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Which group idea do you like the most?

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  1. Women's Rule

  2. Steampunk Wizards

  3. The Line of Duty

  4. Virtual Reality Games

  5. Undiscovered Lands

  6. The Orphanage

  7. None! I will leave you with a few (one, or none) suggestion(s)!

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  1. Hello!
    Welcome to

    It took me a while, because my brain was mush for most of the day, but then I had a sudden spark and wrote down these group ideas! I've labeled them accordingly so you don't have to go sorting through each one. Enjoy!

    Women's Rule

    (medivalish setting)
    A world in which one or more countries where women have dominance over men.

    Playable Characters:
    Men and Women
    (jobs will be discussed if there is a RP)

    havent thought of a name so, lets put this one blunty:
    Steampunk Wizards
    if anyone has a better name, tell me

    (set in steampunk/fantasy setting)
    In a steampunk world, some are gifted well while others are not. Those who are considered gifted are considered wizards because they have powers of magic. However, they're scarce because:
    They're either hunted
    Or they simply aren't born often.

    Anyways, two plots:
    Wizard Competitions are coming up and the top person will become royalty or something (dice or decide in PMs, never used dice before tho)

    The Alliance and the Rebels. The Alliance is there to hunt the wizards while the Rebels fights against them. The one who wins will probably rule their little country. Maybe you could be someone who was peace between both sides.... Hm...

    Playable Characters:
    Humans with or without powers
    Leaders (also deciding ranks) of the Alliance, the Rebels, or the Pacifists.
    (basically practice building your own world in an RP)

    The Line of Duty
    in some actuality, I generated some titles and then these ideas popped in my head.

    (set in a futuristic setting)
    The Hero's accosiation has recently been founded, and is in need of Heros. (haueh, One Punch Man...no) ranking from F all the way to SSS.

    Possible Plots (or suggest ones):
    Villians are threatening the cities! Be a villians or a hero and stop each other!
    (or) the villians have won the battles and have taken over the cities! However, a new era of hero's have been born!
    (or) Hero's have preserved peace for a long, long time! But, the viians are evolving!
    The hero's haven't been getting any real work. However, now something has been corrupting some of the hero's. Now it's Hero's vs Hero's?! Maybe the Villians are willing to team up with them!

    Playable Characters:
    Corrupted Heros (if plot wins)

    pls help me with names
    i beg of you
    Virtual Reality Games

    (set in a slightly futuristic/fantasy world
    like log horizon
    except not log horizon)
    Sucked into a PC game, the characters team up or solo to reach the top and eventually escape the game. Will there be NPC competition? Will one one be able to leave if one reaches the top?

    Playable Characters:
    Playable NPCs (ha)
    The players sucked in
    And of course, if you want to be a boss in the end-game, go ahead.

    Undiscovered Lands

    (imagine if there were no buildings or roads or anything modern. that's this place)
    Almost the same as the previous, but this time, sucked into an uncivilized world. They are the key to a prophecy that says that they will prevent disaster, or aid disaster. Which will it be, or will it be both?

    Playable Characters:
    Those that are sucked in
    (maybe be the evil or disaster that comes with prophecy later)

    i give up. bluntness
    The Orphanage

    (Maybe historical/modern/modern fantasy)
    The characters live in a cottage (now turned into an orphanage), of all ages (maybe set in the past). They're being watched over an old lady.
    The characters may or may not have special powers (miss peregrines...).
    Another laid back RP.

    Playable Characters:
    Adults (to pick em up)
    Supervisors (like butlers or just supervisors to watch over children)

    Now that you've read one (hopefully more), it's time to vote!
    as you can see
    am experimenting with bbcode

    i feel so accomplished
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  2. Undiscovered Lands, if we are allowed to play inhabitants.
  3. Yep! Inhabitants are allowed. I'm more of a laid back person, so I try to make the first RP I start open to everyone.

    Update: Added a small list of playable Characters in each idea.
  4. Steampunk Wizards sound amazing lol
  5. Whichever gets to a least 7-10 votes will be the one I'm choosing. However, it'll probably be a while before I get everything up because I have something in mind for most of them.
  6. Undiscovered Lands is taking a good lead.
  7. I'll make 3. How's that sound? I'll post OOC's when I get the chance. I had a lot I wanted to do with all of them, and I'm glad the ones that I had nice ideas for are getting picked.

    The three are:
    Undiscovered Lands
    Steampunk Wizards
    Virtual Reality games.

    I might make more once I free up my RPs (or someone makes it for me ;u;).
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  8. Undiscovered Lands is my ideal, but Steampunk Wizards place second on my wants.

    Overall, I think Undiscovered Lands is more fun because we're building a world from a provided yet somewhat grassy, uncivilised one.
  9. Tag me for Steampunk^^
  10. Tagged for UL (Undiscovered...):

    Tagged for SW(Steampunk...):

    Tagged for VRG:Karakui


    Did I miss anyone? (Because I forgot to make the people who vote visible)
  11. Depending upon the writing level, I may be interested in Undiscovered Lands and the Steampunk idea (in that order). c:
  12. Alright, I'm going to tag you for SW really quick. I already started the conversation, be sure to read over it and add some of your ideas. :)
  13. Feel free to tag me for Undiscovered Lands as well. c:
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