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  1. Looking for a partner willing to post a few times a day at least and is comfortable with VERY detailed sexual content. Proper grammar and spelling is appreciated but I won't complain to you for making a mistake or failing to use apostrophes, im not perfect or that much of a grammar nazi. Just make sure I can understand what you mean and it's all good

    Pink = Female
    Blue = Male
    Green = Either gender
    * = My role


    *Demon x Humans (fantasy RP with rape, dubcon, some plot, combat, and other dark hardcore elements)

    Female demon who has escaped from hell and is intent on having as much fun as she can before she is tracked down and sent back by the church or angels themselves. She runs rampant in the European countryside traveling between countries terrorizing and corrupting those who she encounters.
    Feel free to add your own main character that tags along with her but keep in mind she will have interactions with other characters as well so I hope you can at least create and maintain a few side characters occasionally... She is a dominant character

    *Student x Villain (modern RP with rape, dubcon, some plot, torture, drama, and other dark hardcore elements) {Creativity as the villain is appreciated}

    A young college student studying to be a veterinarian while working part time as a cleric in a photography store. Her father ends up defaulting on a loan to the villain and fleeing the country right away leaving his wife, son, and daughter behind to suffer the consequences. She is a submissive character

    *Teacher x Students (modern RP with rape, dubcon, some plot, torture, drama, and other dark hardcore elements)

    The Teacher I have thought up is primarily a Yandere (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=yandere) who becomes obsessed with her college students one by one. Going as far as kidnapping them and keeping them hostage while she does what wants with them, this includes forcing them to love her by drugging them up or blackmailing them. She also often needs to deal with any witnesses or nosey individuals, often resorting to killing them in any way possible. She is a dominant and submissive character (if her current crush is the suave charming type)

    Nothing is too hardcore or dark for these RPs so exercise your freedom to the fullest and I will do the same. For character pics and profiles PM me
  2. *Teacher x Students (in progress)
    *Demon x Humans (in progress)

    Still need:
    *Student x Villain
  3. *Demon x Humans (in progress)

    Still need:
    *Student x Villain
    *Teacher x Students
  4. I would love to do the teacher ans student one.
  5. My apologies I was deployed to deal with the Baltimore riots but I'm off duty now. If you are still interested then PM me and we can work out the details
  6. Would you be open to original ideas or are you just looking for the three ideas you've listed here?
  7. Right now I'm only looking for these ones specifically. But if your idea is super interesting to me I'd more than willingly give it a shot with you

    Besides now only the Student x Villain is open now
  8. Hmmm, I'll go ahead and PM you the ideas I had in mind. See if you'd be interested. If that's okay?
  9. Sounds good
  10. Still need:
    *Student x Villain
  11. i would be willing to do a student x villain with you.

    Being a villain like this could be quite interesting.
  12. awesome i'll PM after I get settled in. I just got home from work
  13. sounds good. :)
  14. Aww, are all your slots taken up? I just got done with my testing and this looked damn interesting. I'd love to do the studentxvillain idea, or whatever other dark kinky ideas you might have. I've wrote serial killers, rapists, pure evil scum bags, generally outside of scat or vore (debatable, sexual eating bothers me, eating someone NORMALLY would be totally fine XP) I'm cool with anything, so if you still want a partner or something let me know on here and I'll pm you.
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