A Few 1x1 M/F, Seeking Males

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  1. Hello. :-) Hope everyone's doing well. ;-) I've got a few ideas I'm looking for good partners for. These will be long term, with supernatural stuff involved either in the background or as a main focus. I am a FEMALE rper looking for MALE partners.


    The first is inspired by the new season of AHS, and it would involve two people who are part of either just a Freak Show or an entire circus with my character being a gypsy, so very much an outcast, as well as being a witch.

    The second can go one of two ways. One is set during the witch trials, with my character being a witch who gets caught. She ends up seducing the hunter who finds her, and then using her magic to trap him with her. To begin with they are at each others throats, but gradually each realizes the other isn't all bad. She uses her magic for good, healing and helping.
    The other side of that is a werewolf and a hunter, with my character as the wolf. I figured the hunter could track her down but by the time he catches her, she's gone back to her human form, which is beautiful, despite being marred and marked.
  2. The second idea sounds interesting and I'd be up for either way you want to go.