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  1. So, I was looking through some old Character Sheets while looking for one I needed for a roleplay idea.. And I found that I've got a few that I made but never got to play.. So! I am here to see if anyone is up for doing something with some of these Characters I have in my unused-file.. Now, most of these are from like 3 or 4 years ago almost names are similar in a way -mainly because it was easy to remember them all with school and stuff-.. With this said some have names I'm already using and some have odd names that -despite them being odd- were easier for me to remember, since I tended to remember names that I thought sound neat or different..

    With this said, I don't want to change any of them, including the name -but may allow age-.. Anyhoos here are a few of the ones I read over and want to try playing again.. None really have any plots attached to them so if your interested we'll talk ^^

    Character 1 (open)
    This is one of my oldest and most basic guy. I first made him when I was 14, and he's been tweaked over the years but is still my total gem

    Name: Jeramiya (Jeramy) Scooner

    Age: 25

    Appearance: Jeramy has short brown hair that stops just above his shoulders with bangs that hang loosely over his deep icy blue eyes. His is 6'7" and is fairly slim. His skin is slightly tanned. Normally he wears dark blue jeans, white or black shirt, black leather jacket and black army boots. He also has a dog tag around his next with his name and birthday engraved on it.

    Personality: Despite his look Jeramy is very caring and at times over protective. He never really thinks about himself and isn't afraid to put himself in harms way if he thinks it will prevent others from getting hurt. He's very open and loves being around children since it lets him act childish.

    Bio/History: Growing up he was always told by his father that the best wasn't good enough. He spent most of his childhood chasing after goals his father put in front of him, not really being a child. After graduating from school at the age of 16 due to having skipped 2 grades Jeramy began teaching fencing at the local dojo in his hometown. At this point he had gotten a mastery in fencing, ancient swordplay, judo and various forms of martial arts. Despite never looking the part he also proved to be very strong, flexible and athletic. Now he is the owner of the dojo he trained at, teaching kids from 5 up to 18. He offers classes in every skill he has, making his the biggest multi-talent dojo in the country.

    Misc: He is like a child when it comes to sweet and cute things. Also, despite his father's disapproval Jeramy is openly bisexual and admits to preferring men.

    Character 2 (open)
    This one is from my high school years.. It's been modified to make more sense since the original was for a twisted and dark Alice In Wonderland.. Though I'd love to see him in something like that again... Ah why not I'll just show you the original XD

    Name: Prince Spades -Mad- Hatter

    Age: 21

    Appearance: I actually have two I flip back and forth between.. Though I've been used two more often.
    Looks 1 (open)

    Looks 2 (open)

    Personality: Spades is mad. He's the one who plays tricks on you just so he can burst into laughter. In fact he would laugh even there's nothing to laugh about. He is however caring and even though he loves riddles, doesn't mind telling you about himself. Many say he is the result of pure Wonderland Madness -the very Madness made famous by his dear old father, The Mad Hatter- and is considered by many to be too mad to handle. Like his father he is obsessed with tea time.

    Bio/History: Spades was born under the idea that he was the only son of the King and Queen of Spades. However the older he got the more the King of Spades noticed signs of Wonderland Madness, only seen in those living outside in the Tulgey Woods. On Spades's 10th birthday he began to demand Tea Time Parties, convincing the King of Spades he wasn't his child. After five years of trying to figure it out the Queen of Spades admitted to having an affair with The Mad Hatter, which resulted in Spades being born. Out-ragged and discussed by the boy being born with Wonderland Madness he banished Spades from the castle and forbid the Queen from every leaving. Due to the Madness in his blood this event didn't bother him at all. Instead he went to his father's Tea Party and has been living with his true father until now. Since his old man is well old, Spades has taken over the Tea Party. Just like his father he has a bad habit of throwing cups -with and without tea inside- and playing cards at guests. Though he never aims to harm them, only scare the hell out of them.

    Character 3 (open)

    Name: Austin Brentwood

    Nickname: Trigger

    Age: 23

    Appearance: He likes to carry around his pistol and a swiz-army knife hidden in his boot.
    Looks (open)

    Personality: He's able to switch smoothly between super-sweet-nice guy and deadly-I'll murder you- cold guy. He doesn't really act outside of what he has to and rarely shows any true emotions. In a way he has learned acting gets you through life, so he never thinks about what he's doing... He just does it.

    Bio/History: Austin was 7 years old when his parents were killed because if a debt his father had to the mafia. He grew up jumping through foster care since no one wanted a boy who didn't show his emotions. His way of dealing with his parents death was to shut himself off, but that just made people avoid him. At 16 he got fed up, quit school and got a job working at a coffee shop, where he earned enough to get a small apartment. By the time he turned 18 he was living independently and at 20 got a job working under cover for the local police force. Since he was able to act without being detected he soon became the go to guy for undercover operations that needed someone on the inside to get up close and personal with the targets. Even though every criminal gets caught many believe said criminal just didn't listen to Austin. His undercover -and underground- name is Trigger, since he never hesitates to shot and kill someone. Though he tends to stick with shooting the knee, hand or foot if they person needs to stay alive.

    Character 4 (open)
    This guy was inspired by Zorro and V For Vendetta, though it's mostly the look and protecting people parts

    Name: Oni Mikoshi -My weird names sorta started with him-

    Age: 24

    Looks (open)

    Personality: Oni is very kind and generous. He'd rather help someone in need then worry about himself. He is very selfless and tries hard to make everyone around him happy. However when it comes to his appearance under his costume Oni is very shy and very hesitant to show anyone what lies underneath the mask and chest-plate. He is also not very trusting of others, though this mostly applies to who he trusts to share his secret with -see below-.

    Bio/History: Oni was left at an orphanage just after he was born with no reason as to why. Life for him was normal until one day when he was 13 the orphanage he lived in caught fire after another boy started playing with matches. Though most were unharmed Oni and a few others were burnt, however Oni's burns were the worst. Since had been in the room that was first caught on fire his entire left side was badly burnt. Along with the scars Oni could no longer hear in his left ear, see out of his left eye or feel anything anywhere on his left side. Against all odds he learned how to use his left arm, hand and leg perfectly again, making it seem like nothing was wrong unless his scars were visible. Over the years people began to avoid Oni due to his scars and in an effort to stop this he began to weak a mask, chest-plate and gloves to hide them. Due to the fact that he enjoys doing parkour around the city he is very well build and is also very strong. His greatest proof is he can do hand-stand-push-ups with one arm.

    If you are interested in trying something with any of these guys let me know and we'll come up with something together ^^ I don't have any plots for them so feel free to suggest something!

    -Psst- I totally love Opposites Attract and Male x Male pairings.. So those will totally get my attention
  2. Your male "Trigger" Character is he open for grabs
  3. Yeah ^^ Send me a PM??
  4. O.o your character 2 is so cool want to do a mad Alice in Wonderland like rp with me?
  5. Haha glad you like him ^^ He's by far my oldest -still used- character XD Shoot me a PM ^^ I'd love to do a Wonderland thing with you =)

    Oh, also just to anyone who is or wants to roleplay with me... I'm currently in a bit of a bind so my time online is very short right now.. I haven't forgotten, dropped or ignored anyone, I just don't have very much time to come on longer then a few minutes every night