A Few Ideas; also open to ideas of yours!

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  1. I've got a few ideas floating around, and I'm interested in doing any number of these as one-on-ones. (I'll also consider group RPs, but only if it fits with the plot, naturally).

    A quick note before I begin: I essentially exclusively play guys. Though I have played females before, it's harder for me to get inside the character's skin the way I can with guys. So I tend to prefer guys, though I'd be happy to discuss it if you have a particular idea.

    // I can do romance with the other character as either gender, as a note. Romance isn't really necessary, though it would certainly spice up some of the plots. ;)

    So, without further ado--

    1. This RP would be set in a modern-ish society where people occasionally develop powers, usually between the ages of 12 and 18. These cases are rare, with about 1 in 1000 children developing a power. Of those, about half lose control of their powers and die; an estimated quarter are never noticed because the power is so weak, and the remainder are committed to special institutions, like asylums, where they are given medication to restrict their powers. Having a power is treated as a mental illness, as taking medication eventually leads to the power going out of control, and very few are aware that in its original form, a power is controllable.
    I've planned out some plot for this one; the way I've been thinking about it, my character would be a guy who has developed his power outside of the knowledge of the government and has been on the run for some time. Your character would ideally be someone who develops a rare, strong power around the start of the RP; they might run away together, fight the government, etc. We can plan out the specifics over PM, or whatever. ;)

    2. Your character has been betrothed to the second son of the king. His older brother (my character) acts as one of the palace guards after being removed from the line of succession for disrespecting multiple members of the nobility. I'm thinking some secret romance would start, along with some sort of rebellion against the crown to spice things up.

    I'm also very open to ideas, especially in the supernatural vein. I'm up for anything right now, so if you have an idea and think I might fit the bill, hit me up with a message and we'll talk. ^^

    Message me / post here if you're interested in any of these! :) All plot details are essentially up for discussion as well.
  2. Ohhhhh, number one looks promising and is about what I was looking for as well.
  3. Awesome, I'll PM you in a sec. My internet's flashing on and off.
  4. awww I wanted to try the first one as well TwT
  5. I like number one, but I like number two the best. Its sorta been one of my RP cravings for a while now, that type of plot.
  6. If your still looking, Im open to number 2. :)
  7. I would be interested in plot number too if you would be :)
  8. I like number two. And I love playing females, sooo. :D