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  1. My ideas;
    Vampire x Werewolf x Human (Any combination of a couple you see there i'd like to do. I'd like to make it a little tragic at some points and maybe a little violent, but definitely romantic)

    A form of monster or beast
    (demon, creature, or otherwise) x blind girl [I'd like the beast to be somewhat appealing but definitely something to be feared more then loved]

    Some form of Pirate x slave girl (am looking for a male to fill a pirate roll)

    Aside from the second one, any of these can have whatever gender/dominating role you prefer, although I'd like to discuss this with you first. Also I don't have many requirements other then reply as quickly as your life will let you, but double check your work for I will be doing the same. I do prefer longer replies then shorter, but just write what you can.

    I'm not relatively new to this site, but it has been a while since I've roleplayed so I am trying to get back into the swing.

    comment or Pm me if your interested and what ideas you have. We can talk details then.

    I'd rather prefer to play the female, or submissive male in either ideas. But i am open for discussion
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  2. Lets chat :D
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