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So, since winter break is literally only a day away I thought I'd throw together a post.
As the title says, I'm looking for an easy going, feel-good romance roleplay. Now, what I mean by a feel-good romance roleplay is just a simple fluff, with some tension and drama (since there is no true romance without drama). I really like normal settings, simple senarios when I talk about feel-good roleplays, they are just supposed to make you feel all fuzzy and if I have to compare it, it would be like a nice cup of tea, of coffee on a cold day..Or a hot day, depending how you drink those drinks.

Anyway, I am open to any setting suggestions, and now a few things, so you can decide for yourself

  • I mainly use discord, it's the easiest, but I don't mind roleplaying here in private messages either.
  • I only do one on one roleplays and I think that if me and my roleplay partner have similar interests then it's just way easier to go over things. It's better if there's some connection. So feel free to get to know me! I like to befriend my roleplay partners.
  • I especially like plots which play out in highschool, or college, but as I said, I'm open to ideas.
  • I don't mind teenage characters, but I prefer to play atleast a 17, or 18 year old character. That's the youngest that I would have my main character be.
  • I usually play female characters, but I don't mind having male side characters, I just prefer my main to be a girl.
  • I'm a student and I usually am really drained, especially in this cold, so when school's on, I wake up at 5 am, and I usually get home at around 5-6 pm, but since winter break is right here, in my door waiting for me to embrace them, I will definetely be on 24/7.7
  • Having said that, if you are a busier person, please, try to post atleast once a day, or a week, but with the longer I wait, I usually have higher expectations, but I'll explain that.
  • Roleplay is just a really fun thing for me, I stress over it sometimes and I might overthink stuff from time to time, but roleplay is like a safe place for me where I can write whatever I want..? And sometimes I go a little overboard, so ..yeah.

    And this would be it about the guidline things and such, now lemme just post a sample. (I picked out random words from a word generator)

    Our population's 20% is night owls, this is visible when you look at apartments while walking around in the street, or traveling. She wasn't much different, spending most of her nights in front of computer screen, typing away, or just blankly staring. Her nights would be accompanied by either some warm milk with caramel mixed into it, or tea. This night was the same as any other, she kept her usual routine. She woke up in the afternoon, got some 'breakfast', she would stare at her roommate's cat while eating, then she would head back to her room, locking herself in. As time passed, she would always hear her roommate's friends if they were over, or her getting some action with a one night stand. For a fact, she has seen her talk to her friends, grinning about how much of a freak her roommate was. That was one of the reasons this girl never left her room when people were in the small apartment. However, something was about to change. She felt it that day when she woke up.
    'This day, will be different.'
    She thought to herself as she noticed her roommate not leaving home. Unlike her, she stuck to her usual routine, staying in her room and typing away, but this never ending circle she has been living in was broken when her roommate, the overly friendly and fake girl wobbled into her room, grinning.
    "You'll die as a virgin this way, you know." She would say with that disgusting grin on her face. The girl in front of the computer stopped typing for a moment. She didn't even turn around to look at the girl who could be called the 'american dream girl' of some people.
    "Hmm, it's still better than having different partner everyday, in my opinion atleast."
    She said as she continued to type. The 'american beauty' didn't like this obviously. She glared at the back of the girl.
    "What do you know?! Atleast I'm not a loser like you!"
    She said, now taking steps towards her. The girl just kept typing, not turning around.
    "Oh, I thought everyone stopped using 'loser' when they grew up and left highschool, guess we know who's the mature one here."
    She chuckled at her own diss. The blonde, blue eyed girl who kept glaring on her just huffed. The girl at the computer obviously touched a sensitive spot. Not knowing what to say, she pursed her lips shut and simply left her room.
    After a moment of silence. the girl from the computer got up with a small sigh.
    "I guess it's been a while since I've gone out, huh...?"
    She looked over to her window, wondering if she should really go out..Who knows? Maybe it won't be too bad, she could go and grab a few drinks, maybe hook up with someone..Anything. She might seem like she didnt take the american beauty seriously, but her words did start to worry the girl.
    "Ah, what the hell.."
    She sighed and shook her head as she gave in. She went out to take a shower, got dressed and headed out, for the first time in months. Who knows what awaits her? With multiple people's eyes darting towards her and staring at her, she got a bad feeling that maybe she shouldn't have put on that stupid black dress she got for a halloween party years ago..

    And this would be it! That was my sample, sorry if it came off lame. The words I got were a little hard to work with, but I think I did an okay job!

    Alright, so.. This would be it! Feel free to hit me up if I tickled your interest! Happy holidays! Have a nice day!
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