A few different ideas...

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  1. Well, I have a few ideas that I want to do. Any of these can be either m/f or f/f, sorry I just don't do m/m. They would more than likely become mature. I have deeper ideas for these....
    Means I want to play this role

    God OR Godess/mortal
    Friend/Friend's less less than stable friend
    Bedouin Culture
    Gypsy Culture
    Roman style
    Pharaoh/dancing girl
  2. Ooh, I like the Pharaoh and dancing girl idea!
  3. Alright, I'm not sure I live up to your post example though.
  4. That's absolutely fine, my first post is usually really long to get some background in there but then I'll ease up and go shorter :3 Plus, I don't mind shorter posts in return!
  5. Alrighty! Well then, I suppose you are fine with it being mature? Perhaps along the lines of her vying for his affection while trying to make herself stand out from the others?
  6. I'm okay with it being mature, but be sure you post it in the Mature section instead of the OnexOnes!

    And, hmmm.. I'll figure something out! :3 You want to post first?
  7. Of course I'll post it in mature :P
    Aye I can try to make up a post!
  8. Okies!

    -waits- :3