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  1. Hey looking for a one or two to start with at first!
    Romance RP!
    Haven't rp in a few years trying to get back into it!
    If you have a idea let me know!
    Rather play female but can do male if we double
    I just clicked on the ones that would apply I figure most click on lol
    Message me!
    Here some pairings
    Student x student
    Teacher x student
    Bestfriend x bestfriend
    Nerd x jock
    Shy x popular
    Kidnapper x victim
    Human x vampire
    Human x werewolf
    Demon x human
    Angel x demon
    Angel x human
    Rockstar x shy girl
    Princess x prince
    Prince x servant
    Royal x bodyguard
    Princess x knight
    Princess x servant
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  2. I wanted to ask before I sent you a pm what kind of romance rp's do you do, example like are you a MxF, FxF, or MxM, or all three. And another question I had was what gender do you play male or female?
  3. Mxf
    I usually play female but I can play male if we double. In rusty on males so it better if we double if I have to play a male.
  4. I do have a plot or a teen pregnancy
  5. Still looking :)
  6. Still looking :)
    I am open for suggestions :)
  7. Still looking :)

    Wanting to do a teacher x student pairing.
  8. Still looking :)
  9. Still open :)
  10. I might want to do one. you into F x F?
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  11. No sorry
    Just f x m
    If you want to rp pm me :)
  12. Hello,

    I'm interested in the human x Vampire and human x Werewolf.

    I prefer doubling. I was thinking of having a female Werewolf and a male vampire/human (whichever one you'd prefer).
  13. Pm me
    Human x werewolf
  14. I'm interested in doing student/teacher, human/demon, human/vampire, angel/demon.

    I have no preference of gender
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