A few ideas.. Werewolves OR Firefly/Serenity theme??

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  1. So I have about three ideas. Two involve werewolves. (I prefer ones that resemble real wolves.)

    • Old west setting, where there were more lawless territories, vast expanses of land, and more room to hide. No specific plot idea yet, but if you think about it- it'd be more dangerous then for a wolf to be caught. No one would stop the humans from hunting you down.
    • A more modern city setting, where scientists are developing a drug that they hope will ultimately cause the demise of the lycanthrope race. It turns wolves against each other, basically, so you can trust no one. Character options would be a human, a drugged werewolf, or a clean one. I have more details, but I wanted to check interest first.


    I thought it would be kind of cool to create a plot based around the show Firefly (movie Serenity). I'd rather not have the characters from the show, but maybe we could form a similar crew with our own characters.
  2. i would like to do a werwolf rp i have a few idea of my own for one to
  3. Sweet! Lay 'em on me. What have you thought up?
  4. Well there nothing special though but here

    First one is you come from along line of monster hunters but your parents never told you you keep moveing from place to places never knowing why (it was because of your parents and there jobs) you move to a small town int the middle of no were with a small town you here strange things at night though..... thats the hunter x werewolf

    Second one is your ask is invading ower taretoy and have big plains on takeing over couseing some big battles at night we were friends before the hole thing and we did not want to join the fight but our alpha say we must and we must obay our alphas werewolf x werewolf so i know i miss spell a few thing but tell me what you think and which one do you want to do

    Thurd one is about a show biretsh show it is vary intresting but any who it is called wolfblood, there neither completely wolves nor humans, wolfbloods have great powers – super speed, strength and senses – and can change from one form to another. if they lean to control it. my idea is i just got to your school a i am disobaying the pack law but i had no chouse .. we turn in to wolf it still in the works but i promes it will be a good one the show is called Wolfblood it is a really good show you can check it out

    Fourth is that it was your/my birthday and you/i diseid to go out and partty with your/my frends when you/i was attack by a werewolf and you were turned and now meet this person how turned you/me....... will you/i try to live in the human world and try to adjust or will youo join the were that change you..

    so tell me what you think i know i dont spell well but tell mewhat you think
  5. I like the second idea about werewolves!
  6. thanks if youd like to rp any of them just ask
  7. Honestly, they're decent ideas but most sound teen based and wouldn't work with the character(s) I've got my heart set on playing. They have specific backgrounds. I don't do many teen roleplays either these days.

    @InspiredShadow was that my second idea or Mirranda's?
  8. Your idea. :P
  9. Haha cool. I may go with that one then, waiting to see if any more people show interest. :)
  10. Yeah, I guess Mirranda got confused. I don't butt into other people's conversations (concerning these sort of threads), though, just for future reference.
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  11. I assumed, but I thought I'd ask anyway to be sure.
  12. I hope more people come around, though- was there a specific number of people you were hoping to express interest?
  13. Wow, First honest to god time I have seen someone wanting to do Firefly/Serenity RP. That is something that sounds completely amazing to me
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  14. Right?!? Such an amazing story in that show/movie. Can't believe the world of fanfic roleplayers haven't thought this up yet.

    And I was really hoping for a group of 3-4 to start out @PinkArrow. We may go ahead with it here in a day or two regardless of the number if you want :]
  15. That's your decision, not mine.
  16. So should I send you a pm? Or are you thinking group rp?
  17. I will so do a Firefly RP.

    It's been a while since I've actively rped in that fandom-- but I WOULD LOVE TO.
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  18. Cool, so we've got Firefly interest. :D I'll make an OOC board for that in the a.m. where we can discuss specific plot ideas and such.

    I'm going to try to do the werewolf one too, I'm drawing up a rough map of the city for it. :)
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  19. Uhm... Are you still going to do the werewolf RP as well...? If so... If possible mind if I join that?
  20. I was the first to suggest the second idea about werewolves, if I'm not mistaken. Since she's drawing up a rough map, it sounds like she is going to do it. I am sure she would allow you to join- not many showed interest for a while. (:
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