normality and silence, Velsignet is its complete opposite. Here everything mythical roams freely in harmony with the normal human population. Magic is commonly witnessed and used, gods happily converse with those who worship them, dragons occupy the skies, and it isn't uncommon to come by a few sneaky pixies. Yet, not all is amazing for along with this ever-growing fantasy, nightmares spread about the land in the form of devils and demons. Many monsters hold ill intent towards the human race, which is why each village has acquired a god to protect it from such massacres.

    However, your not even sure if your village has a god. It is rumored that long ago a tyrannical mad man occupied the shrine atop the hill, but even if that is so no longer will any one witness anything of the like living within that empty shrine. Your god lives only in rumors and grotesque fairytales, never approaching anyone within his village and yet never before has your home been attacked or raided by any monstrous sort. It was at a young age that you grew curious about your mysterious god and every morning you chose to visit his shrine, only to find it empty... but regardless the place was both beautiful and peaceful so soon it became your favorite place to visit. As such, even as an adult you come to the shrine on a daily basis simply to have a nice, quiet place to think of relax and just like any other day, you were climbing the stone stairs towards your quiet place.

    Yet, not everything seemed entirely normal as you began to take notice to a odd amount of liveliness present within the forest this morning. A rhythmic melody of various birds sounded in the air around you, leaves could be heard crunching under unfamiliar paws somewhere in the near by woods. You even witnessed a pair of bronze colored rabbits hop acrossed the stairs a few feet ahead of you, before they vanished into a small bush. It was all rather odd from your perspective for normally animals would never be seen near his shrine, but regardless you continued only to discover the source of these oddities upon reaching the stone gates opening to the shrine courtyard.

    You paused for before you sat the beautiful nature goddess, Layfera, a young fawn resting quietly within her lap. She sat upon a decorative purple and blue chair with small swirls of black. A table of simular design occupied the space in front of her. At the table's opposing side sat an unfamiliar man, his eyes immediately darting to you the moment you stepped foot into the shrine. He visibly tensed, his azure gaze transfixed to you. It was now clear that both him and the goddess had been notified of your presence, yet just as you were about to leave a collection of vines grew over the gates behind you prohibiting you from department. What will you do?


    Height| 6'4
    140 lbs
    ✘Name~ Madarikatua or Ikatua as he is most commonly referred to
    ✘Age~ Appears to be in 20s truly 2430
    ✘Gender~ Male
    ✘Race~ Lowly God
    ✘Abilities/Skills~ As a god Ikatua can teleport to any location he desires as long as he has been to or heard off of this location before. As can he hear the prayers and wishes of the people who visit his shrine, even if the number of visitors is rather small. Ikatua has the capability to create illusions in the minds of his enemies as long as they're state of mind is weak enough, and he can bring corruptions to the spells of others when given the correct opportunity.
    ✘Weapons~ Ikatua wields a large black scythe with a slender handle of the sane coloring. The handle swirls into a small spiral at its end featuring a polished black amethyst in its center, though the rest of the handle is smooth permitting a strong grip. The blade itself has a reptilian like eye at its beginning with a slit cyan iris. This creates a circular bump at the scythe top of which it spiked lightly in long curves created by black metal.
    ✘Personality~ Ikatua is actually a rather shy person who hides himself behind a cruel and blunt facade. He can come of as mean or gruesome and his treatment of enemies is no where near merciful, though when he is truly needed Ikatua can soften up and become a kinder person. He doesn't take to friendships quickly and he often fails to trust another upon the first meetings, but until someone proves to be a threat he will act defensively to help protect the life of even a complete stranger. He secretly does his best to grant the wishes of those who to come to him, and he hates losing things meaning he is easily made envious.​
    ↑Brief Description↑ A girl comes into contact with the rumored god of her village, one told of only in stories from hundreds of years before.
    Deceitful God-Simple/Intermediate (open)


    Female x Male
    God x _______​

    This roleplay is one I have used on another site before, though seeing as it was a rather enjoyable one I chose to post it here. Though I do occasionally have troubles with Ikatua's personality by making him act kindly to often, I still love to be his character. You have no limitations with your own character, the race and such are all up to you though I would prefer it to be a female, but I can go for Male x Male if it truly is desired by my partner.

    For all of your life you have lived in the land of Velsignet. A land that occupies the eastern half of Europe, but this area is drastically different when being compared to its neighbor. While Europe's western half is glum and of complete normality, your home if if the complete opposite filled to the brim with magic and wonder. Humans reside were monsters lurk, gods make themselves known, and it is common to find yourself conversing with a witch or some other being of great oddity. Yet, not all these creatures are humble and enchanting for many are foul and evil, just like the solitary entity who resides within your town shrine. A rumored god who is seen very rarely living only within fleeting rumors and old tales all of which make him out to be a terrible, threatening man... but, he it the one who protects your village. These rumors were enough to make anyone curious, even you causing for you to curiously venture into the shrine commonly as a child and now it seems to be your daily procedure. Every morning you visit the seemingly empty shrine only to be greeted by solitude, but today seems different. Things appeared to be more lively in a sense, the forest was filled with a creative melody created by various birds and animals. You even witnessed a few rabbits cross the stone stairs ahead of you as you made your climb towards the shrine. It was only when you arrived at the stone gates that you realised why as only a few yards away from you sat the nature goddess Layfera. She resided within a small worded chair painted vividly with bright coloring paired with a table of similar design. Acrossed from her sat an unfamiliar man, one who she appeared to be conversing with. Yet in only a moment all became silent, the man's eyes drifting in your direction and spotting you across the shrine courtyard, immediately his figure could he seen tensing up causing the goddess to notice you as well. What will you do?


    Height| 6'3
    140 lb
    ✘Name~ Madarikatua or Ikatua as he is most commonly referred to.
    ✘Race~ Lowly God
    ✘Gender~ Male
    ✘Age~ Appears 20​
    ↑Brief Description↑ A girl comes into contact with the rumored god of her village, one told of only in stories from hundreds of years before.
    Lost Fox (open)


    Male x Male /or/ Male x Female
    Neko x Human​

    This is yet another roleplay placed in a medieval setting, thought this one holds a plot entirely different. This roleplay can go in many directions, depending on the actions of both characters and they're relations. I do intent for this to hold some romance in it, as well as some violence or conflict here and there

    The current night is both cold and stormy, trapped in the harsh winter winds that overtake your village in the freezing winter months. Due to you residing in the northern parts of Europe, you often have dreadful and long winters, but this also offers beautiful temperatures in the upcoming months of spring and summer, only to drop once again around the middle of fall. Outside in the present time, a blizzard had unleashed filling the area with a fresh blanket of snow with powerful winds which have caused the temperature to drop about ten degrees below zero. Hoping to keep warm you have remained inside most of the night, avoiding any contact with the outside winds for it is sure to be dreadful, adding to this a momentary opening of the door will probably inflict a drop of temperature within your home.
    However, despite your efforts to avoid any contact with the outside world you came to hear a quiet knocking on your door. You peeked to it, expecting it to simply be something knocked agents the wood by the wind, but when the same rhythmic sound was created a second time you began to doubt this theory. Submitting a tiny sigh and giving into your curiosities, your straightened yourself into a stand stretching briefly before approaching the door. Reaching out for the knob, you noticed a small sound agents your door creating a tiny thud along with it you could hear a soft panting from just outside, a pant mixed with both a coldness and pain. You were confused, but regardless you couldn't turn your back now that even more questions raced about in your mind and in only a second you finally opened the door. You were caught of guard by a sudden impact by a cloaked figure, knocking you over into a rough sit in which the hooded stranger remained in your lap.
    A little suddenly two bright green eyes peered out to you from under the cloak's dark shadow, some bright hair visible from where it peaked out and framed a pale face. You immediately felt the stranger stiffen in your lap before drawing away, placing himself a few steps away from you though throughout this movement, one of his hands remained clutching his side from under his cloak, slightly reddened with blood. What will you do?

    Height| 6'2
    140 lbs
    ❅Name~ N /Standing for Nameless/
    ❅Age~ 19
    ❅Gender~ Male
    ❅Race~ Fox Neko
    ❅Abilities~ Being what he is permits N the ability to change into two kinds of foxes, one being the normal type you would find normally, but the second is a more monstrous type which he rarely uses. Along with this he has access to basic healing and earth magic, but not yet has he mastered these skills.
    ❅Personality~ N is a very shy person who often keeps to himself and avoids others, but once he does become comfortable with another's presence he will quickly develop a more playful, mischievous personality. He is defensive towards what he has claimed, and often he can display intelligence. He acts obediently and generously when something is requested from him, unless he holds a disliking for the person who asked.
    ↑Brief Description↑ A shy fox deity wanders into the home of a stranger to escape a harsh blizzard outside, a gash across his lower abdomen.
    Forgotten Horrors (open)


    Male x Female
    Demon x Human​

    This is yet another roleplay which I have currently attempted on another site. It however did die a month or so after we began, so I wish to revive it for I love its concept quite a bit. I have based this roleplay of a story I have already written, and as such, most of my characters will be pulled from the story including my main Akaski. If you wish for more information on any of the characters, I can easily provide it for I have highly detailed sketches of them already written out, and if you have any questions over the main plot of the story I can easily answer them.


    The cold hands have winter have taken a strong grip on your small town, encasing every sidewalk and lightly glazing every street in a blanket of dazzling snow. Frost decorates every window in a light elegance of shining ice where above spikes of the cold substance dangle from the brims of roof tops. Along with the natural decorations granted by the winter seasons reside many different lights of many vibrant colors, snowmen rest in the yard of small homes, while inflated balloons have been placed outside to enhance the christmasy feeling. Everything is clearly set for the upcoming date, but all the celebrating produced by such a tightly knit community can become tiring very quickly and currently, your just searching for a break from it all and with this thought, your sights were sent through the pine forests that surrounded your little community.
    At current, this was your plan. To simply venture into the snow covered forests and finally recieve a bit of piece from all the noise and excitement currently occupying your little home and as such, with the sun at its peak in the cloudy sky above, you began your little stroll into the forest. For the first thirty minutes of your walk, you stuck to the highlight of a thing path made visible by a little dent in the snow, your footprints leaving a vivid trail behind you with each step. Little flurries had fluttered through the air, though it was nothing hazardous at the current moment for you knew the forecast predicted only slight snowfall like this throughout the day. The winds were soft as well, provided little motion to the falling flakes, and the air was a bit warmer than normal residing around twenty degrees fahrenheit.
    Now, twenty quick minutes had past and you found yourself in need of a place to take a swift break, but you were left with only cold clumps of snow until you took notice to something in the near distance. A large log lay in a soft bed of snow, it was clearly old and possibly decaying, but overall it seemed to be a nice place to take a break. With of soft sigh of relief, you made your way over the the frost touched log and sat yourself down only to hear a soft thump, suggesting the log had been hollowed out. It didn't mean much at the moment for it still seemed sturdy enough to support you, but what had begun to bug you was shown a moment late.
    A soft murmur, barely above a whisper sounded from the depths of the log below you, a small rustling occurred like the sound of fabric as it scraped a rough surface. You were slightly startled, but perhaps it was simply a little rabbit or maybe even a resting fawn? Such ideas brought a small smile to your face as you curiously peered into the log, spotting what resembled nothing similar to an animal, but a boy... a rather odd boy at that. A mass of black hair was visible and stretching out from either side of that head were two striped horns, curved and dented along with the lines taking on a repetitive pattern of black and a fall orange, remaining you a little bit of a halloween scheme. Sticking out from the other side of the log was a pointed tail that held the liking of the devil's, only instead of red it held a black coloring with an orange tip. At first, it could simply be mistaken for a realistic and welly done costume, but a moment later, a small flick of the tail's tip may have been enough to prove this theory wrong. What will you do?

    -Note- I'll describe it more through the roleplay-
    Name~ Akaski
    Age~ 21
    Gender~ Male
    Race~ Demon
    Abilities~ Akaski holds the power to manipulate shadows and create physical matter with them, as well as summon forth little illusions in the mind of another as long as his target holds as much, or less knowledge than him. He is skillful with melee blades and talented with hand to hand, though when he faces a situation in which he needs to do a long distance move he doesn't do all to well. Other than this, he has a few demonic tools with him which permit him to travel about quickly and fight with more success.=
    Personality~ Akaski's personality is varied based on who is with. If he is with a stranger, he can often be rude an inconsiderate though he will still secretly provide aid if it is requested of him, though he would hide his good intentions behind a deal in which he gets something out of his choice. When faced with an enemy, Akaski is very rude and often he takes advantage of his knowledge over the person making him a rather dirty fighter, but as long as he wins such a thing doesn't matter to him. However, around a person he truly likes, he is still rude and stubborn, but in between this he may be nice or generous. He still tries to cover it up, but at times its pretty hard. He is made flustered when such acts are brought up, and he will protest over them even when their completely true, but he is overall much kinder and protective towards anyone who he takes a liking to.​
    ↑Brief Description↑ A girl comes to meet a demon in the cold months of late December. A demon who lost his memory only a year before, and one on his first trip to the human realm.
    Transparent Chain (open)


    Male x Female/Male x Male
    Demon x Human​

    Yet another Demon x Human roleplay, this idea simply came to me~ I do have multiple ideas for this roleplay so if you ever feel like its moving too slow or its gotten too dull, simply consult with me. I enjoy planning ahead.


    From the day you born, you were known to be a child with an overactive imagination. Often you would voice claims of seeing things others failed to, or you would state that you had heard an odd noise, but never did people take to believing you. You were simply voicing little daydreams, but you know that to be false. Regardless, you soon did give up on voicing what you would come to witness or see for you knew it would only be disregarded, and throughout your life you continued this habit of simply keeping quiet. Now, nearing your early adulthood still you take note to such strange things. Always they seem to be lingering in the shadows of your own world, popping up in the corners of your vision, but today things seem a little different.
    Its mid fall, and you are currently attending a local high school, but even as events would proceed on your average Monday still something was biting at you from the back of your mind. Tempting you to something, but what was something you didn't know. Perhaps you were simply imagining things once more just as everyone would say, but of course you didn't believe any harm could come from this. After all, it never had, nothing ever truly changed your being or placed much involvement in your life. It was all typical.
    Your day continued, nothing occurring until finally you returned home, soon to doze off into an odd dream. You were placed in an old courtyard, the walls of a black castle surrounding you on every side. Below your feet was a collection of hardened sand holding an ebony coloring to it. The sky above held a very interesting appearance as well displaying a collection of wispy red swirls mixing into different lighter and darker shades ranging from a pink to a dark black. Around you stood multiple blurred figures, their full bodies shaded in a single coloring. You could hear muffled noise being created from these slowly moving blurs, their various colors occasionally distorting and mixing together, yet what you soon noticed was rather odd. Beginning at your feet and heading towards a pair of heavy doors was a line of dried up rose petals, their crimson color tainted by a purplish flare. The doors themselves held a golden, swirly frame outlined two black doors made from an odd looking metal. Their handles were indicated by a golden glow as the whole thing held an arched look. You peered around yourself once more unsurely, before approaching the door.
    Yet, you know not what awaits you at the other side. Down a long seemingly endless corridor lined by various painting and occasional chairs the petals were split, finally all meeting the long hall's ending. There stood a small metallic door, a golden key already placed within the lock. On the opposing side, there sat a figure with a colored body. A demon bound tightly by dark green vines which wrapped tightly around his wrists, ankles, and even his neck all holding traces of black blood.
    ~Note: This roleplay begins the moment you enter your dream, we'll play the rest out from there.~


    Woof Woof.jpg
    Height| 6'2
    Name~ Hazard
    Age~ 19
    Race~ Demonic Mix
    Role~ Needless Servant ( Meaning he is a demon meant to serve a master, but at the moment he is without one )
    Abilities~ Hazard holds the ability to turn himself into a rather frightening skeletal hound, one featuring a pair of curved horns and red flares lightening his otherwise empty eyes. Other than this, he is skilled in the handling of a blade and he has his way with words.
    Personality~Though Hazard can be a bit argumentative, difficult, rude, and even picky, he still has some good qualities. He is somewhat obedient to the commands of his master, though he may try to talk his way out of doing anything he doesn't want to. As if he instinctively protective of his master, though to anyone else he may be rather neglectful. He believes himself to be unkind and unloving, though once someone can tolerate him long enough to truly befriend him it can uncover a sweeter side to the seemingly uncaring demon.​
    ↑Brief Description↑ After holding unnatural senses all throughout your life, one night you enter a very vivid dream in which you come in contact with a demon named Hazard, of whom, you wake up to find sleeping beside you in your bed the very next morning.
    Violet Casing (open)


    Male x Male/Male x Female
    Mage x ??? (Be whatever you'd like~)
    This is one of my dead roleplays once more, though I'm tweaking it a bit so its not all the same~ I truly do enjoy this one, and as such I hope to play out this newer version. I feel the changes will make the story more interesting with better development!
    The tale of the Violet mage was one know all throughout the kingdom of Kamatayon, the story of a disastrous boy lead blindly into grotesque violence at the hands of a witch. A hero had finally ended his wrath ten years after it had begun simply by piercing an enchanted shard of purple glass into the young man's torso. Yet, the tale exists without a true ended, the fate of this mage is one that is unknown to all but him and the one who had done all this to him.
    A cave was hidden deep within a dense forest, the entrance supposedly concealed by a large outline of trees from everything except a singular path. Within this cave, a soft glow of purple alexandrite was influenced by a twin pair of large torches adjacent to one another. These light the way into the deepest part of the cave where a long pedestal has been created and upraises from the rough ground below. Atop of this lays a young man with violet hair, his eyes closed in a deep sleep induced by a long shard of violet glass stabbed deep into his chest. Laying on his side, his arms outstretch a small ways from his body as within them, a small animal rests. A black scaled reptile of small scale, a soft gleam of purple occupying a line down its back and a pair of black wings. The two rest silently, trapped within a rest they alone can't wake from.
    This story, was never told to you.​
    A heavy blanket of thick blackness had hidden away the night sky, shielding the land below of the moon's brightening rays and creating a dense darkness far below. A warm wind curved around trees rustling and pulling away at green spring leaves. Already a light drizzle had descended upon the forest, threatening to grow powerful at any given moment. Brief illuminations of bright white would occasionally light the clouds suggesting a powerful storm brewing shortly. You were caught in the middle of this. Quickly you were making your way down a thin path crafted in between two outlines of thick trees. Your torch was quickly running out of light, dimming ever so slowly soon to leave you to wonder blindly within the night's darkness. Such a thing was dangerous within this particular forest, and soon you would require shelter.
    It was when the first streak of lightening crossed the sky that you noticed something off in the distance. The swift flare of white light highlighted a jumbled of smoothed rocks in the distant forests. Knowing your options were limited, you strayed from the narrow path and took to the uneven terrain of the forest. Already your torched was near death and provided little aid in lighting your way and by the time you reached the small formation of rocks it had died out completely. You were left in darkness for the time being, and you could only rely on touch as you slowly made your way through the cave. Your hands remained connected to the bumpy walls while you slid your feet along to avoid tripping over any stray rocks. Yet, after turning the first turn within the cave, you noted a faint light extending from the next turn. A flickering purple paired with orange. Without options, you continued venturing forwards, completely unaware of the danger ahead of you.

    Taito-2.jpg T1.jpg d6fe94629965f161da0473d499099c0f1356814462_full.jpg
    Height| 6"4'
    Weight|130 lbs
    Name~ Kage Riddet
    Age~ Appears 20
    Gender~ Male
    Personality~ Kage truly can hold a very odd personality, one that could quickly snap between kind innocence to bloodthirsty and cruel. Often time, Kage is a quiet boy who speaks softly and only speaks up when he feels it is completely necessary, but he would commonly remain voiceless around someone he feels uncomfortable around. Due to years of being deceived and lied to, Kage is very easy to confuse or even be tipped into a sort of fit due to all of this confusion. This can happen at the best of times or the worse, depending on what he is thinking about or what is said around him. Yet, when he is pushed into his darker and crueler self, Kage is piratically the complete opposite of himself. In no way is he scared to taunt or insult, and towards others he can be very aggressive and overall heartless.
    Abilities~ Kage holds the power to conjure and manipulate inanimate masses. This means he is able to create nonliving things such as metal, jewels, stones, ect. As can he manipulate the form of such things even if their already existing. The only living things he can manipulate are himself, and a small demonic dragon named Doro which had been given to him by the witch he had associated with.
    Doro~ The demonic, small scale (a little bigger than a hawk) dragon gifted to him by the witch.
    Kage's Dragon.jpg

    ↑Brief Description↑ You come across the supposedly murderous Violet Mage Kage sleeping within a cave after he was believed to be dead for over 100 years.
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  2. Would you be interested in partnering up for the advance plot? I really love the idea and your character!~
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  4. Yet another~! //Forgotten Horrors//
  5. I wouldn't mind doing the Deceitful God simple roleplay, it looks very interesting.
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  7. The demon x human looks cool- I'd love to play the female! :)
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  9. Great! Would you like for me to create a basic character off the top of my head and give you the information? Also, for the roleplay, will we be roleplaying in the threads or through PM? I saw you sent me that private message, but I'm clueless as to whether that's going to be used for plot discussion, ideas and/or suggestions, or if it will be the roleplay as a whole.
  10. Normally I allow my partner to decide where the roleplay takes place for I myself don't truly mind either way, as such the conversation could be for either or both. If you wish for a conversation, but you want the ooc and the real role-playing separate then we could create a second conversation. As for your character you can follow the sketch I posted, adding to it or subtracting from it. As long as it provides basic information like a name, gender, appearance, etc, I'll be fine with it.
  11. Same here, but where's the sketch? I only see the introduction and your character's information.
  12. You could use this if you'd like :P

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