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  1. Hello there, Lillian Gray at your service.

    Before I start, here's a few things you might want to know about me. I love to write, even if my skills aren't top notch, I get pretty excited about plots and ideas, so never be afraid to shoot me a message if you have an idea as well! As for what kinds of things I like? Romance is a biggie, send it my way, and I'm all yours. Along with that, fantasy, sci-fi, slice of life, anything with a hint of mystery, horror, and humor is fine.

    If that doesn't sound good? I'm open to suggestions as well!

    These are some preferences and requests I ask of my partners.

    • Post regularly. Daily is nice, but once a week is iffy.
    • Help guide the plot, don't just follow it.
    • If you're stuck, send a PM, I'd love to either help, or just know you're going to be stuck for a while.

    • I don't have a gender preference, male or female is fine.
    • Love, love, love romance in a plot.
    • One liners don't bother me, but the longer the post, the longer my reply will be.

    Now let's talk plot.
    How awkward, it seems everything is taken! However, that doesn't mean I'm not open to your suggestions as well!

    1. Disrupted Peace TAKEN
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    Life is simple for our female role. Abandoned as a child by her mother, she has never known what other humans looked like. The girl found hope in her new home. A grove where golems come to life. They protect her, this place is their sanctuary after all, and she's long been a part of it. The girl is barely in her teens, not a child, but not a full adult, when other men come to claim the secrets of the sanctuary for their own. You, a male role, are on this expedition. The secrets of the golems or hero to the girl, her fate is in your hands.

    2. Machination TAKEN
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    In the future, the human race developed a way of making life easier - automation. Not just any sort of automation, robotic, intelligent, and humanoid. In a time of great debate over the use of such machines, there is one girl who keeps a secret from the rest of the world. Her android, molded and crafted from her own hands, has a mind. He thinks, breathes, and loves. He doesn't always understand what it means, but she fully knows that the discovery of such a machine could mean the difference of life and death for the entire automaton race. Some would seek to have her android destroyed, but what they don't know is that there are more, more deadly minds in these robots.

    3. My Maiden TAKEN
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    A Death Maiden, this is the title given to those who can commune with the dead. Men also carry the title, as a Reaper. Maidens and Reapers are taboo to speak with outside of their work, seen as ill omens and bad luck. This leaves our Maiden lonely, and constantly pestered by angry spirits. All except one. This spirit, she enjoys his presence, but love between the dead and the living is not seen as a healthy thing.

    War is raging, but this is not the story at hand. A Maiden is called to bring peace to the battlefield as countless die, their spirits rising in anger for their Kings. It's during this time that one such spirit doesn't leave, he stays, but she's unsure what it will bring.

    4. We Start at the End TAKEN

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    "She was killed before I knew it. Deep inside the catacombs, we never found what was said to be buried here. I believe in my heart that it was all a lie. Every time she dies in my arms, we begin anew at the alter, just before she touches that cursed thing. An innocent looking totem, with eyes of rubies so red, I fear they were made of blood. And every time, I scream for her to stop, but it's always too late.
    The curse begins.
    Each time begins the same way. She touches the totem, a curse is placed on her. If we don't discover a way to cure it, her body fails from the inside out, and we start back at the shrine. If she dies inside the haunted catacombs, we start back at the shrine.
    There is another force at work here, something strange, even I cannot describe it. It is not the same power which binds her to death, but another that brings her back. It is my sworn duty to find this being, and I will bring her back. We will escape."
    Two companions enter the catacombs in search of a treasure said to be buried deep within. What they find is something else entirely. A curse for the woman, a quest for the man. They relive the same days, over and over, unsure of what to believe.
    Every day, they start at the end, where their search ended, and their trials began.

    5. Saving You TAKEN

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    For this, I do have a preference for the female role.

    Friends since the beginning of time, he and her did everything together. There was never a hint of romantic intention, not really. They were more like siblings, partners in crime, together forever it seemed. College came around, and they didn't part ways even then, keeping close contact through the years.

    On a visit home the female decides to sneak out, her new friends don't really have her best interests at heart, and are of the entirely wrong crowd. In a twist of fate, both of her parents, and young brother are killed in a brutal break in. She goes to him, and she's broken, different, no loner the girl he knew as a child.

    6. Prophecies TAKEN

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    Once every one hundred years, the human race must sacrifice a pure maiden in order to satisfy the Gods of old, angered by the humans for their pointless fighting. Wars were waged, and it became tradition to sacrifice a maiden in order to set things right. The Old Gods faded, died on, but the tradition continued to keep them at peace.

    A girl is born with the power of an Old Healing goddess, and with her coming, the Old Gods are revived. Her sacrifice is called for in order to put them back to rest, back to peace. She's the child of a blacksmith, following a new god under her guild as all others do. The new gods call for her death, seeing it as a threat to their immortality. War is waged between old and new. She hopes to be saved from death, and so does the male role in our story. They run away, away from the war of the Gods.
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  2. Hello there!

    I know I am somewhat new to this site, but I love your second plot idea, and would love to discuss it further with you, if possible!
  3. Yes of course! I posted this somewhat late for my timezone, but will surely get back to you in the morning!
  4. Evening! (or morning, or afternoon...god knows my sense of time is terrible.)

    I was wondering if you would be up for some further discussion of the machination plot you have posted above? I'm a bit new (meaning ULTRA NEWB) to this site but hopefully my muscle memory for roleplaying is still up to par with what it used to be when I was actively doing it.
  5. Haha, I know who sent you. I'll discuss it with you and the member above you, seeing as you're both interested in the same idea. It's nighttime where I am.
  6. oh good. alrighty. c: if two of the same is too much, the golem one looks fantastic as well, but it is second choice. It is up to you.
  7. i have read your story up top and it interests me. i am on in afternoons around 3 pm. and i really like the story i look forward to a response on to how it will progress and when you say "Help guide the plot" what do you mean by that? is it like we help the story move forward? or to keep the story interesting? and i like story 4.
  8. To help the story move! Yes. This is an odd little thing I like to throw out there. I've had past partners who never put anything towards the flow of the story, and I had to essentially drive things myself. So, if we have a plot where A and B go on an adventure (for example) and I declare that there's a bandit on the road, I'd love it if not only you went with the idea, but formed a new one off of it. Maybe a character is seriously injured, or the bandit has some useful information towards or main goal.

    What I'm saying is put your own ideas in, things like that, and don't just follow what I say. Does that make sense? :)
  9. Hey, I like plot number 1 and 3, if I'm not too late I would like to do one of them with you.
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  10. Well, if that other person wishes to do the second one, I don't mind doing the third one with you.
  11. interesting i have done that in the past and it has turned out well. ok i like the idea of this one, I'm in if you guys do start this one up.
    just message me when you guys get it going.
  12. The first three plots have been taken, 4-6 are still available!
  13. Helllooo ! Well, I am oddly interested in number six -drums- I sort of have some ideas, if you are interested ^^ I promise to no't disappoint you.
  14. Of course! I'll shoot you a pm once I get some responses of mine done, and I'd love to hear your ideas.
  15. I still have two ideas left!
  16. that arn't taken? because i'm interested in 4, and i'v been trying to figure out how the occ posting works do they move it after you post it or what? because me and some other people who are new are trying to figure out how that works.
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  17. I just joined two days ago. I have no idea.
  18. Evening. I like all your plots
    They're kinda cool
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