A few against the dead IC

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  1. Arrow looked up from sharpening his knife and slid it into one of his many holsters while he stood to shake her hand. "Nope, I'm just in charge till the boss gets back. Name's Arrow. You must be Violet."
  2. Violet nodded, shaking Arrow's hand. Her black jacket covered her grey turtleneck. Her black jeans matched her jacket and her Black nikes. The only thing to show she was some type of fighter was the dagger clipped onto her belt. She'd left her gun at home.
  3. Nost ran towards the pair with his toolbox in hand. "Engineer Nost, reporting for..." He fell and hit his head in the floor. Cleaning his face, he stood up. "...Reporting for duty." He finished. He liked being called an Engineer. That was always his dream. Not that it could be possible anymore.
  4. Violet turned as a new voice entered her thoughts. She stepped forward when he fell, but he seemed okay. She asked anyway. "Are you okay?"
  5. Arrow smirked slightly after scanning the girl quickly and deciding that she would take some work, but she might be worth it. "Violet, this is Nost." Arrow slid her knife out of his sleeve. "You might want this back, and take this as well." He reached into his backpack and pulled out an M16A1 and a box of ammo.
  6. She nodded at Nost and took her knife and the gun. "Umm, nice to meet you Nost."
  7. Nost smiled and as he said: "Nice to meet you too!", always with the enthusiasm he always showed.

    He looked at the gun Arrow gave to her, and then remembered something. With an expression of joy, he searched inside his box and pulled out some sort of firing mechanism.
    "The boss told me to give you this!" He said as he handed her the gun-looking thing. Made out of wood and rubber bands, it seemed more like a toy than as a weapon.
    "Don't let the looks discourage you. It fires projectiles that can penetrate a skull without problems, and it works with pebbles! Great for an emergency!"
  8. Arrow smirked. "Child's play."
  9. Violet smiled and stepped back a little to see how Arrow reacted. She wanted to know the team members inside out, and their reactions with each other. That's when she works her best, when she knew who she was working with.
  10. Arrow thought for a moment and tossed an apple to Violet. "Hold this and go to that tree." He pointed to a tree about thirty yards away.
  11. Nikki huffed as she pulled the truck up to the base before she cut the ignition, jumped out and slammed the driver's door to a close. Standing at six foot tall, sh cast an imposing picture to most. Her lab coat billowed open some as the breeze flitted through. She always wore it, it gave her extra pockets. She reached into the bed of the truck and tugged the two bags out. One had more medical supplies for the sick bay and the other had her toys in it. Silver eyes glanced up, seeing a new girl with the guys. A slender brow rose as Arrows voice traveled to her on the wind. She made a face. She didn't like it when the guys did something, in her own mind, that was risky, and ergo stupid. SH shook her head and stalked towards the building, knowing better than to even try.
  12. Violet nodded and caught the apple, walking over to the tree. When she reached it, she stopped and turned around.
  13. In a single flash of movement, Arrow threw a kunai from his belt, pinning the apple to the tree.
  14. Violet glanced between the apple and Arrow. She nodded, then sat down, looking up at the apple and the blade as if inspecting it. After a moment or two she took the blade and the apple and came back. "Nice and clean, cool."
  15. In another flash of movement, half of the apple disappeared from her hand and appeared in arrows, a large chunk missing from it.
  16. "Dude, don't do that. We need the food!" Nost said as he saw Arrow throwing his knife to that delicious apple. He believed they had to ration the food because... well, they needed to eat. "Doing something like that is stupid in so many ways! You snot-head!" The ten-year-old technology expert wasn't the most mature of all elements, but even he knew that was something dangerous, and they could not afford to have accidents.
  17. Violet nodded, setting the apple down. "Your fast." She commented, more to herself than anyone else, but aloud nonetheless.
  18. "Chill. It isn't wasted," Arrow said as he threw the other half to Nost.
  19. "Of course I am. Have you ever seen a slow assassin? It just doesn't work."