A Feudal Fairytale

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  1. Set after Naraku but not too far ahead, all characters from Inuyasha still present but set quite far away.

    For Garfunkel and Elorwin only.


    Main character:

    Name: Asami (meaning morning beauty)

    Race: Kirin Daiyokai

    Age: Exact figure unknown but young in Yokai years

    Profession: Priestess
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  2. The day dawned bright and beautiful, the sky aglow with a thousand colours that swirled and mixed together into a symphony of hues. Asami had been awake since before the dawn, she sat in a large tree as high as she was able and watched as the darkness had melted away before the onslaught of the light. Today was an important day and she needed this time to think, time to prepare herself for the trails of the day. She was the last Priestess of their kind, skilled in the knowledge of rituals and possessing a spiritual presence that had been lost to them since her grandmother had passed. All the old races were diminishing, too caught up in their own superiority and history to notice what was going on around them. Even she who was an important part of their society was often sidelined to the elder’s wishes to keep with tradition, Asami huffed with frustration.

    The warm spring breeze fluttered through her long golden hair, making the pink and purple silk kimono that marked her as a priestess ripple gracefully, as beside her the leaves whispered. With a last look into the calm sky Asami stood and hopped down the branches until landing on the ground. Walking swiftly back to the hidden village of the Kirin Asami straightened out her fringe, mindful of the Kirin horn that protruded from her forehead. This large horn was the only affect she had that marked her apart from humans, as with all Daiyokai she appeared most of the time to be human. There was a time when they were a great tribe that they cared for the lower Kirin Yokai under their care who took their normal equine form but they had long since been in decline and now very few remained.

    Arriving quickly at the temple Asami glanced around the building, it like her people had once been an impressive structure, made of stone and ornately carved, but much of it had fallen into ruin with time and vines claiming much of the grand building. However the front entrance still gave a fair impression of what it had been before and with the beacons leading to the large wooden doors lit it was still something to behold. With a sweeping gesture Asami opened the doors and stepped into the main prayers room. Times withering fingers had been kept mostly at bay from this room, made completely of black marble that glittered in the firelight that flickered from torches all around the room Asami’s eyes was immediately and automatically drawn to the large statue that dominated the other end of the hall. Four large statues circled each other, powerful dragon made of Ruby, graceful phoenix in Sapphire, impressive turtle in Jade and wise Kirin in topaz. All four where circled around a large sphere of rose quartz to represent the scared treasure they were sworn to protect. Moving forward with a silent grace she clapped twice before the statue and bowed low, invoking part of her power to make sure the wards held firm.

    As she stood the doors once again opened making the torch light flicker, Asami glanced around and saw the four elders of the council approaching her. Stopping mere inches from her they greeted her as tradition dictated a bow until all their horns touched they then withdrew to a more suitable distance.

    “Lady Asami, the rulers of the other clans are come, they are being shown to the temple as we speak.” Asami straightened at their words, her face a calm impassive mask; she exuded an aura of calm.

    “Very well, as priestess I will greet them as tradition states. Before they arrive, is it know why they are come, there has not been a meeting of the clans in over 200 years.” She gazed at each frail councilman in turn and each shook his head and she nodded stiffly. Turning her back on them she gazed towards the door in ready. She did not have long to wait and soon the doors were once again being opened and in strode the three rulers of their allied clans. Dragon leader Daiki was a towering man, powerfully built he was a warrior through and through, he bore the scaled antlers of the dragon clan. Phoenix leader Hideo was also young to his role but he was wise for his youth, slim and beautiful he was as tall as Daiki but willowy, his large iridescent wings were clamped close to his back. Lastly came Turtle leader Shuji, he was small, only coming up to the waist of the other two but his eyes still twinkled despite the lines across his face and although he walked with a cane his movements were smooth, the shell attached to his back showing many great crystals that had grown upon it. Coming to a stop in a line before her there was a pause for a heartbeat before they each bowed deeply.

    “My great lords, I welcome you on behalf of all the Kirin clan.” Once again invoking her magic Asami bathed herself in yellow light and held out her hand. Each leader was also bathed in light, red, blue and green respectively. The light held firm for a moment then as they each released the breath they held the light became four orbs that floated above their heads then each orb sped towards the statue and entered its representative statue. For a moment each statue glowed brightly then as the light diminished a ringing chime was heard, this too quickly faded. “The ritual is complete. Thank you my lords. Now let us not waste time on idle chatter, so long has it been that the clans came together I know it cannot be for anything but ill tidings that brings us together now.” It was the handsome Hideo Phoenix leader that stepped forward his expression grim.

    “My lady it was I that summoned this council. For over a month now I have been plagued by terrible dreams of an impending doom upon us all. Then three nights ago my whole people were visited by a vision. Our people are prophetic and sensitive to the ripples of the future but for everyone, old and young to be visited by the same vision of such clarity it can only mean something cataclysmic is due to occur.” He paused for a moment to take a breath and Asami gestured for him to continue. “The vision showed us a rip in time, an enemy not of this world but one that seeks our treasure and the power it contains. With it they intend to dominate all life across all of time. We all know the power the sacred treasure contains which is why we have protected it for so long however I do know that our protection cannot stand against this enemy. They are already making a move towards obtaining the scared treasure and should it still be here when they arrive all will be lost.” Again he paused and glanced at his companions and this time it was the turtle leader who nodded for him to continue.

    “Lastly our vision showed us that the scared treasure needs to be taken to thousand spears mountain, there the first guardian must be sought and their council taken. There is only one that we have seen that is to undertake this task, the vision spoke of one touched by the suns blessing. You my Lady Asami are the one called upon to save our world for without you we shall all surely fall into darkness...”