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  1. I have a few plots and mind and was curious if anyone would be interested.

    Plot 1
    So I have been playing Zelda recently and I thought it would be fun to do Ganon x Link. It would be set in Orcarina of Time when link is an adult. Instead of finding the mastersword in the temple he learns Ganon has it. So he sets his course to confront Ganon and to get the mastersword but once he is face to face with the man he is told the mastersword isn't a real sword. It is actually Ganon's manhood and it was all a trap to capture Link and make him some sort of sex slave. (I would play Link)

    Plot 2
    My character is a student at said high school. Most students crush on one teacher in particular including my character. Although most are a bit surprised the math teacher is one at all, seeing he is tall, muscular and well someone you would expect as a coach. One day my character asks the teacher for tutoring and is told the only available days are Saturdays and Sundays. That weekend my character shows up for tutoring and gets distracted which the teacher notices. When asked my character is shy about the subject and so they move on only for him to get distracted again. This time the teacher demands an answer and my character admits he has a crush on the teacher, which the teacher says is natural and if all his students were cute like my student he would have already slept with some. Then well the teacher comes onto the student and they begin a secret relationship. Although the student is further shocked when he finds out the man is a bottom.

    Plot 3 (1x1x1)
    Character A is not very social and keeps to himself, when his friends hear about a party they drag him to it. Character B is more on the popular side and is friends with the party thrower. Character C is known to be the rebellious type. Often caught doing things he shouldn't be doing. The three college students soon meet at the party. What will happpen? (Polygamous relationship possible, open for ideas, I can play any character)

    Plot 1 is more sex based.
    Plot 2 is about 50/50
    Plot 3 can be more plot based or 50/50
  2. If you are willing to do another RP with me. Plot two is super interesting! (A Uke that does not look like a Uke)
  3. Of course. We are like RP buddies! Want to discuss everything in PM then I can make the thread?
  4. Yeah! I asked cause some people don't like doing multi Rp's with one person!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.