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  1. I have a few roleplay ideas in mind that I would really like to play! I have to warn everyone though, I am kind of picky and I apologize, I just don't want to scare someone off with a seven paragraph post when they are used to one or two. So I respectfully request a three paragraph minimum, exceptions when there isn't anything to work with and writer's block. I also need male partners for all three ideas because I have already come up with my characters and they all happen to be female. Okay, with that out of the way...

    • A small group of gypsies is traveling around like nomads, selling hand crafted items from their carriage home as they go and dancing to make money. One gypsy in particular has a specialty with twirling ribbon and incorporates it into her dance.
      You character can be anything you want him to be! A run away prince, a simple street rat, maybe even a magician of some sort!
      This is an "anything can happen" kind of rp, but romance is definitely required.

    • A girl is abused for years by her father and one night he snaps, violates her and then kills himself. Depression has it's claws firmly wrapped around her that night, and after a trip to the hospital her aunt picks her up and takes her out to the country to her ranch. There the girl meets a young man who occasionally helps out her aunt and he seems to take a liking to her. And over time he helps her recover from various fears and overall depression.
      Another where I leave your character vague so you can make him however you wish. Again, romance.~

    Let me know if anyone is interested! And if you don't like any of these ideas but would like to play with me, just shoot me a PM and we can plot. :D Happy writing!~
  2. Hello there Mode ^^ I think the second Idea sounds quite fun, I would love to rp it with you
  3. I've got another idea to throw at you guys and I'd like to mention to everyone that I don't like one liner roleplays, I understand many people do but it's not for me. I really love length but I realize that most people just don't write like that so I'll ask for a two paragraph minimum when writing with me, exceptions with writer's block and nothing to work with. And again I'll be looking for male characters for this, please. :)

    * New York City, protected day and night by it's local superheros. There are a good number of them, after all super villains have decided to try and make it their homes. They all work together to protect the great city, together they form a great team that seems to be able to stop everything. All the supers share the glory and are popular amongst all the people, but there is a newcomer who seems to believe the spot light is all his. He seems to be showing up at the last second and finishing it, and taking all the glory for himself. Furious, the other supers decide to call it quits and let him protect the city on his own since that's what he wants. The other supers go into hiding and live normal lives, while one lone superhero vows to protect the city.
    He is able to keep the city safe for three years. But now word is leaking that the super villains are drawing back to rally troops and put on a full blown war. The lone super knows he can't do this alone and from his government agent he is able to get information on a former super who still lives in the city by the name of Prowler, and he goes to her to ask for help.
    ( I'd be taking Prowler, who is pretty much like Beast Boy. If you don't know who that is, she is a shape shifter but can only transform into animals, and also in human form she can speak to animals. You can choose your characters power(s) but don't make him too powerful, you know? )

  4. Im interested in the first one. But id like to be a female. all my other rps im doing males. i need a break lol
  5. Sorry, only looking for somebody to fill up this latest plot idea.