A Fatal Flaw in the Plan

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  1. Ciaran walked down the street, ignoring the fact that it was pouring out. She was wearing a black rain coat, jeans, and runners. Her hood hid her pointed ears and elven face. The Sun was setting and there were very few street lamps along this road.
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    Ethan stood on his porch watching the rain pour. He had been inside all day and he really just wanted to be outside no matter the weather. Adjusting his black hoddie over his head and putting on his sneakers, he walked into the rain. Their was nowhere he wanted to goo in particular but he wanted to be anywhere but his house.

    The rain made it slightly cold and him shiver. As he walked down the street he looked down at the ground looking at the puddles that fell apon the sidewalk. As he walked he bumped into something, someone. He caught himself and then grabbed ahold of the person's arm to keep them from falling. " Im so sorry".
  3. Ciaran stumbled as Ethan bumped into her, but she didn't fall thanks to Ethan. Her hood fell back and revealed her pointed ears, but she quickly put it back up hoping he didn't see. "It's okay, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going either" She spoke with a bit of a Scottish accent.
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    Ethan looked at her and glanced at the pointed ears but he only saw them for a slip second. He looked at her curiously " Um its okay so um nice ears".
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    Ciaran blushed awkwardly and said "...Thanks?..." Then she look back down at the ground and shuffled her feet. She had been hopping that he wouldn't notice but it was to late for that. How would she explain it if he did ask?
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    Ethan looked at her blushing and he smiled slightly before taking her hand and pulling her under a roof too keep them from getting even more soaked then they already were. " No problem soo whats with the ears?".
  7. Ciaran stepped into the cover provided by the roof, and pulled her hand away from his"That's just the way they are, and always have been. Who are you anyway?" She figured there was no point in hiding anymore so she pulled her hood off.
  8. He leaned against the wall hoddie soaked but it really didn't matter to him " The names Ethan and you?". He looked at her ears curiously for the simple fact that they were strangly diffrent from his. He rested his hands in his pocket and looked at the rain.
  9. She studied his face for a second and then said "I'm Ciaran." The elf looked at the sky watching the rain fall. Suddenly lightning lit up the sky, ten seconds later Ciaran heard thunder. "I should probably get going" muttered Ciaran "before the lightning gets any closer. "