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  1. Entering through the automatic sliding doors the first person you see is a woman behind a counter. When she see's you and who ever has come with you to check you in a drop you off, she greets you with a high-pitched, "Hello! Welcome!" The woman has a big,white,toothy grin bordered with bright red lipstick the same color as her hair. "I'm Julie. I'm so glad to finally meet you and that your joining us here at Happy Jack's!" She says to you, after she's handed the adults their last bit of paper work, and answered their last questions. Julie calls over someone to help with you bags, and walks you down a hall. "This will be your room while you're here with us. I'll leave you to settle in. Dinner is served at 6pm, which is in 30 minutes!" With a final smile she leaves you alone, but not completely. A tiny camera up in the corner of your room is saying hello as well, welcoming to your first day at
    Happy Jack's Mental Rehabilitation Home for Teens.

    Daily Scheduale:

    • Breakfast at 8am
    • Private Psychiatric Sessions between 10am and 12pm
    • Lunch at 1pm
    • Group Therapy 2pm to 2:40 pm
    • Additional Medical Help/ Physical (If necessary) 3pm to 4pm
    • Free Time 4pm-7pm
    • Dinner 7pm
    • Lights Out at 10pm (Unless it's a movie night, or special activity)
    • Visiting Hours: 4pm-7pm Tue-Fri
    You're a teenager with some problems...it could be anything from depression, and alcohol abuse to Borderline Personality Disorder, Paranoid Personality Disorder, to even Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and Bulimia, or just being plain rebellious. You name it, a patient at Happy Jack's has it. Your guardians had tried everything they could to help you. They took you to every doctor and psychiatric and got you on all the medication they could afford. But in the end, nothing worked, and you grew to be to much to handle. Or they just got tired of you. So they sent you to Happy Jack's Mental Rehabilitation Home for Teens, where you'll live, and be treated, only to be sent home when your finally normal. Whether check in willingly, or kicking and screaming, you come to realize Happy Jack isn't all peaches and cream like it seems. You come to find that patients are be using at test subjects for weird and sometimes cruel experiments run by the doctors and scientists on staff. Teens don't get cured, they get steadily worse until they just stop talking, and do as they're told to avoid being tested on.

    Character Sheets:

    Age: (13-17)
    Name: (First and Last including any nicknames or whatever)
    Problem: (Disorder/Illness/Reason for being sent to Happy Jack's)
    Personality: (Brief description)
    History: (What brought on the above^, school life, family life, yada yada)
    Appearance: (Description or picture)

    Age: (19-Old)
    Name: (First and Last including Dr. or whatever)
    Job: (Doctor, Scientist, Assistant, Nurse, Patient Counselor*, etc)
    Background: (History, past jobs, why they're working at Happy Jack's)
    Appearances: (Description or picture)
    Personality: (Brief description)
    *Counselors are young staff members who supervise patients and play the good cop/big brother/sister role for them. They live on the facilities in their own building


    • For patients, try to pick a problem your somewhat familiar with and nothing that would make them unnecessarily hard to interact or deal with
    • Keep in mind that the staff are not evil, really, just some have more of a sense of humanity and caring toward patients than others
    • If you're a staff member and you would like to conduct an experiment on the patients just ask me first and I'll tell you whether its okay or not (it will probably be okay)
    • It would be in everyone's benefit if you were to make at least 2 characters
    • That's pretty much it. General things apply, and if you have questions just ask!
  2. Patient
    Age: (13-17) 17

    Name: (First and Last including any nicknames or whatever) Ariana Valentine ( Crazy Ari)

    Problem: (Disorder/Illness/Reason for being sent to Happy Jack's) Aspergers Syndrome/ADHD

    Personality: (Brief description) She has a tendency to spout random and weird facts at random times, which unnerves people, and she is also incredibly hyper - never sitting still or keeping quiet about anything. She gets highly obsessed with things, from music groups to book series'.

    History: (What brought on the above^, school life, family life, yada yada) She has always been the weird outsider child, from when she was little, but after she was discovered trying out voodoo on her sister's doll, her parents decided she had had enough. Ari has a particular interest in facts, and she has always been reading everything in sight.

    Appearance: (Description or picture) http://s4.favim.com/orig/49/ariana-ariana-grande-celebrity-cute-fashion-Favim.com-443873.jpg

    Triggers?: N/A

    Other: She has a tattoo of a butterfly on her lower back from when she went through her tattoo-phase.

    (I'll do the staff one later on)
  3. Um quick question, how well, screwed up can the characters get?

    Like Asylum screwed up or just teenager screwed up? Just so I know the boundaries in which I can make a character. xD
  4. I'd say from teenager-screw-up to a few-steps-below asylum screwed up. So not incredibly ludacris, since it's a rehabilitation center.
  5. Ah, okay. I was planning on making a nymphomaniac, but I've toned it down a bit. ^^

    Age: 16

    Name: Emmalina Crowe

    Problem: Single Teenage Mother/Alcoholic

    Personality: Emmalina was once a very bright fun girl until she became severely depressed by her boyfriend leaving her and their baby without a word. She is usually quiet but every once in a while the bubbly persona manages to peek out. She sometimes has moodswings that make her louder than normal.

    History: Emmalina lived a normal life for a girl. She had friends, she had crushes, she had insecurities. From one simple look at a younger Emmalina you would have thought she would be okay in life, but it was around 13 when vices and influences got the best of her. She ended up dating this bad-boy in her first year of highschool who introduced her to Alcohol, sex and a whole lot of unpure rebellious things. She was 15 when her parents learned of her pregnancy and proceedingly threw her out, only with the clothes in her back and the money Emmalina had in her pockets. Instead of changing herself for the better, she turned even more towards vices and it seemed like she would end up drinking herself and her daughter to death until her brother put her in the Rehabilitation center out of sympathy/

    Appearance: Emmalina has poorly unkempt light blond hair with streaks of brown that came naturally. Her skin is a pale almost clammy color due to her alcohol addiction, she stands about 5'4 and her body was very lithe in her younger years but now seems somewhat older and thinner because of again, her alcohol. If it weren't for her child and alcohol she would have probably been extremely gorgeous.

    Triggers?: Her moodswings are usually random, some people think that it happens when she doesn't drink alcohol.

    Other: She has a 1 year old daughter named Audrey Crowe, who she keeps with her at all times despite Jack's wanting to put Audrey up for adoption much to her distaste.
  6. I like it! The only thing I find that could be problematic is the baby.

    I'm going to be making my own characters soon as well
  7. Eh, I can either make Audrey a very rare side-character or maybe Emmalina is pregnant at the moment. Or she can not have the baby at all and just be a crazy alcoholic. xD

    Up to your really~
  8. I think it would be a good plot point for her to be pregnant
  9. Age: 15
    Name: Janette Ramsay, Jan, Netty
    Problem: Schizotypal Personality Disorder
    Personality: Janette is very quiet and detail oriented. To the frustration of others, she's gone weeks without saying a word. She likes to look at things up close, and noticed tiny little things no one else seems to. When she does speak, its often mumbled or whispered. Jan is kind hearted but the line between good and bad is blurred for her, so often she causes more harm than good even if her intentions were kind. She is angered and scared easily, both can cause her to scream, and lash out with physical violence.
    History: Janette's parents were a young couple who desperately wanted a child. After many failed attempts they adopted a son, but Janette was born a little over a year later. Feeling blessed to be gifted with two children, her parents became devout in Catholicism, and raised their family as die-hard Catholics, even sending the kids to Catholic school. Janette was always very open about her disbelief in the Catholic church, which angered everyone. When she was little no one thought anything was wrong with her, and she was just shy, and a bit different. But is became clear with age that her behavior was more than oddity. She would have horrible nightmares and become very delusional at random times, and never had any friends. By the time she got kicked out of school, her parents had given up on their daughter.
    Appearance: tumblr_mjzifp0KYA1r8f244o1_500.jpg
    Triggers?: Baths.
    Other: She spends a lot of time braiding her hair

    Age: 20
    Name: Ricky Ferraro
    Job:Assistant/ Patient Counselor
    Background:His father works as a scientist at Happy Jack's. His original plan was to go be an architect, but when his main supporter, his mother, died, he lost confidence in himself and decided to work along side his father for the time being.
    Appearances: tumblr_mjzic5YhGp1r8f244o1_500.jpg
    Personality: Takes himself very seriously despite his name and everyone's refusal to call him Rick. Used to be a wild child, drinking and partying every night but now wishes to be treated like a respectable adult. He does this to please his father. He has some anger issues, and a bit of an attitude problem, both of which he suppresses.
    Other: Sometimes he sketches the patients

  10. Patient
    Age: 18
    Name: Phil Coté (Pip)
    Problem: Mild Aspergers syndrome, psychotic
    Personality: Open, believes the doctors are tryinging to control him, so he rebels at times and never takes his medication. Scheming, clever, obsessed with MLP: FiM, very creative, blunt, tends to speak in the third person, paranoid.
    History: Nothing is really known about other than what's on his file. at one point while staying in the ward, he attempted to renact the Fanfic Cupcakes. This didn't end so well for the patient he tried to reanact on. he was thrown into a Padded cell for three years only driving him further into madness, causing him to speak in third person. but he's now safe enough to keep around the other patients. he has plotted several escape attempts, all of them failing at one point (Fucking dogs). and at one point made a batch of Poisoned cupcakes and fed them to the other patients and staff. he even ate some of the poison to avert suspion.
    Appearance: Glasses, dark brown hair (kept short), 5'8", wears a straight jacket as a cloak, broen eyes, tanish skin
    Triggers?: Unknown
    Other: randomness (tends to poison/drug the guards when they're not looking.)
  11. The only thing I would have to ask is that you bump down his age, and maybe tone him down a bit. It's a new age "rehabilitation" center for the most point, not something like a mental hospital or asylum. Otherwise things seem great!