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  1. Hey guys, so this is a plot I have started with someone but seems to be going a little slow so I'm interested in trying it with a different person.

    Basically the plot involves two best friends. There would be some sort of crisis and now humanity is barely hanging on. One character (The one I would prefer to play) Is a werewolf...or chose to become one...unwillingly became one...we can discuss that. If she were to choose to become one it would be so she could finally step up and have to stop relying on her friend. Who would always protect her and keep her from harm. In the end she became frustrated and felt as if she was just a useless burden. So she got herself into this mess for him...in a way.

    If she doesn't choose it and it just happens well...we can work the details out later, lol.

    The story would start at the point where she has recently been bitten She hasn't told him anything about it, or is clueless about it, depending on which way the story goes. Her first change has not happened yet but it's just around the corner.

    That is one idea, here are a few more. The plot is basically the same just some minor differences.

    The Werewolf/Human plot would involve a female and a male, or another female. Obviously one of wich is a werewolf. The idea is that the human character would stumble upon the werewolf character changing back then everything starts. Perhaps one starts following the other, maybe he/she starts pestering the werewolf with questions and so on. But that's the basic idea for it, I think it could be interesting.

    The third idea (Werewolf/Vampire), is rather similar with just a couple of differences. The vampire character would stumble upon the werewolf changing or changing back but it would take place in a world or country where werewolves were thought to be 'extinct'. Piquing the interest of the vampire, perhaps they start bombarding the werewolf with questions as well, or maybe the vampire has other intentions for the werewolf.

    This idea recently came to my mind. It would involve a couple, married or not. Basically they were out together, (details can be discussed later) on their way home they both get kidnapped/abducted, bagged and taken to a place that is unknown to them. When they arrive they are found within a large cage, together. They're in an arena, an arena used for dog fights, and by dog fights I mean werewolves. The two are challenged to defeat the wolf and if they do, gain their freedom. I was thinking that one of the two gets infected before they defeat the werewolf and that person hides it. They gain their freedom and leave. Obviously the infected starts changing and from there I was thinking that maybe the people that run the fights come looking for them again or something of the sort. More details can be discussed but this is the basic idea.

    That's all I got atm. If you are interested feel free to post here or PM me. I will obviously respond to either. I am looking for someone to play the human character for the two ideas and the vampire for the last. Although things can be tinkered with. All you gotta do is ask and we could possibly figure out something else.

    Although I would prefer playing the werewolf in any plot.

    I'm your typical one paragraph plus poster, I would like the same from you. Also I would like someone who isn't afraid to advance the story on their own and not just wait for me. I am on rather often and I warn you now that I can get rather annoying in asking you to post, I don't do it on purpose I just get anxious and like to move it on. :)

    I think that's all for now, hope this doesn't turn people away and I hope someone is interested. :) Thanks for your time.
  2. I'm really interested in your second idea about the vampire/werewolf! I would prefer male/female if that's alright with you (yuri isn't exactly my style) :)

    I make an effort to post every day, so don't worry! I will be going on a short vacation within the next few days but I'll have full internet access so it shouldn't be a problem.

    I don't think I'm able to PM yet so we can work the details out here for now? :)
  3. We can definitely talk here. Nice to see some interest. :)
  4. So, what we've got so far:

    Werewolves are thought to be extinct by the vampire population so my character is intrigued when he stumbles upon yours. Perhaps humans are the reason werewolves are so rare and they now threaten the existence of vampires as well.

    I like to see romance, etc. develop with the plot so maybe the vampire intends to use the werewolf to his benefit somehow and it goes from there? What do you think? I'm a little rusty :)
  5. Perhaps your character is one that only knew of werewolves as legends so when he sees one is greatly intrigued by it, maybe even almost frightened? Just an idea really. The thought of humans being at fault is cool too though. Well, romance may potentially happen within this plot. If it's something you like to do in a roleplay we can definitely have it. Maybe your character tells his clan and they go searching for my character, or he could bring her back to their home and there could be a conflict of some sorts there. The idea of using her is cool too.
  6. We can just see how it goes with the romance - I certainly don't require it or anything. That seems like an interesting idea - after hearing only legends of werewolves, he feels cautious yet intrigued when he encounters her. He takes her with him to seek advice from his clan since he doesn't know what else to do and some conflict arises...sound decent to you?

    I'll get this character bio up soon. I'm just wondering if there's some kind of war between the humans and vampires, with one preying on the other, or if the humans are completely irrelevant in this RP?
  7. Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, I had some shit to do and I only got home about an hour ago.

    The plot sounds good to me. As for the war or conflict between the two races...What do you think? I think that if there is a war between the two it could make things interesting in the future.
  8. I agree - it might add an interesting element to the plot. So I post my character information here, right?
  9. I'll make the IC and you can post your bio along with your first post. I just ask one favour...if you are going to use a picture for your characters appearance, can you choose an image of a real person and not an anime character or something like that...?
  10. I am still looking, if people are still interested.
  11. Oh, I'd like to do the werewolf/human plot, preferably with my character female? I'm free anytime. C:
  12. intrested
  13. Insomniac, would you mind it being an FxF?

    Kronas, which plot are you more interested in?
  14. I like the one where the characters are best friends and your character becomes a werewolf
  15. Okay cool. Would you like to go to PM's where we can work out some more minor details?
  16. Oh, I wouldn't mind it being FxF at all c:
  17. So are we talking the friends plot or the one where the human stumbles upon the werewolf?
  18. Maybe the friends plot?
  19. Okay, well as you saw I'm working on it with someone. I have another plot that was originally written as an FxF, romance involving a human and a werewolf.

    Basically the two girls are best friends, summer break is almost over and they haven't seen each other for the whole break. The werewolf character comes back and she's a little different from what everyone remembers, there's a different air surrounding her, but it's not a bad thing. The werewolf character has always liked her best friend, more than a friend obviously. So the plot would start at a house party, the last party of the summer. The two would be seeing each other after break so they're both excited. From there they would drink and have a good time and I was thinking something intimate could happen between the two. The human is shocked and surprised because she wouldn't be expecting that from her best friend and from there the rest would take place.

    How does that sound?
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