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  1. Hi, so I'm new and I have a few ideas that I would love to share. First off, I don't mind getting new ideas and I don't mind hearing ideas. I try to be really honest and give everything a change before shooting it down. Some ideas are not mine purely, I might have changed a few from what they were. Others I thought of while listening to songs and random ideas. I like all of them and would love to get an RP started with every one of them, but I'm hoping for at least one. I don't really have rules, but if you do, let me know and I will let you know how I feel about them. I will try not to sound mean, I am really laid back with my rps and after two days I usually will PM you and nudge you. ​


    In a small mountain town, where it rains, snows and the suns glow is cool and warm in summer. When she was little she would visit her grandparents here, and this was were she had a friend, (that would be you) who had nightmares in his sleep, (I have a reason for the nightmares, but you can make up one). The only time he slept peacefully was when she snick him in her bed at night (they were kids so don't read into that wrong). She spend every day she visit her grandparents with him, and always came back for summer. He would always be waiting for her and they talked, laughed and played in the woods surrounding the town. He was an orphaned at a young age and there were only a few orphans when he was younger, then he was the last of two, but she were the only one he seems to like being around.

    After an accident back at home, with her parents, she spent time in the hospital. After a while, she was well enough to go home, but couldn't really go anywhere. Her grandparents died and her memory of the boy grow faint. Through time, she didn't really thing about him, until her parents passed away one by one. Now she only has her older brother and she can't help but recall some things that she used to do with a boy she doesn't really remember.

    After 13 years, she has returned and the moment he saw her, he knew who she was. But she has no idea who he is. She moved into her grandparents old how, and wants to find this boy, but doesn't know where to look. She wants to get back clear memories of being in this town with him without being forced to recall it.

    I want to do this with a male character, I don't care if you are female or male in real life, but I want the male character to generally be a bad egg or like a half demon character. I think that would be a good idea and would work out kind of cool. PM me and we can talk about it in more details.

    Mix Love

    So, I have been having this in my head for a while, but it wasn't really my idea. Started rping it and then I guess it got boring before it started or whatever. But this idea is still very appealing to me. I know I saw it somewhere else too, but I don't really recall where. I just really want to do it and it's really big in my head. I don't mind playing the third wheel, the love interest or the lover/other half. I don't mind doing it as a 1 x 1, where we play one of the others back and forth or whatever. I honestly don't mind doing this in a separate thing or whatever, I just want to do it.

    I don't really care what role I play, at one point I had this started and the third wheel as a stalker that was teh same gender, which could be cool, but we got in like three post each and my partner just vanished.

    Hate to Love You

    I had another idea, while listening to Blue October's Hate me. It is generally a poison love, bipolar and toxic. But no matter how much they want to separate, there is always something pulling them back together, lust or love? The fighting, making up, breaking up, and all of that. Don't know if it's already been asked, but I think it would be a mix of drama and fun.

    Again I don't care which one I play, I just really like the idea of the chaos this could be.

    The other one I was thinking about I also have done and my partner vanished, like not online since the last post vanished. It's about two friend, best friends that like each other as more then friends, but they won't tell each other. I know this has been done to death, but I love the idea and I really want to do this, again.

    This is really a common thing, but I really like the idea either way. I kind of have a more detailed plot, just PM me and we can iron it out better.

    Built on Lies

    There was another, this one I don't know if I can do with the sexual content, simple because I know nothing about MxM sex. I would be willing to try but it's not really an all sex thing anyway. It's about to guy best friend, one is closet gay and the other is straight, like arrow straight, but his twin, who his best friend knows nothing about, is openly gay. The gay twin is a real player and he comes into town, the same day that the gay best friend is going to come out to his straight best friend and tell him that he likes him. Anyway, long story short, he confesses to the wrong twin and is pretty much lead on, until the twin actually falls for him and pretty much thinks about coming out to him as having feelings for him and that he was not his brother. Through this all, the twin is revealed to the best friend and they start to get to know each other, but the best friend doesn't know that the straight twin isn't the twin that he was been having private moments with. If that makes sense.

    I like this idea a lot, ,there is another of the Teacher x Student version that I kind of really like too, but this was an idea that I was interested in a while back, still would love to do it.

    On The Way Home

    6)Not my idea, but I really liked it, so I'll give brief description. So, guy and girl are going out since high school, were friends before that and after high school they get even more serious, but guy goes military. After a few months, guy goes to be deployed overseas. While over sees girl finds out that she is pregnant. Around the same time guy is MIA after a IED attack, so she has no idea if he is alive or dead, but he had asked a friend of theirs take care of her. So, long story short, she and the friend decided to raise the baby together and get married, but they aren't in love. The guy is found a few years later and returns home, he doesn't know what has happened and so it kind of just goes from there.

    I really want to be the female in this one too, but I don't mind playing the ale if it really catches a only female rper. This one would probably be a double up kind of rp. Were we play two frequent characters like the kid and the "Husband"

    Love Born from Misfortune

    So I was watching Criminal Minds and I thought of continuing a case they just did. It's about a girl that was kidnapped, raped and ultimately the man that kidnapped and raped her committed suicide to draw attention from his pregnant partner. So, the woman is supposed to finish the job, by killing the girl and all the blame would be on the dead guy. Here is were things get into the story I was thinking, the lady starts to bleed so the girl has to help her deliver the baby with a promise of being released. Only after she does help deliver the baby, the lady dies leaving the baby and the girl stuck in the room. Police find them through some detective work and stuff and they are both ok. Here is whee I want to start, the baby is now fully grown and he is getting married, his wife wants pictures of when his mom was pregnant and when she gave birth but his mother doesn't seem to have any. Which is when he finds out that he was really not her baby. The birth records a cop pulled strings and put her as the mother with no father and she raised him as her own since then. That's kind of where I stopped.

    I would love to iron this out with someone, come up with a spoiled plot for this and really get it off the ground.

    From City to Country

    I thought of this on my way from school, pretty basic, city girl moves to country town because of her parents, moving in with her grandparents, whatever the case, and she goes to a high school out in the middle of no where. She hates it until she meets a country boy that shows her around and how to really have fun in a quiet country town.

    This one is kind of cool for me, since I have been both, kind of. I really just want to iron this out and get started, but that's only if I can get a partner.

    Arrange Marriage

    On her mother's death bed, she is told that she is promised to marry a wealthy man to help clear off her mother's debt. Her mother was ill for a long time, wondering off to the point that she still looking for her because her mother always wondered back in. At one point she was gone for months and came back almost back to her old self. Then she was on her death bed, her daughter faced with honoring her mother's wishes or the threat of debt that might end with her owing more then she could ever pay back. Now she is getting ready to marry a man she knows nothing about, only to find out he is a vampire. Now, she has to figure out if who is the worse of the two evils, owing a debt she can't pay or marrying a vampire that is rude around the edges, but can be sweet and was fond of her mother, as she comes to learn.

    This is one I want to be the male in, not really too picky about most of this plots, but this one I already have an idea on the details, but we can work on them and change them a little if you want to try that.

    Bold= One I want to be

    Bad guy/Good girl
    Popular kid(in a relationship for show)/ Nerd
    Pack wolf/Rogue wolf
    Best Friends/Best friend (sibling, cousin or step-sibling)
    Pirate/Accidental passenger

    That's all for now, PM me or just leave a comment and I will PM you. I'll update if anything else comes to mind.
  2. I really like the plot for this one: Arrange Marriage, but I'm already doing something similar, yet different, with arrange marriage.

    BUT I would like to try doing Bad guy/Good girl. Do you have a plot for it or would we need to come up with one?
  3. Well, if you want we can do both, unless that would be too confusing.

    For the Bad boy/Good girl I have a general idea that we can iron out.
  4. Okay yeah. If you wanna do both with me I'm up for it. I'm sure I can keep up with both. You wanna PM me or should I PM you?
  5. I sent you a PM
  6. I'm still looking, if anyone is interested.
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  7. If you want to give me the more details plot on Bestie, I might want to RP that :)
  8. I'll send you the plot in a few on PM.
  9. thank you :)
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