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    A young man lives like a rockstar, because he is one. But his agent is trying to be smart with the marketing; hiring a fan to make posters and keep his website updated.
    A young woman, who had never heard his music before, is such an artist that the agent wants on the marketing team. She's excellent with Photoshop and can build a website no problem.
    This young woman's best friend is possibly the rock star's biggest fan, and enters her friend's work into the contest without the young artist knowing. Suddenly, the young artist receives a letter saying that she'd won the contest, and she instantly knew that her friend entered her. She is furious with her friend, but can't turn down the money and promise of brand new, state of the art equipment. Reluctantly, she agrees to the job and goes out on tour with the band and the rockstar.

    The rockstar is a jerk, really. A spoiled jerk.
    The artist wants nothing to do with him; he just thinks she's a stick in the mud, but he can't deny she has some serious talent. He gets the idea to use her as his toy. After all, he does need some entertainment while they're on the road.

    Got the idea from listening to this:
    This is one of the few roleplays that I will play the female

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    This roleplay includes romance, fantasy, little bit of fighting, and takes place around the 1800's.

    So a little werewolf was born in a little werewolf village. Normal, right? Well this village was attacked by a rogue werewolf while the little one's mom was giving birth to his/her little sister. The father died in the fight, and the newborn sister was taken away for safety. The little werewolf, old enough to hunt on his/her own, was spared. The rogue thought it would be fun to chase him/her down later, so he let him/her live.

    Years later, the werewolf comes to a human town, not very big by any means. But big enough to be called a town rather than a village. The werewolf spots his/her mate, they know instantly who their mate is once they lay eyes on them, and follows him/her.

    There is a ball, and the werewolf is invited as a guest. The ball goes all fine and dandy. But the full moon is approaching. The werewolf has to go into hiding for two days until the moon phase continues.

    The rogue comes back and demands the young werewolf to either give up the chase for his/her sister and stay and protect their mate. Or, the young werewolf has to give up his/her mate to continue the hunt for his/her little sister, who might not even be alive.

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    Werewolf: [m/f]
    Werewolf's mate: [m/f]
    Werewolf's pet/companion: [::optional:: m/f]
    Werewolf's Mate's pet/compantion: [::optional:: m/f]

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    This one is in a different world, one that's been stuck in my head for a long while.
    Six countries, or nations, and one element to each one:

    • Icelands (Ice/Water)
    • Cimerian (Darkness)
    • Volcan (Fire)
    • Iris Valley (or just Valley for short; Wind)
    • Jungland (Earth)
    • Solarin (Light)

    1. Each of the six countries are ruled by a monarchy, who is accompanied by it's own Prime Minister (who is chosen by the king and queen - the only requirement is that their firstborn must be male). If a king and queen do not give birth to a son, their daughter will marry the Prime Minister's eldest son.
    2. Every country speaks a common language, as well as some who speak the Ancient Language of their element (mainly elders and spellcasters)
    3. Dragons naturally inhabit every country, depending on which species of dragon it is. For example, a finned dragon would not survive well in Volcan, therefore the finned dragon would most likely reside in the Icelands, where water and ice are abundant.
    4. The center of the world is a void; each country is it's own floating island. The only way to travel to another country is by riding Dragonback, or one of the Iris Valley's ships (that travel to each country regularly, on schedule)
    5. Every person in their country can control the element passed down through their parents.

    • Fire (M) + Fire (F) = Fire (child)
    • Fire (M) + Dark (F) = Darkfire (child)
    • Light (M) + Dark (F) = Darklight (child)
      • These children are almost always mentally unstable from having such badly conflicting elements. There are rare stories of children surviving into adulthood
    • Fire (M) + Ice/Water (F) = Firewater (child)

      • These children control water/ice temperature only. They can make blood literally boil, or freeze. Or can melt an iceberg or freeze a lake.

    Plot Idea
    [Not set in stone, open to suggestions/alterations]

    The king had wed the princess of Cimerian and they had given birth to a Darkfire son/daughter, the first prince/ss of two countries. While his/er parents had taken fifteen years to master their own elements completely, this little boy/girl mastered both of his/ers, darkness and fire, before s/he reached his/er ninth birthday. His/er mother, power-hungry as most Cimerians were, then thought up a plan: get rid of her humble husband and raise her son/daughter to help her expand their territory.

    But the humble king has had a backup plan since before he had wed the Cimerian princess. He already had clues set up to his whereabouts, which he only told his most trusted dragon. When the Dark queen began to set out her plan, the Fire king disappeared, leaving his precious son/daughter and dragon in the care of her mother.

    Years later, when s/he is finally old enough to leave the country on his/er own, his/er favorite dragon says it is time to leave, and they will have to leave that night. Not quite knowing what's going on, the prince/ss agrees and they make their escape that night. (The King's most trusted dragon is the prince/ss' favorite.) Eventually, the prince/ss comes across a very trustful ally to help in finding the Fire King and taking down the Dark Queen. (This ally can become a romantic interest, or stay friends.)

    But the queen would be watching carefully. After all, she could not let her only chance at covering the world in darkness pass her by.

    Major roles:
    King's trusted dragon
    Prince/ss' Ally
    Ally's pet [optional]

    To either of these, I am open to do a M/F, F/F, or M/M. I don't mind playing a male character, though I would prefer a female character. I also don't mind playing multiple characters. I normally type between one and two paragraphs, and I do my best to stay away from one-liners (that's what I'm used to, I'm trying to get away from it). I am starting school next week and I've had two job offers in the past couple days, but know that I will post at least once a day. Most of my rps are here in the forums, I do have one set up on Chatango. I don't mind email rps, or more IM rps.
    I think that's it. Let me know if you're interested :)
  2. I'm up for either of those plots. I think I'd probably be better at the first one though :] I'd probably prefer it being via email and my email is musicmakesmelove@gmail.com so let me know :D
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