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  1. The world of Ramloch is a place where magic defines everything, from the reach of the seasons to the cycles of the sun and moons. It is a vortex of arcane energies spreading from the leylines reaching across the lands, rising from the earth and seeping from the sky. Their gods allow themselves to step down upon the bare soil and bless it with their divine mercy. Its many races living in if not harmony then mutual understanding, bickering constantly about things they all deem different. Kingdoms and empires rise and fall within the vast forests and empty plains, become ruins among the mountains and gather legends in the deeps. Brave adventurers head out to slay monsters or save the weak and opressed in all corners of the world.
    Thus it has been for thousands of years, the ages came and went, war among the chosen races raged across Ramloch and resolved in time, cycles gone through countless times.

    Now however, the world is entering a new era, one it has not seen before. Because strangers have come from across the stars, wielding a magic of their own that is not like anything the world of Ramloch has ever borne witness to.​


    Welcome, one and all, to this little world I found, let's all enjoy our leisure stay among magic and technology, gods and what have you ^_^

    But I guess you also want for some actual useful information:​

    This will be an RP set in a fantasy-world colonized (invaded) by science-fiction pioneers. As such it will involve magic, but also a great deal of reason and quirky tech. There is not much room for anyone looking to play out the next rambo or one-punch-man scene.

    As a world so long governed by nothing but magic and its gods, the meeting with space-faring races has put much on its head, and the cultural clash is a fact. much of the plot and background will include this, and you as the players are also expected to contribute, live your characters, not yourselves.

    The actual plot will entail a rescue-mission for a lost researcher in a vast forest. There will be no orbital bombings...


    Anyone interested or in need of more saucy intel ?
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  2. im in :3
  3. Interested!
  4. I actually feel relatively good about this one. Count me in, Windpipe. ^_^
  5. Interested.
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  6. So there will be magic, fantasy creatures, E.T. and Gods?

    This looks promising, I like the setting and plot.
  7. Interested
  8. Sounds like fun
  9. Great to have so many interested already, thé Ramloch-system and its lore is being crystaliced. But if you are wondering something already or need some info to start building a character I'd be happy to supply such.
    Lovely to have you here^^
  10. The most important question I have is how demanding the RP will be in terms of post size and length actually.

    As in

    How long are the posts supposed to be?
    How frequently are people expected to post?

    More about the world

    How long ago was first contact?
    Do you have anything crystallized about the magic system?
    How accepting of cinematic antics from "non-magical" characters are you?
    Do you have anything crystallized about the tech level of the sci fi people?*

    * I often like using this as a reference so people can quickly be put on the same page. Tech Level
    A split TL is perfectly fine too.
  11. Looks cool, I'm interested!

    Lovely to have you here @Ottriman so I guess I'll get to answering those questions of yours ^^

    Regarding the posts as such, I'm expecting one or two posts per week, and I'll try to make at least one "GM-post" once every two weeks to one month, depending on the player-postings.

    As for their length and composition I am of the mind that you are always capable of three paragraphs no matter the situation. But I will not demand more than one paragraph depending on the situation (quality over quantity), though you are of course allowed to write a whole lot more if you see the need. I will not tolerate any walls of text however, in the manner of unedited strings of words, and the writer should always consider the notion that the reader may simply skim through the "tldr"-worthy texts.

    Regarding any cinematic antics or narrating divergences for that matter, shoot. As long as its useful for the development/exposition of the character or the world around them.

    To answer your question regarding first contact, I'll have to admit that some of my pesky people are advocating the runthrough of the first encounter as a prepart to the story-proper. In which the contact was made somewhere around five years ago (in our terms), now to make this understandable I guess I'll have to divulge some basic information regarding the factions involved in the story.

    The Ramloch-system has been veiled fromt the rest of the universe for a very long time, and in their surroundings three major players have emerged:​

    The Imontoi:
    A highly advanced group of alien species having long since begun traversing the final frontier. They keep to themselves and rarely cross paths with the other two factions, their reputation is shaped by myths and speculation.

    The Bound Reaches:
    A vast interstellar empire ruled and united through their belief in the emperors might. Trying to expand and put beneath their flag the whole of the galaxy, and once that task is completed they shall reach further.

    The Maltuxian Union:
    A collection of like-minded alien species that through their numbers and far-stretching network of trade and transport routes stand their ground against the aggressors of their homes.​

    All three of these factions have found and made contact with the natives of the Ramloch-system, and ultimately given birth to three alliances:
    The Balance:
    Imontoi found kindred among two races that would not seem to see eye to eye, the serene elves and the tribal orcs, but they all found common ground in their view of the world around them as as its own, and in how it must be revered to protect them.

    The Expand:
    Bound Reaches needed not more than show the possibilities for humans, dwarves and faeries before they became mutual benefactors for the future superiority and spread of their parts.

    The Freedom:
    Maltuxian Union and the freefolk both seek to foster trade and travel, not much more was needed than the knowledge that the other alliances would likely come to stand against them.​

    All three factions have some measure of protection and security in the system thanks to their alliances, but apart from the Visitor City, a whirlpool of the cultural and technological clash between the natives and the aliens, the situation at large in the system is dangerous for both sides, and any encounter is likely to end badly.

    After looking through the TL-page I have found it to diverge somewhat from my view, but I must say it is still a reasonable way of making it easily understood. So far I'll say that the transportation of the Aliens will logically have to tangent the ^ classification (not to say that they are extensively capable of such), while the other catagories are a bit further down the ladders. I am currently discussing with my people how we further intend to stand in the matter.
    I have magic-systems for all possibilities, though with all my present rambling I'll keep myself short by saying that this one revolves heavily around the inherit magic granted by the gods of Ramloch. As well as the magic they have imbued in the worlds themselves (in this case the celestial bodies of the system).

    I apologize for the Wall of Text, but I all the while hope I made some parts clearer and some parts open for interest ^^
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  13. Consider me interested.
  14. So... can we play a character from an alien race as well as one from Ramloch? And further, can we create our own fantasy/alien species/character? Just how much flexibility do we have in "Creation"...?
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  15. More questions :D
    And yes, I will allow you to play a character from each place (Ramloch/Rest of the Universe). And I will most likely accept your original races/species and such, the fun with having a story is see others add and expand on it, as long as you take it by me of course ;)
  16. Sounds good.

    Not much time today, but let's see... when I first read your opener, I had a number of characters come to mind, most if not all of the "Freedom" mind-set. Perhaps a few who might find "Balance" to their liking. Any further details on these two groups?

    Oh, and yes, I could have one character from "Out There" and one from Ramloch... I could fit one or more of my "critters" into that world, perhaps. Though I'll most likely start with one alien. Or maybe two, if I pick one of my mated pairs (or three or four, if their kids are included... if I throw Thoee and Deen in here). However! Sev Ornil is very much a "Freedom" sort. And he's still presently single, though I could use this thread/story to bring him and his love-interest/future mate/new bride out for development. From the sound of your story kernel, he'd definitely fit. Plus, with the whole magic/tech mix, his species' ability to see into the "spiritual" world (they have a literal "Third Eye" in their foreheads), yes, him and his lady would, indeed, fit well.

    Have I given you enough? :bsmile:

    Heh... Sev is a Kah'Saun, a dragonoid in appearance, with four arms instead of arms and wings.

    Here's a link to an RP, as a sample of what Sev is like.
  17. Lovely, to clarify:

    Balance, Expand and Freedom are young alliances between the alien factions (Imontoi, Bound Reaches and Maltuxian Union) and the races of Ramloch they best associated with. Of course their aims and goals would intrigue individual interest as well, but with the situation as trembling on a knife's edge as it is, I'd advice against it ;)
    They would sooner think your character a spy rather than anything else if you came from one of the other factions considering species adherense xD
    (The alliances are functioning so far simply on the basis of laying groundwork for future collaborations between the alien faction and the Ramloch races. Lower members of either sides and smaller groups are not likely to be working alone or without backing.)

    Now, a third eye you say? Glorious, then there is still cause for effect of awe among the players as they travel through the wonder that is Ramloch and her sister worlds!
    While I suspect there won't be much issue regarding said third eye and its reach I am happy to discuss how it is to be utilized in the story :)


    Some fun stuff to do when you wait for me to finish the OOC:

    The compulsory Character-Sheet and occasional writing sample will be fused as for my entertainment at watching your characters fry in an interview:

    Because of the delicate matter of the rescue-operation this story will entail the alliances and mediators those between will be conducting a screening with the applicants to make sure no spies or saboteurs get through. The scientists and researchers now missing carry connections with all three factions as well as hold the single official "safe-passage" from the gods of Ramloch. And thus the different powers bickering in the system want a piece. Natives seeking to aid the mission will be viewed and tried by representatives of Visitor City and mediators between the alien factions, while outsiders are met with people belonging to "their" faction and mediators from Visitor City, all to make sure everyone knows whats going on.

    (Where are you interviewed, who are interviewing you, what is their initial opinion?)
    Opinions regarding the opposing factions/races as well as the current situation considering the outsiders/natives?
    Reason for applying as one of the team/Preffered position?


    Oh, I guess you might need some generic examples as per the races/aliens if you are to make characters... forget you aren't all in my head sometimes xD

    For the Ramloch natives are some simple well-known races, Humans with their feelings of superiority, Dwarves with their want of gold and Elves with their high and mighty attitude and demands of keeping to the natural order. There are the proud Orcs adhering to the warriors way and honor above all else, as well as the fickle Fae keeping more in tune with magic and the astral world than the physical. And I should also mention the plentiful Freefolk consisting of demihumans, goblins and less accepted such, causing confusion if only with their difference. Then there are the Faeries, petty and cruel, seeking to drive anyone foolish enough into illusions and madness. Lastly there are all the minor races and the half and lowerborn unions of different blood.

    For the aliens the distinctions may be seen as bigger if you view them by appearance instead of behavior and culture. The Imontoi being the little grey men and the transcending ones, observing the physical world rather than admitting they live in it, except when others may cross the rules they live by. All of the Bound Reaches are either warmongering or industrious and as such live and die for power, be it physical, political or monetary though fear and control are ways of the game as well. For the Maltuxian Union there are no clear defining features except a reason to travel and trade, as long as you stick to the systems in place, and pay passage for those whose favors you accept.

    Regarding technological levels, the people of Ramloch have not yet adapted gunpowder nor drawn a complete map of their world (The other planets in the system are viewed as different worlds and realms of magic except by the most studious scholars.), the usual fantasy middle ages.
    Among the alien factions the Imontoi are as said furthest ahead, using jump-drive FTL-travel as well as shields and transporters, lone space-stations located as covertly as waterholes in a desert left where they have been and sometimes return.
    The Bound Reaches are dabbling in hyper-drives and more quantity-over-quality tech, though their bulk consist of enormous war-fleets bound for century upon century of travel for the goals of their missions.
    While the Maltuxian Union stay connected through warp-drives derived from their study of the classical "Gates" scattered across the galaxy, all the while their colony-ships retain their trade-routes.
    While the factions may possess the use of FTL-travel to some extent, the galaxy is not as explored as it might seem, and it could well be millenia before all of it be found.

    And here is the little map: (open)

    Ramloch System.png

    And so I feel that I have rambled on too long once more, hopefully my people will go over it properly while I sleep and find the issues and missinformation ^^​
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  18. Eh, hm, this is a little bit more interesting than I thought. I guess I am slightly interested, even though I have to think about it. However, it does have Sci-Fi in it.
  19. Interested
  20. I have a few more questions

    • You were quite vague about how exactly the magic worked or how cinematic the "mundanes" would be allowed to be. Are you just going to figure that out based on what players describe to you when they submit their character sheets?
    • OOC thread when?
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