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  1. Idea Number Gold:

    Saint Marian's Institution for Misplaced Vampires

    You are a recently turned vampire who doesn't know their sire. Maybe they were killed by Slayers. Perhaps they abandoned you after the Embrace. Even, you woke up one morning, and you were a vampire. Despite your history, fact is, you have no one to teach you the ways of the vampire. Not only are you a danger to yourself, but others and the rest of the clan. So, one night, you are stopped on the street by imposter police. They take you in, for the smallest of reasons, and transfer you to a larger facility. There, you realize that its really an institution for vampires like you. But, is it a safe institution, or a prison? Are you allowed to leave, or will you be forced to stay till the end of your days?

    Idea Number Silver:

    The Slayer Games

    You are a Supernatural. A vampire, a shifter, or a magician. Slayers have been arresting these three species left and right, for the most petty of excuses. Although the Slayers value themselves as "righteous" and "the honorable police of Supernaturals", they're really a lecherous group of men who don't care who they hurt. The women don't last long, is what I'm saying. Anyways, for whatever petty reason, you are arrested by the Slayers. Their justice system is different from yours though. They pit all their captives from the past week in a fight against the Slayer recruits, as this is their final test. The winner becomes the slave to the best recruit, the one that killed the most Supernaturals. This will probably be a onexone, mature, with romance.

    Idea Number Bronze:

    This one I'm not entirely sure about...

    These two are in love (no, REALLY?) but there's a slight problem: the dude is a crown prince, and she's a common girl. Y'see, in his land, a prince is taught all the usual stuff since childhood - fighting, strategy, literature, some sciences, but at the tender age of 19 they are supposed to wander the land for like 2 years to get a sense of what his future subjects are like. You may say it's a bit unsafe to let a crown prince run around with no protection, but the logic behind is that if his fighting skills are not enough to protect him, then he probably wasn't a good king material anyway. Anyhow, so this particular dude fell in love with a girl he met, who lives in a hut at the edge of a forest. She's increadibly intelligent, but kinda frail, so even if they could somehow get around the fact that she's not noble-born, she still would be out of question, because a queen is supposed to be healthy to bear strong kids. They still have a year, though, before he has to go back, and they prefer not to think about it. Definitely a onexone.
  2. Really liking the idea of Silver. It gives people a bit more range than Gold and allows them to pick from a whole range of supernatural beings. I would love to join Silver if that's an option :)
  3. Great! I was hoping that the other character for that would be a guy, so are you fine with that?
  4. Yeah, man, I'm all good with RPing male characters. :) So, what happens now?
  5. I'll send you the link to the thread. And I was hoping the first post would be how they got caught by the Slayers and brought to their base of operations. Or something.