A few logistical questions

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  1. Hey, newb here cx
    There are a few things I'm not quite understanding, so some help would be great.

    --First off, what exactly is the function of the whole character gallery thing? I've looked through the FAQs, but I still don't get it. Do you have to put every character you make for every roleplay there/get them accepted or something? Or is it just optional..? I may just be being stupid again, but I don't get it.

    --Do the trophies do anything, or are they just kind of there to make you feel good?

    --Is there a numerical system for the writing levels here? I mean, I get that someone can write 1000 words and still be a horrible writer, but is there a sort of guideline for that? I'm kind of trying to figure out which category I'd fall into, and it's a little confusing.

    --Off of the above, is there a board/place where you can have people just, I dunno, tell you how your writing is? Aside from the showcase board for stories, that is. Again, I'd kind of like to know what my level is/where I stand in this site.
  2. Welcome, noob! The character gallery is a purely optional feature, and whether or not you use it is down to preference. I know for my RPs I prefer that people post characters directly on the OOC thread. The character gallery seems to be more for people to showcase their favourite characters. The trophies are just there for fun, I think. As far as I can tell, they don't mean anything. There isn't really a numerical writing level system, though i've known one to exist on several other forums. The best way to learn your writing ability level is to join some RPs and ask for feedback. You'll find that most Iwakuvians will respond in a helpful way and over various RPs, you'll come to work out where you fit on the scale. It's more of a guideline anyway, since everyone has their own writing styles and fortes. As for a specific writing assessment board, you could probably put it in the writing and art museum, although, again, it may be best to join or create an RP, as it will also allow you to figure out how best you interact with other player's characters.
  3. The Character Gallery is, in fact, optional. It was an in-demand feature for a long time before we added it. Before that, people liked to post profiles in the Blogs or in a thread in our Writing and Art section. Some people just like having a place to store characters. Don't think about it too hard. Most GMs are going to want you to make new characters or use their own sheet criteria and post in the signup thread for their roleplays anyway.

    Trophies are there because they're built into the forum software. They don't really do anything, but they don't hurt anything either and some people like them.

    We don't do numerical systems here. We think writing quality should be judged by CONTENT, not length. We do have a guide for the Posting Expectation Levels, though, which you can check out here or here.

    If you want specific feedback on your writing, the Feedback and Help section of the Writing and Art Museum is for you. You can also get help in the Roleplay Help section of the Roleplay Institute. You can find these forums under CONTENT (the second group of forums on the main page).
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