A Few MxM Plots!

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  1. So before I really get started, I should introduce myself, shouldn't I? Hi! You can call me Cyber or Punke. ('cause, you know, that's my name...) Before we get to the fun stuff, I'd like to request you do read everything I write here. First of all, I want people who can write advanced for a reason. I need people who will wite a lot per post, I love reading! I don't expect people who write upwards of seven paragraphs each post, every post. If you do that, I'll think you're a robot trying to take over the world and not respond at all. *In all seriousness, I love reading, so I encourage you to write pages and pages... It's just most people don't like to. Likewise, you can post three times a day, presuming I can keep up!* Well, maybe for the sake of curiosity, but here are some guidelines to keep in mind!

    1. If you're looking for someone who is able to post every day, that is not me. However, I do post eventually, usually every two or three days, but I can be more or less active.

    2. I can do thread or PM.

    3. I do smut, but it cannot take over the roleplay.

    4. Communicate with me, please. I need to know if I'm pissing you off or anything! Believe me, I care about meeting my partner's standards, too.

    5. Right now, all I really want is a good MxM. If you have an awesome plot, share it with me!

    6. If we are doing dom/sub, I like both, but prefer to play dom.

    My point is, I'm looking for a few people who are adept at creative writing. You aren't expected to use metaphors and similes all the time, though keep the posts interesting. I will personally post, on average, the equivalent of four paragraphs. When describing setting, I'll post longer, and during a conversation, I'll post shorter lengths. Above all else, literacy is key. Even if you're starved for an idea, present it in a nice way. I know we're all pretty much either adults or young adults, so I don't see a logical reason why you can't use apostrophes, capitalization, and periods. The occasional mistake is fine, I'm not that kind of person who stresses over everything. Again, I just have a few pet peeves and improper grammar and punctuation is a big one.

    My only other real one is lack of feeling. If you're only baking your posts for a little while, I can tell. Trust me. Have writer's block? Go for a walk, see a movie, indulge in chocolate-covered blueberries! I'll still be here. I don't mind waiting a week if I have to, because quality posts do take time. Then again, online, you attract a bunch of geniuses. Of course, I think everyone is a genius in their own right, so that point was a little null. I'm looking for people who are looking for someone long-term, where we can plan arcs without it being awkward and dry. Also, I'm no good with mature plots. I can do nitty-gritty sadness and anger.

    Now, onto the most important aspect in role playing a 1x1. (in my opinion, at least...) This is your talent as a world-builder. Can you make memorable NPCs? Original side plots and settings? Realize that the 1 and 1 are you and me- not our characters! *To prove you read this, make your PM to me titled your starsign. I probably won't reply otherwise. Mine's Aries, by the way...* I expect you to be able to control several characters in addition to your 'main' love interest. Of course, these are side characters and less focus is on them, but there are more than 2 people in a universe. I don't expect us both to have ten characters per post, but we should both talk to ourselves sometimes. We have the most freedom in a 1x1, because you have a partner to create a whole universe. If you're not contributing anything but one character, I won't be happy. I'll tell you if you need to step up; do the same for me. People who can make smooth plot twists are people I most certainly look up to! Now, the plots. I have a few, but if you have any, please don't be afraid to suggest them! The worst I can say is no way in hell!


    Sorry, too soon? ;)

    Pairing ideas: (PM for more details)

    -Fairy Tail
    -Blue Exorcist
    -Fruits Basket
    -Any pairing you want, just ask and I may consider!
  2. I'm interested in Fairy Tail !